Eight months later

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If pressed Don Flack could just about remember bits and pieces of his wedding to Stella Bonesara. They had made their vows outside, the air crisp with fall, as they made promises to each other before God, their family and friends. He remembers being mesmerized by Stella as she floated down the aisle to meet him when she made her entrance. He had never seen her look more beautiful than she did when she smiled at him as she made her way towards him. It was a sight which he knew he would never forget but most of all he will never forget her soft hand in his as she answered the most important question of all. Her clear voice ringing out as she said "I Do!"

He thinks of that day now as he paces the clinical hospital halls. Danny, Lindsay and Mac are with him, offering silent support. They are all waiting for news on Stella. The doctors had pushed him out of her room nearly two hours ago. He simply signed where shown and prayed that everything would be ok.

"Mr. Flack?" A nurse enquires trying to get his attention. He turns immediately and his eyes automatically look for signs of bad news.

"Your wife is out of surgery if you'd like to come with me?"

Don followed with a heavy step. He refused to think of anything but Stella as he pushed into her room. The sight of his wife lying motionless on the bed nearly brought him to his knees. Stella was strong, alive with vitality and full of life. Even after Frankie she was strong, she was battered and bruised but her strong character refused to back down from what had to be done. That was the wife he knew, she didn't just lie down and fade away.

"Stell?" he called softly as he walked up to her beside and sank into the chair next to Stella's bed. "I'm so sorry sweetheart, I can't think of anything but you. I'm lettin' ya down, I know. Your just gonna have to wake up and beat some sense into me OK? Come on Stell, wake up baby. I can't do this without you. Please Stell, just wake up for me." He whispers to Stella as he strokes her hand.

"Mr. Flack?" the doctor called walking into the room. Don turned around to be faced with conflicting emotions as the nurse gently places a bundle wrapped in a pink blanket in his arms.

"Mr. Flack, Stella should wake up shortly. Everything went smoothly in the end. A standard procedure. Here's your daughter, who's perfectly healthy. I'll leave y'all to get acquainted." She whispered.

Don stared down at his baby daughter and felt his heart melt as his daughter opened her eyes and latched on to his finger which he was running down her cheek. She had a shock of black hair and startling blue eyes. His heard swelled with love for his daughter and for the second time in his life he fell in love at first sight.

He sat down on the chair and finally gave into the tears which he had held at bay for the last couple of hours. Knowing that both Stella and the baby were both OK, something he hadn't allowed himself to hope for, finally opened the floodgates of emotions which he had been holding in check for so long.

"Don?" a hoarse whisper from Stella had Don finally tearing his eyes away from his daughter.

"Hey Stell, how ya feelin'?" he asked as he sat gingerly on her bed.

"Jesus Christ, never mind me. Show me her!" She groaned as she moved the blanket surrounding her daughter.

Don laughed as he placed the baby in his wife arms. He sat lay back down on the bed pulling Stella and the baby into his arms.

They were finally interrupted sometime later by Danny, Lindsay and Mac. They crept in the door and one by one smiled at the sight before them.

"Oh congratulations you two!" Lindsay cried as she hugged them both together.


Four days later the Flack family finally arrived home. Baby Anna Flack was asleep in her new crib, Mom and Dad were curled upon the sofa and her god-parents, Uncle Danny and Auntie Lindsay were busy cooing over her six month old cousin, Baby Sam Messer.

Later that night Stella lay in bed staring at her daughter and thought of all the times she wished for exactly this. A family of her own, a man she fell more in love with everyday and was proud to call her husband and a baby girl who would be loved, cherished and wanted her whole life.

"Stell, you going to go to sleep or are ya gonna continue to stare at Anna for the night?" Don asked as he ran his fingers through her hair.

"I'm settling down now. I want to say something to you Don and I want no interruptions, 'K? I want to say thank you. Thank you for giving me a family. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being you." Stella whispered as she carefully lent over to kiss him. "I love you Detective Flack".

"I love you too Bonesara. By the way, right back atcha!" Don answered as he nibbled her lower lip.

As Stella was beginning to doze off, she felt Don's hand capture hers where he rested on his scar. "Stell, I need to add an extra thanks." He whispered into the darkened room.


"Thanks for saying yes!".


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