Story notes: Following on from 'Wrapped', Vicki tries to make amends with Henry, but Henry has plans of his own.

Adults only. If you don't like a dark, dirty and incredibly cheeky Henry having his way with Vicki then turn back now.

Disclaimer: Blood Ties and its characters remain the property of Tanya Huff. No copyright infringement intended.

Vicki stood outside Henry's front door, unsure if she should knock. Only a day had passed since their run-in with the Incan mummy Pachacamac, less than twenty-four hours since she'd stabbed Henry, and taken his blood in an effort to save his life. While she had succeeded in her task, she had lost his respect in the process. The look on his face as he had confronted her about it weighed heavily on her mind. She had never seen him so upset, so angry... with her. She wanted to make amends, she wanted him to forgive her - and sooner rather than later.

She tried desperately to prepare the right words in her mind, trying to find a magical phrase that would make it all better. Although in hindsight, any word resembling magic probably should be avoided. Vicki made a mental note to think carefully about her sentences before speaking.

Tentatively she reached up and rapped her knuckle on the door and waited for a response.

Henry stood on the other side of the door, resting his head solemnly against the timber, his hand hovering over the door knob. He was afraid to let her in, worried that he might do something he'd later regret, worried she might look at him sweetly and force him to forgive her, long before he was truly ready.

Each knock infuriated him a little more, her impatience was making his blood boil. This woman seemed to think she could get whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. He hated himself for being so weak to the persuasions of beautiful human women, Vicki especially. He'd let her walk all over him these past twelve months.

Henry wasn't going to let it happen anymore, he was going to let the beast inside him take control. He'd take exactly what he wanted, whether Vicki liked it or not. He'd teach her a lesson for thinking she could do as she pleased. It was his turn to play games.

He swiftly opened the door and pulled her inside, grabbing her by the neck as he pushed her against the wall and kicked the door closed. His eyes were black as he snarled at her with his fangs, "What do you want now?"

Vicki stared at him with shock and awe, gasping as the back of her head hit the hard wall behind her. "Jesus Henry! I just wanted to talk!"

"Talking won't save you this time Vicki." He grabbed her by the waist, picked her up and threw her over his shoulder then headed towards the bedroom.

"What are you doing? Put me down!" Vicki cried out, the blood rushing to her head as it bounced uncomfortably against Henry's backside with each step he took.

Henry wanted to get her naked, but he knew without a doubt she wouldn't remove her clothes willingly. He'd have to restrain her first then find another way to disrobe her. With Vicki still over his shoulder he held her tightly with one arm, then opened his dresser with the other and pulled out several nylon straps. He threw her on the bed and the sat on top of her legs, preventing her from getting up. He then forcefully grabbed her wrists and tied them together as she flailed against him. Henry realised that she'd never really experienced his true strength. He'd never had reason to use it on her until now, although he was trying his best to use it without inflicting any real pain.

With her arms secure he then tied her ankles together, Henry couldn't help but smile as Vicki cussed and cursed his name, her face ripe-red with anger and rage. He would have gagged her by now if he hadn't found it amusing. He knew Vicki had a foul mouth, she'd just never used it to throw such vile language in his direction before.

Standing up, he went back to the dresser and pulled out more straps. He laughed as he watched Vicki trying to roll off the bed. He let her be while he stood on a stool and latched two of the straps to fixtures in the ceiling, leaving them hanging. He then secured two more to hooks discreetly hidden in the floor boards.

By the time he was done Vicki had made it on to her feet and was desperately hopping her way out of his bedroom, still muttering obscenities.

"Where do you think you are going Vicki?" Henry asked as he went to retrieve her, picking her up and carrying her back to the corner of the room as she attempted to beat at him with her tied fists. He placed her in the corner of the room and wrapped a strap around one of her wrists, and then the other before removing the ties that had joined her hands together in the first instance. He reached up to tighten the restraints one at a time, pulling her arms outward and over her head.

Henry then crouched down and untied her feet, grabbing an ankle as she tried to kick him with it. He wrapped another strap around it as she tried to balance on her other foot. He pulled her legs apart and restrained the other ankle as he spoke to her. "We could have been together long before now Vicki. I would have made love to you. Our first time would have been sweet and romantic, but you had to go and push my buttons. You just had to test my limits didn't you? Well now we'll do this my way."

"Screw you Henry. I came here to apologise, but now you can shove that apology up your ass." Vicki yelled at him.

Henry looked up at he with a vengeful smile, "No Vicki, soon it will be me screwing you...and your ass."

Vicki gasped with surprise, trembling with fear and just a hint of arousal as she grew curious about what he had in store for her. She was scared and nervous, filled with trepidation. This wasn't a side of Henry she had seen before. She was rattled by it, unsure whether to take him seriously or not, half expecting he would let her go at any second and tell her it was just a cruel joke.

Henry scratched his head as he wondered how to get Vicki out of her clothes. Thankfully she was dressed only in a woolen sweater and a pair of jeans, but it was still quite a chore to remove them, especially now that she was tied up and spreadeagled. He wasn't going to risk untying her again, quite simply he'd have to destroy her clothes. Henry grinned with the thought of it, just as he had thought of it so many times before.

Vicki struggled against her restraints as she watched Henry leave the room for the moment, her eyes growing wide as he returned with a pair of scissors in hand. "What the hell are you planning to do with those?"

"What do you think they are for Vicki?" Henry asked as he crouched at her feet and slowly began cutting up the denim of one leg of her jeans.

"Oh Goddamn you Henry! These are my favourite pair of jeans!" Vicki screamed as the cold metal rim of the scissor blade tickled up the inside of her leg. She began to worry he'd ruin more than just her clothing before the night was over.

Henry cut through the length of one leg and up through the crotch and hip, then repeated the process with the other side. Gravity eventually took control as the pants fell to the ground, displaying a delicate pair of black lace panties. He looked up her with a sleazy smile. "Oh Vicki, did you wear these especially for me?"

Vicki ground her teeth, before delivering a hurtful reply, "Actually, I was planning on paying Mike a special visit."

In a fit of jealous rage, Henry grasped at the elastic rim of her panties and ripped them free, eyeing the trimmed mound of soft, light-brown curls that laid beneath them. "Well what a shame the detective will never get to see them now."

"Oh but Mike's already seen so much more than that..." She gave Henry the evil eye, feeling vulnerable, goosebumps spreading over her body as her lower region was exposed to the cool night air.

He was determined not to let her remarks get under his skin. He stood and began slicing through her sweater, throwing it aside to appreciate a matching black lace bra that awaited him underneath. He watched with intrigue as her darkened nipples hardened against the netted fabric. Henry carefully slid the scissors under each side of the bra, then last but not least he cut through the elastic straps and let the last remnants of her clothing fall to the floor. He stared at her perky breasts for a few moments, admiring the subtle curves and pointed nipples. So much better than he had imagined.

Henry wanted to take his time to admire Vicki in all her glory, strung up for his enjoyment, but there was another person he wanted to join them for this party. He went out into the living room and left Vicki hanging as he made a phone call. There was another woman in his life who had dared to use magic on him, and she deserved to be here just as much as Vicki.


Vicki kept tugging on the straps in an attempt to break loose, only to find they were tied fast, the plastic threads chewing and stinging at her wrists as she struggled. "Henry! Get in here and let me go! Now!"

He walked into the doorway with his arms folded, "I don't believe you are in any position to make demands Victoria."

Vicki cringed, she hated it when he used her first name in full. Her father had called her Victoria, and he had always spoken her name in a condescending tone, criticising her, scolding her. It brought to the surface all the bitter hatred she had tried so hard to keep buried, but somehow it felt appropriate given her current circumstances. A barrage of insults and obscenities filled her mind, and yet all she could do was snarl at Henry in response.

He smirked at her, then was distracted by the sound of a knock at the door. He walked away and out of Vicki's view. She could hear the sound of the front door opening and a female voice gushing Henry's name. A conversation was just in audible range for Vicki to overhear.

"I was so pleased to hear from you again. It's been so long Henry." the female voice continued.

"Lets not waste any more time then... shall we?" Henry answered the voice.

The sound of high heeled shoes echoed on Henry's timber floorboards, growing louder as they approached the bedroom, until both Henry and the woman stepped into view. It was Sinead - the brunette witch that had manipulated Henry in he past. Her hair was loose and she wore a long creme coloured trench coat and black stilettos. She eyed the helpless Vicki up and down, not showing any sign of surprise.

"Well, well Henry. If I had known you had company already I would have waited until you were done. You know I don't like to share you, especially not with this old thing." Sinead spoke rudely, gesturing at Vicki.

"What the fuck is she doing here?" Vicki screamed at Henry, too angry to be modest in front of the other woman.

Henry leaned against the door frame with his arms folded and spoke in a soft and gentle tone while smiling, "Come now ladies. We're all here to have a good time. I promise." He gave Sinead a smouldering glance, which was all that was usually required to get his way with her, but he'd vamp her soon to ensure compliance.

In some ways he realised that the only reason he had gotten involved with Sinead was because she reminded him of Christina. The same body shape, luscious brown hair, confidence bordering on arrogance. In fact, if Christina were here he'd have the trifecta - the three women who had taken advantage of him, used him for their own amusement. Now he'd turn the tables. Tonight it would be him using them for his entertainment, and later...when he was done with Sinead, he'd give Vicki the 'one-on-one' attention she so deserved.

Henry grinned in anticipation and stepped further into the bedroom.