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"I don't see why they are here," Light huffed, swinging his chair to face the computer.

L ignored his complaining, responding with the same answer he gave at least fifty times thus far, "they're company and helping with the Kira investigation."

"Bah!" was all Light could say. "They're loud, annoying, and they are kids!"

"Hey, assface!" Light grit his teeth in annoyance at being called such a name. "We may be kids, but at least we're way more mature than you!"

With that being said, Light was hosed down with a water gun and spluttered as water went into his eyes, nose, and mouth, "why you little-"

Light had got up out of the chair and started to chase after Mello, which was kind of hard considering he was attached to L by the handcuffs. It didn't help things that Light had to drag L, who was trying to eat his cake, and sitting in a swivel chair.

"-and that would make you?" Near was saying to Mello about his own maturity. Near was spread out on the floor with his toys, his robots and soldier men spread out all over, about to engage in a war.

"I'm going to take these cuffs and-GAH!" Light yelled as tripped and fell over one of Near's toys. L who was in the chair, was munching on his cake without any care that he was being dragged away from the computers or that Light fell on his face.

At that moment Watari and Matt walked into the room, Matt holding a bag of new games he was promised if he tried to keep Mello from messing with Near. Matt was oblivious to the scene as he held out the bag, exclaiming excitedly, "hey guys, who wants to play against me in 'Slug Monsters from the Planet Zlorb?!'"

Light could only groan with pain from falling, "…I…hate…kids…"

"I DEMAND THAT MY ROBOT BE REPLACED! WITH YOUR MONEY! TODAY!" Near bellowed, holding up the broken robot that was missing the head and a leg, its arms were dangling off the body and the robotic voice was malfunctioning.

Mello laughed his head off and L hummed, "…I want ice cream."

"Dinner will be ready in two hours," Watari informed the group as he walked off.

Later that night, after Light and L went out to replace Near's robot, and the group had finished eating dinner, everyone had retired to their rooms for the night. Light was still sore from tripping over the toy and he complained about it every second he could.

"It's not like we need them here! They can just go back home!"

L pressed two fingers to his forehead, breathing slowly in and out.

"-I swear I can't stand Mello! Who does he think he is? I never used to act like that when I was his age!"

"Light-kun, you are giving me a headache," L said softly, not wanting to raise his voice that would result in his head throbbing more.

"But…but…" Light protested. "He squirted me with that water gun! And he made me trip!"

L was not in the mood and an idea popped into his head, "would Light-kun like to take a bath?"

"REALLY?!" Light exclaimed, hoping he could get some privacy for a while.

"I will be monitoring from the room with the cameras," L informed him. "But you will have the bathroom to yourself."

"YES!" Light jumped up and down, taking the opportunity. Usually L would be in the bathroom with him, separated by the shower curtain, but now he could have semi-privacy and he wasn't going to pass it up.

L dug in his pocket for the key and un-cuffed the younger man. Light twirled his wrist around in a circle and quickly ran into the bathroom, slamming the door shut, and cheering loudly. L could hear the faint, 'I'm freeeee!' from the other side of the door. L was glad to have thought of suggesting the bath, meaning it would give him a little quiet time to himself without having to hear Light whining about today's events.

"Oooh," L smiled as he opened his nightstand drawer and pulled out a bag of hard candy. He hopped onto the bed, opened his laptop and sat down in a crouch as he began to watch Light and his bath. He still had to monitor him and that meant keeping the volume up to hear any conversation Light might've had.

Inside the bathroom Light was enjoying his bubble bath. It was somewhat relaxing, minus the fact that L was watching him via cameras.

'L,' his mind growled. 'If it wasn't for him inviting those little brats here then I wouldn't be as annoyed as I am right now.'

Light splashed the water with his hand and began to play with the bubbly suds. He was still angry at Mello and began to plot how he could get back at the little monster.

"Mature my ass," Light grumbled. "He's more of a baby than L is!"

In the other room L frowned and bit the inside of his cheek, 'I am not a baby!'

"How can he call me immature when he acts just as much? He'll never make it as an adult. Stupid kids, they have it easy. They don't know anything about being grown up," Light splashed the water again, sending a bigger wave of soap suds flying into the air.

'I wish they were grown up, that way they would know what it is like. Then they wouldn't act so irresponsible, immature, and…some other word that begins with an i that I am too tired to think of,' Light thought more to himself. He slowly began to push his thoughts away, sleep slowly creeping up on him. Light quickly finished with his bath and drained the tub water, wrapping a towel around his waist and heading to the room. Inside the room he quickly dried and dressed into his pajamas, ignoring the remarks of 'Light-kun has a nice backside,' from L.

With handcuff around his wrist again, Light crawled into the bed and slowly began to drift asleep. L soon followed shortly after, closing his laptop and putting it away, along with the candy. With a click of the lamp, the room was shrouded in darkness and both men fell into a fitful nights sleep.

The next morning Light awoken to streams of sun hitting him in his eye. He yawned loudly and sat up, his hands going to his eyes to wipe the sleep away. For some reason today felt like it was going to be a better day and Light couldn't wait to get the day started. In fact, he felt jittery. Light was so jittery he couldn't wait any longer to get out of the bed and get the day going. Light was climbing out of the bed when he felt something heavy on his wrist. He looked down and saw that the handcuff was still around his wrist, but his wrist was-

"Small?" Light muttered, shaking his head. "Did I shrink?"

Light looked over at his sleeping companion and screamed loudly. He looked down at his hands more closely this time and saw that they indeed were small. He had big hands when he went to bed and now he had small hands.

"L," his voice squeaked. Squeaked? Light couldn't remember when his voice last squeaked except for a long time ago when he was-

"OH NO! NOOOOO!" Light cried and began to shake L who was curled up, sucking his thumb, and muttering about cake and all sorts of goodies. "WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAAAKEEE UP!"

"Hu-wha?" L was rudely awaken to Light's shaking. His eyes shot open and was prepared to glare daggers at the rude sleep interrupter, but he noticed several things that were odd. First of all his hair was all over the place, more-so than usual, and he had to push it out of his face. Second was the billowing clothes around him, last time he checked he fit just fine into his clothes. Third was the change of pitch in his voice. L pushed more of his hair out of his face and his eyes went wide as he got a good look at Light.


L's eyes then went wide with fear as he jerked his hand out of the handcuff, which was skinny and small enough to get through without unlocking it. L then tumbled out of the bed, but tripped up in the large clothing that was hanging off of his body. L shimmied out of the pants and began to run around with the large, white shirt hanging off of his small body.

"I AM NOT A LEPRECHAUN! YOU ARE!" Light shouted back at him, mad to be called such a thing. Light watched in amusement as L ran into the wall, his hair getting in his way and blocking his vision.

L laid sprawled out on the floor and twitching slightly, "this…isn't…good."

"What do we do?!"

Before L could answer, there were more screams and several thuds of footsteps from all over. Light jumped out of the bed, after pulling his arm out of the cuffs, and tried to hold his large pajamas up. Light helped L off the floor and both of them made their way out of the room.

"Watari, something is definitely NOT right!"

L and Light looked up to see Near towering over them. The then, small boy, was now taller and grown out more. He looked very confused as he twirled a piece of his white hair around his finger.

"WE'VE BEEN CURSED! CURSED BY THE EVIL WARLOCKS OF DRAYTON!" Matt cried flailing his longer arms about.

"Matt, shut the hell up!" Mello shouted at his friend, walking up to the group.

"Mello! Language!" L scolded and all three turned to look down at L and Light.

Mello looked stunned, "L…is that really you?"

"Of course it is! At least I think so," L began to think. "Unless I am dreaming but I am quite sure that I am awake and-"

"OH MY GOD! SHUT UP!" Light shouted at him, shoving him a bit. "YOU'RE MAKING NO SENSE AT ALL!"

L shoved Light back and the two began to fight with each other, but Light soon gave up seeing his clothes were falling and he didn't want to expose himself to anyone else.

Matt shook his head, "we're grown, they're little-"

"-yeah, it's weird! How did this happen? How COULD it happen?" Mello interrupted him.

Watari soon made his way to where the commotion was and froze on the spot when he saw all five men/boys standing in the hallway. Usually cool and collected, Watari began to lose his composure, "what…how…"

"Watari!" L cried as he ran towards the old man that practically raised him as a child. He needed him then and he sure needed him now.

Watari easily scooped L up into his arms and had to blink a few times. It was deja vu again. Watari already went through L's childhood once and now here they were again. It was like some twisted time warp, but it wasn't. Watari was the same as he was when he went to bed, but everyone else was different. Very different. Their ages had changed drastically.

"What do we do, Watari?!" L continued to cry. "Fix it!"

Watari looked at all of them, studying how older Near, Mello, and Matt appeared. He then looked down to Light who was still trying to hold up his pants. For once he did not know what to do and voiced that to the group.

"There has to be something, I mean people don't change their ages that quickly over night, nor do they grow older or younger so quick," Matt said, running a hand through his hair. "Even though this is pretty cool. I didn't think my wish to grow up this quickly would come true."

Mello rolled his eyes at the young adult, "we need to find out what happened and how to change ourselves back to how we were."

Matt groaned, "aww, man!"

Near nodded his head in agreement with Mello, "I'll get on it…but after I find some more fitting clothes."

Mello, Matt, and Near looked a bit ridiculous standing there in their clothes that were practically shrunken on their bodies. The three young adults took off to ransack through L and Light's wardrobe, which Light protested loudly that even though he was little, he didn't want any of their bratty hands on his stuff.

Watari managed to get L from stopping his crying to which then turned to nagging that he wanted cupcakes. Watari sighed as he tried to figure out what to do. He remembered how L was when he was little and quite frankly, he didn't want to go through it again. L was quite needy and clingy when he wanted to be, especially when he was a kid.

"Misa-Misa doesn't know what happened, but Misa-Misa is still cute as a little girl!"

The three of them looked at Misa who appeared around the corner. Her nightgown was trailing on the ground and her big eyes looked at them with merriment. Watari sighed, that meant three children. Could this get any worse? And without needing an answer, a soft padding of feet echoed the hallway.

"Mister Watari…I had an accident!" Matsuda sobbed as he shuffled further into the hall.

Light laughed, Misa began to ramble at how she wanted to play with dolls, L clung to Watari saying he really wanted a cupcake bad, and Matsuda began to cry even louder.

Yes, it was going to be a long day indeed.

Notes: Just an idea that popped into my head. I wondered what would happen if roles were reversed. Sorry if this seems to be a little OC. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Until next time! :)