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Up to Speed

Outtake One – Masen's Great Day


There was a knock on the door that I quickly made my way to answer. I hoped that Masen and Kat would remain asleep while Bella was away.

I answered and put my finger to my lips to quiet down my guests.

"What? Can't you handle the kiddies with all the ladies gone?" Emmett teased, holding up a case of beer and two boxes of pizza.

Jasper snickered behind him with another two pizzas. I motioned for them to come in, and we walked into my living room. "It's not that I can't handle them, you ass, it's that they just fell asleep."

Jasper patted me on the back and handed me a large supreme pizza – my favorite – before settling down on the couch. I turned on the TV and changed it to the basketball game. I quickly checked on the kids to ensure that they were still asleep. I grabbed the baby monitor and brought it with me to the living room.

It'd been nine months and my babies were quite a handful, but so worth it. They'd both sleeping through the night since they were about six months old, but Bella hadn't found time to herself. So, today I'd booted her and Jamie out of the apartment to spend a day at the spa. They both deserved it.

Jamie had been such a tremendous help while I was away racing and traveling. Bella and I both knew raising children would be hard with our busy lives, but with the tenuous hold on life she had at the time, we both felt it was right.

Now, with all the women gone for the day, Emmett, Jasper and I were left to watch over my children. Carlisle was joining us later after a scheduled surgery was completed. He'd found an excellent place at the local hospital and loved it there.

We sat and watched the basketball game, eating merrily while fucking around when Jasper asked to arm-wrestle me.

"Go," Emmett called out, watching Jasper and me. We both were kneeling on the ground beside the coffee table.

Jasper was trying to intimidate me by glaring at me, but I just smirked and taunted him. "What's the matter, Jazz, all these years on the sidelines made you soft?"

He might have no longer been behind the wheel of a car, but fuck, the man was strong. "Ha, Eddie," Jasper teased. "Looks like you've gone soft, too. Does Bella have your balls in her purse?"

Emmett laughed and seemed to be nodding in agreement with Jasper. "Fuck you, asshole. If Bella has my balls, Rose has your whole package."

Emmet glared at me and started rooting for Jasper. My hold seemed to overpower him, so I grunted and put more force in my arm.

Then the monitor erupted with a cry, and it was such a distraction that Jasper easily slammed my hand onto the table.

"Fuck, Jasper, no fair," I said glaring at him and grabbing the monitor. "I'll go check on Kat, it sounds like she woke up. I want a rematch."

"Whatever you want. I can take you," Jasper said with a smug look on his face. I flipped him off and hopped to my feet, but Emmett beat me to it.

"I'll go get her, I need to practice," he called out. He did need the practice; Rosalie was due any day now.

I sighed and flopped back down onto the couch. "Edward, where's your kid?" Emmett said, his voice heard from the monitor.

I jumped up and quickly ran into the nursery. Emmett was standing in the middle of the room with Kat in his arms, looking at Masen's empty crib.

Oh fuck.

I'd lost my kid.

How the fuck had that happened?

"Did he escape?" asked Jasper, pushing past me to get to the crib.

"He's never done that before," I said numbly.

Jasper crouched down and looked under Masen's crib. He shook his head looking at me. I ran and looked under Kat's, and he wasn't there, either.

"Where the fuck is my son?" I asked to no one in particular. "Start looking."

Emmett continued to coo and keep Kat calm while I looked for her brother. He wasn't in the closet, he wasn't in any of the cabinets, and he wasn't hiding behind the door.

"Was the door open when you came in, Emmett?"


"Shit," I cursed as I scrambled out of the room into the hallway. "Masen!" I called out, hoping to elicit some verbal response, like he usually did when we said his name.

I heard a giggle.

I ran into my room and found the little critter trying to climb onto my bed. As soon as he heard me he flopped down on his butt and crawled under the bed.

"Grab him!" I called out. Jasper and I both dived onto the floor, and we missed his little ankle by a mere inch.

Masen was still giggling.

Jasper headed him off on the other side of the bed. He pulled up the bed skirt to see my son grinning at me. Masen looked over at Jasper with the same grin, then back over to me before heading toward the foot of the bed.

"Gotcha, little guy," Jasper said as he grabbed a hold of Masen's ankle. Masen turned to look at him and laughed, trying to get away. I picked him up and kissed his forehead.

"Masen, you're supposed to be napping, and don't ever scare me like that again," I said, walking back into his room. Kat was standing up in her crib, and she reached out for me as I entered.

"What does my pretty girl need?" I asked, after putting Masen back in his crib. I turned to look at Kat as she puckered her lips. I laughed, leaning in to place a sweet kiss on her lips. She laughed brightly and then fell on her rump.

Masen was calling for me as I checked Kat's diaper. "Da…dad…da…daaaaad."

I sighed; ever since he'd learned to call me "Dad," I'd been powerless to deny him anything. The kid knew it, too.

I gave Kat her teething ring and turned back to Masen, who was standing in his crib butt-naked. I paled.

"Masen," I chastised, and made him lie down. "Don't take off your diaper, buddy." He just laughed and kept pulling at my hair.

"Ouch," I said, wincing. Masen giggled and clapped his hands merrily. I managed to put his diaper back on and gave him his favorite toy. He already four teeth, but more were quickly coming in for him.

"Sleep," I said firmly. I could have sworn that Masen scowled at me. His brow furrowed, and his nose scrunched adorably while his green eyes darkened. Oh hell, this couldn't be a good thing.

I kissed his forehead and checked on Kat one more time, and seeing that she'd fallen asleep.

The guys were each on their third round of arm wrestling when I finished with my kids. I sat on the couch and watched the guys wrestle for a few more rounds while we waited for another game to start.

Suddenly, the baby monitor went off, giggling coming from the small device. "Sounds like Masen is awake," Emmett said.

Then we heard the giggling again, but this time in the hallway.

"How… Did he learn to open doors?" I said, jumping up to my feet.

"Looks like it," Jasper said with a laugh.

"He is your wife's son," Emmett said.

"That's all I need, another genius in the family," I said, grinning.

We had noticed that he was advanced in many ways, but I had always thought that it was Bella's insistence to explain anything he had shown curiosity toward.

I found Masen in the hallway, using the wall to support himself – standing.

My boy.

I was such a fucking pussy, because I had tears brimming in my eyes. But he was my boy. He had taken his first steps two days ago, but it got me every time.

Then I noticed he was butt-naked again.

"Christ," I muttered. I took a step toward him, his green eyes looking at my feet. Another step toward him caused him to move backward. I stopped, he stopped. I ran toward him and he fell on his butt, laughing as he crawled toward the bathroom.

I managed to catch up, and I threw a squealing Masen over my shoulder. I redressed him in a diaper and brought him out with the rest of guys. Kat had remained like a sleeping angel in her crib.

I found something for Masen to chew on and sat him on my lap. I explained some of the rules about basketball, his eyes widening as players bounced the ball across the screen.

After a while he started squirming in my grip and patting my face. I settled him on the floor and watched him crawl to Emmett. Emmett laughed and put Masen on his shoulders.

Soon we were halfway through the game, and Masen was crawling around everywhere. With the ability to stand up now, he was trying to climb everything.

I pulled him out of the kitchen cabinets three times and out of the laundry room. For some reason, he kept going to the bathroom in the hallway. He removed his diaper fourteen times, even though I put pants or shorts on the little guy.

He even managed to remove the diaper without removing his pants.

So, now I was sitting in the living room with Emmett and Jasper, and we were wearing diapers strapped to our legs.

Hey, you never know. Masen could have an accident.

His giggles alerted us that he was once again up to no good. I watched him disappear into his bedroom. Emmett thankfully went after him before he woke up Kat, who I had successfully fed just a while ago.

"Damn, that kid of yours is a handful," Jasper said. He grinned and cocked his head toward Masen.

So far he'd escaped his crib, the bedroom with a closed door, the security gate, and the playpen. There was nothing else here to keep him contained.

Emmett came back with Masen, holding him away from his body – just in case. Masen looked at me and laughed heartily and squirmed in his uncle's grip.

"I have an idea to make sure he doesn't get in trouble," Emmett said.

"I'd do just about anything."

Emmett grinned.


I heard the door close, alerting me that Bella had returned. She had called earlier and said that Jamie was spending the night with a friend. Jasper and Emmett had left a while ago, leaving me alone with Masen and Kat. I was sitting on the couch, playing with Kat as Masen cooed from his little prison.

"What the hell?" Bella said as she came into view.

"Um, I can explain."

Bella cocked an eyebrow and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She waited for an explanation while I put Kat in her playpen.

"He kept escaping," I said.


I threw my hands up in the air and cursed. "His crib, his room, over the gate and the playpen. No matter what, he escaped."

Bella laughed and looked at the disarray of the living room. Our two large couches had their backs parallel to each other, forming a large rectangle with two arm chairs at the ends. She peeked inside where Masen was laughing and reaching out for her.

The entire surface of his little cell was padded with diapers and towels, since he refused to keep his clothes on.

"He wouldn't keep his diapers on."

Bella laughed and kissed my lips softly. She moved one of the chairs and took Masen's hand. He immediately stood up.

"Where do you want to go, Masen?" she asked. He pointed down the hall. "What do you need to do?" He pointed down the hall again and then looked down.

"Show me," she said. She looked at me and cocked her head for me to follow. Masen led his mother, pointing while Bella helped keep him upright, since his footing was still unsure.

He paused by the bathroom door and pointed inside, looking up at Bella. "I see." Bella handed me Masen's little hands and went to grab something from his room. She came back with a small step stool that Masen sometimes used to sit up.

Bella placed the stool by the toilet. No fucking way. It was way too soon for that. Wasn't it?

"Okay, Masen. Daddy is going to show you what to do."

I gawked at her stupidly. "What?"

Bella giggled and blushed beautifully. "That's the only way he's going to learn."

"I learned sitting down at first," I said, trying to reason with her.

"Just do it," she said firmly. She led Masen to the toilet and explained that he was never to put his hands in the water and showed him how to flush it. Masen watched, fascinated, as the water swirled. He cooed softly and looked at his mother.

Bella looked up at me as she helped Masen steady himself on the stool. "If he can manage to stand up without assistance, he should be fine." Masen balanced himself, his hand on his mother's waist.

"Go on," she said to me.

"Bella," I said, biting my lip. "I don't think I can do this with you in here."

Bella sighed and nodded. She placed Masen's tiny hand on the clean toilet top.

"Explain every step and let him watch. He might follow your example, but then again, he might not."

I nodded, and Bella left the room. I looked at Masen, who watched me expectantly. "I can't believe your mother is making me do this."

"I heard that."

"Bella," I groaned. "I can't do this if you're listening."

Her laughter continued until she was no longer in the hallway.

I sighed. I could do this. I could teach my son how to do this.


I washed my hands and Masen's and met Bella in his room.

"Well?" she asked, while changing Kat's diaper.

"He did it."


"He missed, though."

She laughed.

"Made a mess on the rim."

She laughed harder.

"I'm so glad you find this amusing."

"Well, you deserve it. How long had he been holding it?"

I gaped at her. She was right; he hadn't gone all day.

"You mean all those escape attempts were nothing more than his way of telling me he had to go?"


"Wait – he kept going to the kitchen, too."

Bella's eyes widened, and she placed Kat in her crib. She cringed. "You're cleaning up and buying new Tupperware.

I groaned, and Masen giggled like mad.

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