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It had been a day short of 2 years.

A whole 2 years.

730 days.

And Lloyd still hadn't fully gotten over it.

It had been a shock at first. Despite Kratos not being there for most of his life, Lloyd still felt a part of his very being had been ripped away from him. His friends recognised how much it had hit him, and let him find his own way through it. He had fallen into a shell at first; a cold, vacant mirage of himself. The immediate weeks were spent dealing with the aftermath of the re-unification of the worlds. Lloyd spent much of his time playing down the title of hero that had been heralded upon him due to a mistimed joke from Zelos. Time passed and governers of each area were coming to terms with the changes, Mizuho had begun to move and the group began to disperse to all corners of the New world. Lloyd stayed at home with Noishe and Dirk for a couple of months, suited just to training with Noishe in the forest and ocassionally helping the people of Mizuho settle not far from Iselia.

After two months had gone by without Lloyd noticing, Yuan visited. Yuan was concerned with Lloyd not being involved in the New world and its development, annoyingly so, according to the Eternal Swordsman. However, despite all this, Lloyd conceded and the pair of them spent their time opening up a training academy in Meltokio.

Since then, Lloyd has resided in a small flat above the 'Aurion Academy' in Meltokio. Yuan still worked with the Renegades; they had a vital role in ensuring talks between the two joined worlds, especially between Meltokio and Palmacosta, continued and were peaceful. They had also been put in charge of the mass collection of all Exspheres. However, he regularly returned to the academy to help out or to take a few sessions. Most of Lloyd's students were either teenagers or young men, only one or two being over Lloyd's age. To Yuan's delight, a teenage elven girl who had come to Meltokio to study requested lessons on how to use a swallow blade, inducing vast amounts of enthusiasm from the ancient half-elf.

Yuan couldn't spend all his time at the academy and with the Renegades, however, for it was very much common knowledge that Yuan had been spending a lot of time with Raine over the past year or so. It had been an interesting few months, watching him trail after her continuously, shoving Genis away with one hand, and then venting his frustrations to Lloyd whenever they met. She gave in eventually, not long after the first anniversary of the re-unification of the worlds. Now they were nearly inseparable, despite the attempts by Genis to do just that.

Yuan commented on Genis's similarity to Mithos in this way. He would scowl, stamp his feet and go as far as to cook slightly poor food just so Yuan wouldn't spend time with his sister! Telling Lloyd of this similarity prompted frequent discussions of the Kharlan War between the pair, particularly focusing Kratos and any memories Yuan had of him.

Lloyd and Genis put aside their differences eventually. The young half elf was travelling with his sister and Colette, trying to preach a message of tolerance to all communities. When they weren't travelling, Genis was invaluable in helping Lloyd teach some of the young mages at the academy. He had grown taller over the two years and his voice had deepened. He was currently preparing to take up a place at the Sybak research academy to study History.

The rest of the group had practically become representatives for the towns they hail from. Regal, Sheena and Presea regularly represented Meltokio, Mizuho and the newly rebuilt Ozette and world summits and in meetings and negotiations. The whole group were easily recognisable by all as the 'heroes' that brought peace, and so that warranted a fair amount of power in political discussion. Zelos was living a normal life in Meltokio, surprisingly so. He had Seles moved to a house in the upper district of the city and was rarely seen in the public eye. In fact, he spent much of his time with Lloyd, helping with the academy and just staying away from politics in general. The whole situation had changed his attitude, but he was still the same happy-go-lucky ladies man, just minus the proverbial paparazzi.

For Lloyd, life was slowly moving on. Physical scars had healed and memories of the past were healing the wounds of the present. He was consistently reminded of what happened, what he had been through and...who he had lost. For the Eternal Swordsman, a normal, simple life suited him down to the ground. He had found a passion; passing on his skills to others. His friends were there for him, no doubt about it, but the distance that came with the New world meant that Lloyd saw some of the members of the group less and less. He didn't mind though, they were adults now, after all.

Things were beginning to look up for Lloyd. His academy had become prolific, he had squared everything out with Genis and had got to know Yuan very well indeed. What really was the moment that turned his life around, however, was when a small item shop opened over the road from the academy, on the busy streets of Meltokio. The owner of the shop? Chocolat. The one person Lloyd had not expected to see, but was delighted to.

It was the anniversary of the world re-unification, two years later. Lloyd and the group all arranged to meet by the Tree, a protected landmark by the Renegades, as they arranged they would do every year. They were scaling the large hillside beside the tree, Lloyd trailing at the back. Colette and Presea were walking at the front, Presea had aged quickly since Yuan changed her Exsphere, Lloyd noted. Behind them, Regal and Sheena were walking, with Yuan, Raine and Genis just behind them. Yuan had his arm around Raine's shoulders, a disgruntled looking Genis with his arms crossed was walking the other side of the Raine.

'...Lloyd, mate, are you listening?'

'Huh? Oh. Sorry, Zelos,' Lloyd replied to his friend, grinning, 'What did you say?'

Zelos sighed a mock smile, before winking, 'I was wondering if you fancied a little competition? I have spoken to my blonde-hunny and she says she is up for it, although the old man Yuan doesn't want to join in.'

Lloyd cocked his head, 'What sort of competition?'

'Well, I was thinking the three of us should have a gliding competition!' Zelos replied excitedly.

'A gliding competition?'

'A gliding competition!' Zelos strode over to where Lloyd was and placed an arm round his shoulder, using his other to point to the edge of the cliff they were heading towards, 'All we do is use one technique and fling outselves over the edge. The person who glides the furthers, without flying, wins.'

'...' Lloyd thought about it for a second, sensing the grin etched across Zelos's face, 'One technique?'

'Just one, yeah.'

'Hmmmm... I dunno.'

'Dunno, what? Don't be a spoil sport, Lloyd! What's the worst that could happen?'

'I'm just worried that you won't be able to take me beating you so thoroughly!' Lloyd replied, shaking Zelos's arm off his shoulder and running past the others towards Colette.

'Colette!' He shouted to the ex-Chosen, 'Are you competing?'

'Yup!' The girl replied, releasing her shining pink wings, 'Can I go first?'

Lloyd nodded as Zelos came up beside him, the pink-clad swordsman turning back to the others, 'Hey, Yuan!' he shouted, 'You sure you don't want to join in?'

Lloyd laughed out loud as Yuan just furrowed his brow menacingly in response.

'Okaaaaay...' Zelos turned back, 'Colette, you first!'

The young girl smiled as she took a step back for her run up. Picking up speed as best as she could, Colette leapt upwards into the air, held her arms out beside her and spun round, a trademark technique with her chakrams. She caught an upward gust of wind and held her arms out beside her as the glided out over the vast plains.

'Go now, Lloyd! Before she lands!'

Lloyd nodded and took up his position similar to where Colette started. He shifted his weight back onto his heels before sprinting towards the cliff. Around 5 metres from the cliff face, Lloyd flung himself forward onto his hands, bending his elbows to transfer his energy and sprung right over, somersaulting over back onto his feet. This gave him the extra spring he needed to lift off and spin around once, using the Light Spear technique he had tailored for two swords and mastered around a year ago. Catching the same upwards current as Colette, Lloyd released his violet wings at the top of the lift and held his hands out in front of him, cutting through the air as he followed Colette.

Zelos scowled at Lloyd's good start and prepared his own jump. The rest of the group watched on as Zelos used the Light Spear technique as Lloyd had to spring himself into the air, although not quite catching the upwards current.

'They are such children,' Raine mumbled to Yuan. The half elf watched on, an almost bored expression on his face, until something startled him.

His right eye twitched and he whipped his head round to the right hand side. Raine watched him quizzically as he took his arm down from her shoulders and walked slowly over to the right hand side of the cliff, scanning the lower area quickly.

Raine's concern for Yuan, however, was shortly forgotten as a yell of 'This isn't fair!' from Zelos brought her attention back to the three winged members of the group. Discontented with not reaching the same wind current as the others, Zelos seemed to be, according to his mana signature, preparing a spell. Raine couldn't quite tell which, however, she was having trouble reading his mana signature. Her suspicions were answered none too soon, however.


In mid air, half a dozen rocks appeared below Lloyd and swarmed him. One struck the teen on the head, knocking him out and all of his muscles relaxed, sending him plummeting headfirst towards the floor, wings disappearing in a flurry of mana. Raine's eyes widened.

'Oh, shit-!'

Zelos changed his line and, followed by Colette, nose dived after Lloyd, wings beating rigorously behind him. It was no use, they were both too far behind Lloyd to reach him before he struck the floor.

'Yuan! Yuan, you have to help!' Raine shouted at the cobalt-haired half-elf over the cries of all the other onlookers. Sheena was hastily summoning Sylph and Genis, Regal and Presea had already begun to run down the less-steep sides of the cliff to reach the bottom.

Yuan's eyes were scanning the vast planes below the group. He could hear the cries of the others, but he didn't listen to them. His feeling was inexplainable, but...no, it couldn't be! Could it?


'THERE!' Yuan's hand pointed out viciously and followed a purple and blue blur from one end of the plains to the other, a gleaming smile forming across his face. He was right!

Raine cried out as the purple and blur blur collided with the red one that was Lloyd. It swooped upwards towards the cliffs on the other side of the plain. Raine felt Yuan grasp her arm quickly and sharply and noted his shining, excited eyes.

'HAHA!' The half elf laughed, 'I knew it!'

'R..Raine!' Genis scrambled back up to the top by his sister, 'Raine, I can feel...I can-'

'Me too, Genis,' she smiled and wrapped her arm around Yuan's waist, allowing Genis to lean over, his hands on his knees, breathing heavily, 'Me too.'

'Woah! Talk about good timing!' Zelos breathed a sigh of relief before wincing at the sharp slap that Colette placed on the back of his head in frustration.

'.....mmmmmmhmmmmm...' Lloyd was mumbling in the catcher's arms, his head lolling from side to side. Sure fire sign that he was coming round. The catcher landed on the cliff and placed Lloyd on the soft grass, allowing himself to sit beside the young man. His heartbeat was noisy in his ears and the sweat that had formed so very quickly was beginning to stick to his forehead. But he didn't mind so much. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the flying figures of Colette, Zelos and Yuan coming his way, as well as the appearance of a few Rhieards on the far set of cliffs. He smiled, wiped a hand across his forehead and turned back towards the stirring Lloyd.

Lloyd sat up quickly, placing a hand on the back of his head where the rock had collided with it. His eyes vision was all blurry and he squinted at the person who was sat before him, trying to focus. The catcher smiled slightly, allowing the young man to focus on him.

'Wha...?' Lloyd continued to squint for a few moments, before his eyes widened and he almost jumped out of his skin with shock, 'WHAT?'

'Hello, Lloyd.'

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