...I should never, ever think about mixing my fandoms. Things like this result. Enjoy, and as always-nothing belongs to me. I'm just a fan who can't sleep.

Takes place post series, and is mostly an excuse for silliness and to lighten the mood for both characters. The biggest chunk of angst is in this first chapter, I swear.

One time, the prospect of a long, eternal life was appealing to Viral. This was back when beastmen burned out quicker than the sparse vegetation that clung to the rocky plains where the humans had still refused to go. But now-after losing so many against the Anti-Spirals, after watching his friends grapple and fail against age, it was just daunting. All of eternity, and...nothing to do with it. He would sit here, staring at the gleaming cities that the Dai Gurren's hardwork revived, until the world burned.


The beastman looked up, annoyed. It was Gimmy-older now, though Viral hardly bothered to count years any more.


"I wanted to check to see if you'd changed your mind about..."

"I have no interest in attending a planning meeting for the city, Gimmy. It's not my place," he replied, trying to keep an edge off of his voice, "Congrats to you and your wife, though"

Gimmy smiled-not the manic grin of his younger days.

"Yeah, twins! Can you believe it?"

Viral only offered a restrained smile. He knew the humans didn't mean ill by mentioning children-after all, he had told no one of the dream world his mind had crafted when the Anti-Spiral had a hold of them.

"Is that all?"

Gimmy nodded.

"Great. I'm heading into the mountains-" Viral hopped down from his perch and dusted himself off, "see you".


Viral only waved.

There was something about the mountains that Viral had always particularly liked. Perhaps it was the time spent in service to General Thymilph, whose lands to canvass were by and large filled with rugged mountains. The humans had always shied away from the mountains, probably because of the difficulty of the terrain-it was nigh impossible to cultivate anything in the rocky, sandy soil. He, however, had little to worry about-though hunger still affected him, it wasn't going to kill him. For once, he simply wanted to think.

What was he supposed to do? Lord Genome had granted him forever to sing the praises of his victory over the Dai Gurren Brigade, but that had failed. Now Viral took care of those who chose to live beneath the ground again-those for whom the city life was just too different. Those who he used to exterminate. But thenewer generations were educated-there were books. There were massive amounts of information that he'd helped stockpile.

Lord Genome gone. Nia, too-he remembered her, almost; kind. She was nothing but kind to him for those few days before she had vanished. All those he had fought beside, for the future of mankind. Most were gone. Yoko too. No word on Simon, though Viral always reasoned he'd find Simon a wizened old man wandering in the desert heat. Soon, no one would really 'know' Viral. He hated the thought of just being known for being the 'survivor'.

Once-long after the victory against the anti-spirals, he'd gone back out into space. But there was nothing there for him, and so he'd returned, duty fufilled as the peace ambassor of Earth. He had traveled endlessly-only stopping back at the city to visit and to share his knowledge.

To have forever and yet have nothing to do with it. To not even have one to share it with. Viral was by no means a creature of emotions, but the years had worn him. He did not wish his aquaintences (friends long since gone) to think him rude, so he always moved on. He really did not mean to be rude; it just wore on him that they did not understand. That they often did not listen. That they wished everything to be neat and orderly and professional-despite the fact that life was rarely that way and they knew it.

A stiff breeze blew through the mountains, and Viral stretched his arms skyward, yawning. He did dream now, occasionally. Often it was nonsense, but he sometimes managed to catch glimpses of that woman, and sometimes he managed to hear the laughter of a young child. And sometimes it was enough.

Golden eyes observed the terrain-it really had a certain sort of beauty to it. Like the mountians-the steady breeze, the struggling plants, and the sounds of...

Viral's eyes narrowed-what was that sound? A strange "whooshing" noise, and...gears? He couldn't tell. Viral cursed, remembering that the Gurlparl unit he had brought out there was sitting a few miles down from him, near the base of the mountain. His eyes darted about, sharp hearing try to catch the source of the noise. Viral's head snapped upward, catching a streak of blue careen across his field of vision.

It darted through his vision again, though slower this time. Unable to call the unit upwards, he readied himself to fight. It almost felt good-having to fight again-having something unknown coming his way.

The noise continued, stronger and louder, and the blur revealed itself to be a tall blue box, with writing that Viral could barely make out. It spun and swung in the air for a few moments before settling into the dust and quieting. Viral's paw was tight on his cleaver, ready to disable whatever emerged from the box.

He stared at it a little harder-it almost looked like a..oh, what had that weird mechanic called them...telephone boxes! Viral stared at the lettering, clearer now.

"Police. Box. Pu-public call? What the hell?"

Viral tensed, hearing the door being handled. For a moment, it seemed the tennant of the blue box would simply slip out, but the door shook, as if he was stuck. Viral almost thought he heard cursing on the other side.

Finally, the wooden door swung open. To Viral's surprise, a scrawny-looking human poked his head out, looking thoroughly confused. Viral did not move, still tensed, ready to spring.

"..Yeeaahh this is definitely not Earth," the man stepped out further to scan the terrain, and he noticed Viral, "Oh, hello! Nice to meet you!"

Viral brandished the cleaver, defiance in his eyes. He was confused, yes, but too many years of experience had taught him well.

"Who the HELL are you?" Viral snapped, looking over the man. A brown suit and...well, Viral knew little of human fashion, but athletic shoes seemed to clash with a nice suit.

The man blanked for a moment, then scrambled through his pockets. He held out a slip of paper, which Viral just stared at.

"That..doesn't say anything."

The man looked surprised.

"No..no it doesn't," he mumbled, and reached into his suitjacket. Viral stepped swiftly to the side and held the meat cleaver to the man's throat. The man stood, a little shocked, holding a small pen in his hands. Viral eyed the stranger suspsiciously, and stepped away, keeping the cleaver close.

"Who the hell are you?" Viral growled once more. The man seemed to stall, but Viral did not have time for this.

Well, he did, but the stranger did not have to know.

"JUST ANSWER! Why do you humans have to THINK so goddamned much?"

The man grinned.

"I'm the Doctor"

Viral did not understand, and tipped the man's chin upwards with the blunt edge of the cleaver. Another breeze ruffled the man's mop of brown hair.

"Doctor? DOCTOR WHO?"

Yes, I know. Obvious crossover. Will not be this flowery and angsty next chapter-which should be a lot of Viral being semi-impressed with Time Lord stuff because let's face it-what's going to freak Viral out now? After all the weird crap that went down in TTGL, what's a little time travel going to do?