Up to Speed

Chapter One – Crash


"Okay, Edward, you're still in the lead," Jasper said, into my earpiece. "But Newton is closing in on you fast. I'm watching your back. One more lap to go."

I tightened my grip on the steering wheel, pushing the car more. I wanted to go faster. The readouts indicated one hundred and ninety-eight miles per hour. I listened to my baby purr as I gunned it more. The smell of the engine, the sound of the wind that whipped through my car added to my adrenaline high.

"He's right behind you, and riding your ass. Adjust when I tell you." I gripped the steering wheel harder, awaiting instructions. "Right, left, right and left. Speed up! He's going for the wall." I adjusted – I wasn't going to let him through. "Damn it, Edward, he almost got you," Jasper growled into my ear.

I heard the crunch of metal against metal; next thing I knew my back end fishtailed. Everything around me blurred as a wall sped toward me.


I heard an infernal beeping sound nearby. Fighting the heaviness of my eyelids, I tried to open them, but I failed miserably. There was no way in hell I was drunk. If I was, I should at least remember having a drink or two.

The noise! I reached with my right hand to try and turn off my alarm but felt nothing. I started to hear voices nearby, but they were still distant. I wanted them gone so I could get some more sleep.

"Carlisle, dear, he's starting to wake up," my mother's voice came from somewhere on my left.


A warm hand touched my face. My eyes fluttered open to a blinding white light overhead. My eyes adjusted to my surroundings. Oh fuck, I was in the hospital again.

All the events that had occurred earlier replayed in my head. Damn! I'd wrecked my car again. I'd been so close to the finish line. Jasper was going to kill me. I groaned. I was going to lose my sponsors.

I needed something to ensure that wouldn't happen. I needed a miracle.


I watched the last few laps of the race with anticipation. The speeds were mind blowing. I was itching to get behind the wheel again. I knew that with some of the ideas in my head I could get one of those cars to hit two hundred plus miles easily. Edward Cullen was in the lead; that cocky prick was going to win.

He wasn't about to let that slime ball Mike Newton take the glory. "Oh no, he over-corrected," I said out loud and flinched as Cullen's car hit the wall.

I watched the news for hours that day looking for anything about Cullen's condition. Nothing major – he only had a concussion and a few bruises. He was going to lose most of his sponsors for wrecking another car. As it was they couldn't afford to fix the car.

I could fix the car.

A smile started to play on my lips. I could use the accident to my advantage – rebuild and upgrade his car for Edward Cullen. All I had to do was convince him to let me.

What I needed was a plan.

AN: A warning, this story needs a lot of editing, considering this is one of my first fics. I haven't had time to start/finish such a task. At least not yet. Thanks