Red Velvet Secrets Story #0052

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Chapter 4:

Sasuke looked like he could explode from the pleasure he was already feeling. "But... Aniki... You're already hard!"

"I never said it was to get me hard, otouto. I just... Oh, uhnnnn... Please, I need you to do this for me."

Sasuke didn't need any more persuading, he gladly began moving his inexperienced hands over the rigid tempting flesh that was splayed out before him. Itachi had moved to a more comfortable position, and was leaning back on his arms, to support himself leisurely, so that his adorable baby brother could stroke him and tease him. This had always been a fantasy of his; all of it!

"Use some lube, otouto. The slicker, the better."

"Okay, Nii-san... But how do I... Well, how should I touch you? I'm kind of new at this," The younger one blushed at his own virgin words.

Itachi had to laugh at that. "Any way you want to is fine, Sasuke. Really."

Timidly, Sasuke reached for the little bottle. Pouring an ample amount of the slimey substance onto both palms, he gave Itachi's cock a good rubdown. It felt strange to be doing this to his older brother, but at the same time he enjoyed it.

He didn't stop, but he took his eyes off the beautiful arousal to take a moment to look at Itachi's face. He had been watching Sasuke at first... But now his head was tossed carelessly back, his long dark hair strewn about his muscular shoulders. And he was moaning with wild abandon as Sasuke prepared him to be inside his ass. Sasuke secretly hoped Itachi would let him taste it, maybe suck him off next time. It felt like it would be fun to try giving him head.

"I can't take anymore of this, Aniki... Please, just do me."

Itachi smirked. "'Do you', otouto?" Clearly he was hoping for something more.

"Yes, Aniki... Fuck me! Please, just... Ohhhh, nnnnhhh, mhhmmmm... Please fuck me, Nii-san! Itachiiiiiii..."

Itachi never was one to push such a request away. Especially when it came from his beautiful otouto. Pushing the boy back into his previous position, he gave the boy what he wanted. But he took it slowly, jsut barely pressing the head of his long smooth shaft to that tight puckered hole.

"Oh, Itachi please hurry! I need you!"

He chuckled darkly at that. "Okay otouto... Are you sure? This is your first time... Isn't it?"

"Nnnnh... Yessss..."

"Alright, but only if you're sure. I don't want you to regret this later."

Sasuke had no idea that his older brother actually cared this much. He'd thought this was a one-time thing. And maybe it was... But the way Itachi was talking he very much doubted that.

He wasn't able to analyze the situation any further, because Itachi was now all the way inside him. The tight ring of muscle had given way, allowing Itachi to experience to exquisite feeling of the tissues squeezing, milking his cock and making him want cum right there. It just felt so good; so right...

"Mhhhmmm..." Itachi moaned, his back arched, pistoning his hips to maneuver his arousal in and out of Sasuke. And the boy was loving it! A chorus of moans and whimpers filled the room.

Sasuke felt like he could just melt right there, when Itachi's huge organ filled him, stretching him like it did. It was such a delicious feeling, he felt like he was flying or... or something. If not for his big brother's strong arms holding him up, caressing his stomach and chest, he could have collapsed. And just when he thought things couldn't get any better, any more sinfully delightfully blissful, he felt it! Itachi hit THAT spot, the one deep inside that made him scream.

"Itachi! Ah, oh god... Please, it's too much... Stop."

"What?" Itachi was caught off guard.

"It feels weird," The uke continued. "I... I feel like... nnnnhh I can't take much more of... mmmhhhhmmm, of this... Please, Itachi!"

Itachi had no idea what his brother was begging for, but he thought he had a pretty good idea... It felt so good when he hit Sasuke's prostate, he knew it had to be feeling great to the boy under him too. With a heavy sigh, Itachi eased back so that Sasuke could ride him too.

"Uh... Shouldn't I be facing you?" Sasuke asked, not moving until he knew it was okay.

"No, otouto... This will be much better. Trust me."


Shyly, he began to move up and down on Itachi's shaft, his sexy little ass sucking it right in. Itachi groaned as the mind-numbing pelasure worked it's way over his nerves, sending shivers up and down his spine, and shaking his whole being. Oh, this was too good...

"Lean back a little more, Sasuke... Yes, just like that. Mhmm, you're taking me so deep... Ahhh!"

Sasuke hissed from the strange new angle. He had his legs on either side of Itachi, but was riding him, facing away from him... It felt so good! Each time he would go up his own arousal would make delicious slapping noises against his stomach, and when he went down... When he went down... Oh, it was amazing!

"Take this and put it on my legs, little brother."

He was confused when Itachi handed him the lube again. "Huh? Why?"

"You'll see," He wore an arrogant smirk on his face, as his younger sibling did just whet he'd asked.

They kept moving, and Sasuke could feel Itachi raising his own body to meet his thrusts. It made the experience ten times more intense for him to be helping. He had no idea why, but he was mezmerized by seeing the clear, smooth oil spread over Itachi's thighs. He didn't quite get it, but hey, he was having fun, and wasn't going to complain.

Itachi grinned like a cheshire cat, stilling his movements and letting Sasuke do the work for now. He had something really kinky in mind to help enhance his baby brother's first time. When he felt there was enough of the clear gel on them, Itachi bent his knees up, very nearly pressing them to Sasuke's stomach.

"Ssssss...!" The boy hissed at the sudden, unexpected contact.

The moment the slick flesh touched his tender cock, his body took over. And Sasuke was burying his erection between Itachi's legs. Itachi knew that had to feel really good, getting it both ways like that. He couldn't wait until his turn! But that would come later...

"AHHH Itachiiii!"

Pearly white ribbons wrapped themselves tenderly around Itachi's legs, the heat from being inside of Sasuke's warm body making them feel so so good against his skin. He could feel the velvet fingers deep within Sasuke's ass massaging his cock, squeezing the cum out of it to stick to his inner walls. It was like this was all happening in slow motion. They had enver felt anything more beautiful, more complete than this.

"Mhhhmmmm... Sasukeeeeee... Uhn!" And all at ocne the same liquid release was flooding Itachi's sense, the same way it had done to his little brother. Sasuke moved with him, still riding out his own orgasm. It seemed to go on and on for the longest time...

And Itachi knew that Sasuke wanted more, and Sasuke knew the same of his older brother.

This was bliss, and they would have it again. But for now the exhausted males fell flush against one another, caressing, stroking and soothing. Both were panting so hard they couldn't talk, but their movements reassured the other everything wouls be okay.

THE END (I mean it!) XD


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