Hey guys!

I am back! And I am pumped! Ready for the sequel and all kinds of new drama-situations...

I already have a 'kind of' rough draft and I just can say it's getting HOT! Well and that not just in one single way... this story is full of twists and new/old faces AND probably cliffhangers- but well it's me so what did you expect!?

On thing to breaking dawn. I just finished it and even though I was about to kill Meyer in between I thing in the end she did a pretty good job... again it's Meyer... I guess we all didn't expect less!

The fact that I just finished up breaking dawn is also the reason why I start my new story so late. I got my copy of the book really late so... yeah... and I kind of didn't rush through either... It was the last book... :-(((((


Ok, before I start this story I want to warn you guys. This story will skip in between times. Don't worry- nothing over the top- but I just don't want to start it 6 years from now and leave out all the important and perfect moments Bella and Edward shared. So the story will start a year after where we left but it will skip through the years... you will get the hang of it!! Hm... something else... I try to think... no. I guess that's it!!

Well... I am as excited as you guys are and now that I have some experience in posting a fanfic I hope this one will go a lot smoother...

Well... see you guys around...

Now enjoy my sequel: Because I love you