A/N: Oh noes…this is the smex scene between B and L. If you don't like the rape stuff…it's better to really skip this…well…yeah, the whole chapter is pretty much it. Poor L.

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L was sure Beyond Birthday had multiple personalities. At times, Beyond acted like all he wanted was reassurance from L that he was good enough. And at other times, he would brag about how much better he was than L.

L was tired of keeping up with Beyond, tired of the game he was playing. He would not beg for death, but death was beginning to look a lot more welcome. But he certainly did not welcome rape. He had expected to die a virgin. After all, he could never trust anyone enough to be that intimate with them. And ironically, B, the one he had never trusted, was taking his virginity.

Beyond had L pinned to the floor for some time, just looking at him. Perhaps he was savoring the taste of his victory or perhaps he was waiting for L to give him a challenge. But L wasn't going anywhere. All his efforts had done was cause B to tighten his grip around L's wrists, his nails drawing blood.

Beyond continued to smile down at L as he straddled L's waist. He leaned forward to whisper in L's ear. "You lose." Then he leaned back slightly and brought his mouth to L's.

L's eyes widened slightly. So he was going to kiss him and then rape him? It didn't make sense, unless Beyond wanted to convince L it wasn't really rape.

Beyond bit down on L's bottom lip, forcing L's mouth open so he could slip his tongue inside. L glared at him and bit down as hard as he could.

Beyond seemed to enjoy having his tongue nearly bitten off. He chuckled and swiped his tongue across L's, letting L taste Beyond's blood.

With a scowl, L opened his mouth and let Beyond pull away, leaving a chain of saliva between them. "You're feisty today," Beyond murmured pleasantly. "Finally fighting back. But as much as I enjoy fighting with you, I can't have you distracting me now."

L blinked in surprise as Beyond let go of his wrists with one hand and reach under the sink. Cool metal was fastened around L's hands. Handcuffs.

Beyond let go of L's hands. "There, now I can undress you."

L's reaction was entirely unexpected, even to L. L shook with rage as Beyond smiled at him creepily. As Beyond reached for him, L snapped. He rolled up onto the balls of his feet and then lunged at Beyond, bringing the handcuffs down across B's face. Surprise registered briefly in B's eyes as L wrapped the chain around Beyond's neck.

"Strangling me?" Beyond asked calmly. "What a fascinating way to die."

L hesitated. The senseless rage had left him and now he felt drained.

Beyond Birthday extracted himself from the chain and without undoing the cuffs, wrenched L's arms over his head and behind his back. L cried out in pain. His shoulder was surely dislocated at the least.

"There," B said cheerfully. "Now your hands are bound. You were too fast for me, but no matter. I like when they struggle."

Beyond Birthday gently pushed L back to the ground and tore L's shirt down the middle. "Ruined anyway," B muttered.

But B carefully undid L's pants, so they would still be wearable. He slid them down to L's ankles before L began kicking at B.

B placed a hand over the front of L's underwear. 'Relax, L. Haven't you wanted to know what sex feels like?"

'Not with you,' L hissed.

Beyond smiled as he pulled L's pants and underwear off and threw them to the side. The he began removing his own clothes. L stared up at the ceiling.

'Don't you want to look and see yourself? See what you've become?" Beyond took L's chin in his hands, forcing L to look at him. "Why not with me? I'm practically you anyway."

L sighed and shut his eyes. His shoulders hurt like hell, especially since B was pressing them against the ground. But sex would hurt a lot worse.

B laid himself across L's body. He unlocked the cuffs and spread his arms over L's, intertwining their fingers. He nuzzled his face against L's cheek. 'We're one and the same." He lifted his head and kissed L again.

L's eyes fluttered open as B backed off and let his hands run down L's side. B grasped L's hips and lifted them off the ground. L squeezed his eyes shut against the pain as B slammed into him

And then B waited, sheathed inside L for what seemed like an eternity. L's eyes slowly opened. Was B waiting for him to adjust to the pain?

Beyond smiled, fingers tracing little patterns across L's hips. "You're mine," he hissed.

A single tear rolled down L's cheek. B licked it off. "I guess you've suffered enough," he murmured. "No more waiting."

L hissed in pain as B brutally thrust into him. L's eyes widened impossibly. How could people willingly do this? L couldn't understand how anyone could enjoy sex when it hurt so badly.

"Don't worry," B cooed. "I'll make you feel good."

Beyond adjusted his angle. L whimpered and arched off the ground. What was that?

B nodded approvingly and aimed again for the same spot. L cried out again. Why was his body betraying him?

L's muscles tightened suddenly. He moaned and went limp.

Be kissed L's forehead. "That's good for your first time. Now it's my turn."

"S-stop it," L whispered.

B grunted. "Almost there."

L shut his eyes and tried to breathe. It still hurt. A faint flush colored L's face as B's seed filled him. The warm liquid trickled down his thighs.

B finally pulled out. 'I'll leave you to your thoughts," he murmured. 'Don't forget to clean up."

B pulled the door closed, leaving L alone and miserable.

B left L locked in the bathroom for several hours. L managed to handle the pain of moving his arm long enough to turn on the faucet. He hauled himself into the bathtub and soaked in the water, his knees drawn all the way up to his chin. His whole body still ached and he felt like he would never get his strength back.

After three hours, Beyond entered the bathroom. L tensed slightly and watched him warily. B walked over casually and perched on the toilet lid. He watched as L gritted his teeth and slowly washed himself off.

'Want me to help you?" B asked, a smirk playing at the corner of his lips.

"No," L whispered. "I don't trust you."

"It's not like you can forbid me to do anything in your condition."

L eyed him. "Then why ask?"

"Because I want you to give in willingly," B purred. "I want to hear you admit that I'm your superior."

L stared at him. "Don't hold out hope."

B cocked his head to one side. "Are you really that prideful? Do you think being raped is better than admitting defeat?"

L's dark eyes locked with B's. "You may be able to force yourself on me, but you cannot force me to say anything. I will not give you the satisfaction."

B shrugged. "You're a nice challenge. I look forward to it. I think I'll keep you around for a little longer and that means that I won't let you drown yourself." He leaned over and pulled up the plug, the warm bath water draining away rapidly.

L frowned. "I am above suicide attempts." He shivered at the loss of warmth.

B raised an eyebrow. "Oh? And you're also above being raped, I imagine?"

"I cannot control the actions of others," L said simply.

B chewed on his thumb. "I may have underestimated you…slightly. You're far more attractive than I realized."

L sighed. "As you've said before, we could pass for twins. That means I am just as attractive as you are."

B smirked. "Don't be silly. I don't suffer from low self-esteem. I admired you as a child, and now I have become just as powerful as you, if not more so. You are me and yet you are not me. That's what's so exhilarating about sex with you. It's like a movie, where the action is detached from real life. You see yourself on screen, but you don't feel the bullets ripping through your chest. It isn't really you. But in this case, we play both parts. You are not me and I am not you. Yet, it is like seeing yourself act out a part."

"You are disconnected from reality," L murmured. "We do not share one body or one mind. You are a completely separate entity from me. I did not rape myself."

B smiled. "No, you don't see reality. You've been overpowered and humiliated. And yet, you continue to believe that you'll come out of this alive. Optimism…it will be your downfall."

He scooped L out of the tub. "You will belong to me. You will admit defeat. You will surrender your heart and mind to me. I do not care what it takes, but I will break your spirit."