Red Velvet Secrets

WARNINGS: Yaoi, Gay, Incest (Uchihacest), Erotica, Sex, Lemon/Lime, adult themes, and other assorted things you should not be reading if you are of legal age where you live. The pairing is ItachiXSasuke (again, lol) and if you have a problem with that, please leave, you are not welcome here. If you like, then read your horny little hearts out, ROTFL! And have a sexy day! ;)

Chapter 1:

Sasuke had just gotten home from school, and his brother wasn't there. This really didn't surprise him, since Itachi spent most of his time training with Fugaku, anyway.

He had an unusual relationship with his father. He would always call him father, but to him he would always just be Fugaku. He seemed to hate Sasuke, and the boy didn't really blame him. He hated himself too. There were many reasons why he hated himself. He'd never felt like he was worth anything, and in truth maybe he wasn't. He just felt that way all the time.

Over the years, Itachi had remained the closest friend Sasuke had. Though there was the age difference, it was not that much really. He was gaining age himself, already sixteen. However he still had his share of problems.

Sasuke... was a virgin. He'd never had sex with anyone before, and he didn't think he ever would. He thought of himself as being purely asexual, and that is the way it would stay.

Something caught the corner of his eyes, bringing him out of his thoughts once again. "Nii-san?"

Onyx eyes flowed over the creamy skin of Itachi's moist body, still wet from the shower he had apparently just taken. It was times like these when Sasuke thought he just might not be so asexual after all, but he quickly pushed those thoughts away. That is, until his brother did a stunning hair flip, thoroughly catching his attention. The wet, sticky tendrils clung to his body like long black snakes, and that was more than enticing to Sasuke. He watched him closely, not sure what to say.

"Hn. Otouto."

His face went almost completely red when Itachi brushed past him to head for his room. In the narrow hall, it was impossible to avoid bodily contact. Their hips pushed against each other, and for the briefest of moments Sasuke allowed his eyes to flutter closed, and roll back into his head. Itachi pretended not to notice, and continued on his way. He'd been having this problem with Itachi for a while now, but he knew he would never do anything about it.

'Whew, that was close!'

Sasuke darted into the bathroom, and slammed the door a little louder than he meant to. He quickly locked the door, and sat down in the edge of the tub, running himself some hot water.

That was when he saw them; Itachi's dark red boxers, lying oh-so-innocently on the floor... He picked them up, and for some reason he had the most bizarre urge to sniff them. Since he was alone, he listened to his instincts. Taking a deep sweet breath, Sasuke inhaled the scent of his older brother's steely manhood, as he imagined it hanging there, hotly encased in the almost burgundy wine colored velvet.

'Velvet...' He mused silently. 'Wouldn't velvet be hot? Wouldn't it make him sweat?' The boy could just see it; the hot salty droplets rolling down Itachi's hard shaft, pooling into larger drops before dripping from his balls, only to be soaked back up by the soft material... 'Oh god, I'm getting so hard just thinking about it! I've never had this problem before... I need to stop!'

Tossing them across the small private room as if they were the plague itself, Sasuke removed all his clothes, and stepped into the warmth of the bath. He didn't bother with a shower, he had always been a bath kind of person.

Scrubbing himself from head to toe, he couldn't help but notice the way his hardon was still there, strong as ever. Sasuke had never masturbated before, and he really didn't want to now. There had to be something else he could do!

Just then, there was a knock at the door. "Sasuke, are you in there?" Great. It was his mother.

"Yes, Kaa-san! I'm just taking a bath."

"Oh good," He could hear the smile in her voice. "Because Itachi and your father are going to be out for a while training this afternoon, and I have a few things I need to pick up from the store. Do you want to come with me?"

"Sure, Kaa-san..." He muttered darkly. Damn it, he needed to do aomething about his cock, and fast!

"Okay, get ready as soon as you can."

And she was gone. He let out a soft sigh, as he noticed the painful throbbing between his legs was finally subsiding. He could faintly hear his mother saying goodbye to Itachi. The feeling of ecstasy left him completely at that thought. He guessed seeing them in a family sitaution helped to take his mind off it. He glanced at the boxers again, and then averted his eyes...


Not long after that, he was in the car with his mother on her way to the grocery store. The place where Mikoto shopped was located on a small strip mall, which had various other stores nearby. Sasuke knew this was his chance to get out of the house, for once. She always let him wander around the little shopping center, while she did the boring shopping. He was sixteen after all, and capable of handling himself.

'Hn. Handling myself...' He chuckled to himself, quietly. 'If Itachi were here, he would definetely have something funny to say about that.' His brother could be such a pervert sometimes. But he was the one who thought of it, so... What did that make him?

"We're here," Mikoto chimed in that sing-song golden voice of hers, as always. "Alright Sasuke-kun you stay out of trouble, and meet me back here at the car in thirty minutes, okay?"

"Sure, no problem."

They went their separate ways. Sasuke knew he wouldn't find anything interesting here, he never did and-

'Wait, is that a new store?' It was. The letters outside were written in some kind of fancy scrawl meant to be elegant, and the name itself was rather provocative. He walked toward it. 'Might as well check it out.'

When he got inside, Sasuke realized just what this new place was. This was a sex shop. There were clamps, strap-ons, dildos, vibrators, lacey little feminine outfits, leather and metal masculine outfits, and other assorted products in just about every shape and size he could imagine (and even some he couldn't).

"Hello, welcome to Horn Dog Novelties," A friendly looking sales girl in a much-too-tight black skirt and pink top greeted him as he walked in. Her shirt matched the color of her hair, and she wasn't all that bad looking, really.

Sasuke ignored her. The last thing he needed was another rabid fangirl to drool over him! He was content and just curious enough to browse over the contents of the store's shelves before getting ready to just give up. He was blushing a little, the whole time he was in there, and that was embarassing enough. With a sigh, he turned and began the dangerous journey toward the door. That was when something sparkly caught his eye...

It was a bright red vibrator, made out of some kind of clear red jelly stuff. The thing that was so remarkable about it was that it was full of glitter. Sasuke smirked like hell when he picked it up. Giving it a firm squeeze, he noticed that it had just the right amount of give in it, and it was about the perfect size to fit in his-

'No way!! What am I thinking?! I can't buy this! But... I do need relief, and... I don't have that many options.'

He checked the price tag, which told him he could easily afford it. Sasuke approached the register, and realized he had had nothing to worry about all along. The girl that was there was a lesbian anyway. She had to be, from the way the pink-haired girl was flirting with a giggly blonde, and they were touching each other in such a way... He had to admit, it made him feel a little better. He didn't know why.

"Find everything you need?" Her olive green eyes met his for a moment, and he nodded. "Oh wait, I know what else you need!"

The blonde to her left winked at him when he glanced at her. The two girls giggled together, and the blonde's ponytail swished around, as she dipped below the counter to get something. "Here you go!" He took it from the blonde.

"Uhm, what is this?" The Uchiha eyed the little bottle of clear liquid suspiciously.

"It's lubricant, silly!" The pink chattered away, making him blush even more at his own inexperience with this sort of thing. "It'll go great with that cute little glitter cock you just picked out!"

The two girls were still giggling madly at the emo hottie they had managed to be lucky enough to cross paths with, when the bell sounded, indicating there was a new customer in the store.

This time the blonde girl went to greet the person. "Hi, and welcome to Horn Dog Novelties! Is there anything I can help you with, miss?"

"Sasuke?!" Mikoto walked straight up to the counter where he was standing, still holding the bright red toy in his hand. Reflexively, he threw it on the counter. Her eyes caught the movement briefly, and she looked at her son.

'Oh boy,' He thought. 'I'm in for it now...'


A/N: Yes, that's right. Another ItaSasu from ME!! XD Credit goes to :iconkelsall-L4J: for giving me the idea for this fic! :D You'll see what I mean later, in the next chapter or so. (HINT: It involves a bed! And the word "wonky"! And fixing! Wink wink!) I know it was supposed to be a shorter fic, but what can I say? It inspired me! So thanks Bekah.

It gets funnier, trust me. What will Sasuke do? More importantly, what will Mikoto do?! Man, I so mean to him! Don't worry, there's not much to this fic really. It was a very simple idea which I had to turn into this long, drawn-out thing, and her idea isn't even in here until near the end of the fic... Which I hope this one will only be about 3 chapters long, that is my goal! Wish me luck, lol. I hope this first chapter was to everyone's liking. I know the store has a stupid name, but I'll be honest, I made it up on the spur of the moment. I am getting really good at improvisation, b/c I tend to be just making these up as I go along now.

-Kaline Reine