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Here is the final chapter! Sorry it took so long.. had a dose of writers block.

Vicki walked down the hallway outside Henry's apartment, wiping her eyes and pulling up the loose track pants that were slipping down over her hips. She felt ashamed and embarrassed, despising herself for enjoying what Henry had done to her. She was mad at him for violating her body and her trust, but she was even angrier with herself. More tears began to flow as she felt the fabric between her legs soak through with the remnants of Henry's abuse.

She stood for a moment and took several deep breaths, trying to focus on feelings of rage instead of self pity and sadness. "Fuck him!" Vicki muttered out loud, "He can go to hell!" Her mind kept wandering to the multiple sensations she had experienced, but she felt distracted by a deep seeded desire. She'd been touched, licked, bitten and penetrated but she was not satisfied - and maybe that was Henry's intention all along. Vicki had always wanted sex, but what she truly wanted from Henry was love. Now she feared there was no going back, no way to turn back the clock and tell him how she really felt. The opportunity to love, be loved and make love was gone forever, and she wasn't even really sure that she wanted it anymore. He'd been so brutal and uncaring - surely there was no coming back from that?

Vicki tried hard to convince herself she was officially better off without the vampire in her life - better off alone than with someone who would do that to her. Trying to feel fierce and independent she continued walking down the hallway and called the elevator to Henry's floor. The lift doors opened and she stepped inside and began angrily mashing at the buttons, attempting to get the doors to close. She was desperate to be out of Henry's building and free from his world - free from the physical and psychological power he seemed to have over her. Vicki leaned against the back wall of the elevator, sighing deeply as she watched the shiny stainless steel doors finally begin to slide shut.

In an instant Henry was in the elevator and pressing himself against her, pushing her to the wall as the doors slid closed behind him. His lips were on hers, his hands cupping her face as he smothered her mouth in an all consuming kiss. "You can't tell me you love me and not expect me to coming running after you Vicki" he murmured quietly, not giving her a chance to speak, forcing his tongue between her lips as he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tightly.

Vicki gasped with surprise and felt her heart pounding in her chest. She wanted to fight him but her body melted against his. Henry's lips felt so good, so gentle and tender. His tongue was smooth and warm against hers. His grip was strong and manly and his erection was hard and demanding, nudging her through the white cotton towel that was wrapped around his waist.

Henry's kiss was hungry and persistent as his hands crept under her sweatshirt, roaming over the smooth skin of her back as Vicki tugged and pulled at his towel. It fell to the floor and allowed her to place her hands on the firm curves of his buttocks. Vicki swooned as she felt herself caught up in his seduction. She was panting breathlessly into Henry's mouth when the harsh 'ding' of the elevator sounded, forcing her to open her eyes and glance into the awaiting foyer as the doors slid open. "No!" Vicki screamed, pushing Henry away with every ounce of strength she could muster, "I won't let you do this to me!" She dodged him and clutched at her pants as she raced out of the lift.

Henry placed his hands between the doors and forced them open, "Vicki wait!"

Vicki paused in the middle of the foyer, but did not turn around.

"I'm sorry for what I did to you." Henry called out from the elevator.

Vicki remained motionless.

"I was a monster Vicki. I shouldn't have hurt you like that."

She turned around and took a few steps towards Henry. She glared at him intensely, and remained silent for a few moments before giving him a stern look, "I know...and I wish I could forgive you." Vicki spoke bitterly, reciting Henry's own words from the previous night.

His expression faded from hopeful to forlorn. There was a mixture of sadness and futility in his eyes as his arms fell to his side and he took a step back. They stared silently at each other for a few moments before the silver elevator doors closed slowly, breaking their eye contact and creating a new blockade between them.

Vicki stood and looked at her own anguished reflection in the doors before shaking her head in disbelief. She bit down on her lip and took a deep breath then turned and went to the exit. As her hand reached out to push against the glass door to depart, a voice called out to her from across the room.

"Vicki?" Henry called out again.

Vicki tried to coach herself to leave, and yet her hand didn't budge, the door didn't move, and neither did she. Go now. Don't turn around. Leave!

"Vicki I love you. Please don't go. I don't want it to end like this."

Despite her better judgement Vicki turned to face him. Henry stood stark and naked in the middle of the foyer, looking incredibly vulnerable and poignant with his arms at his sides. She took one step towards him.

"I love you!" he said again, moving a foot closer to her, shortening the physical distance between them.

Vicki uncontrollably took another step forward too but still did not speak. She wanted to burst into tears.

"I'll stand here like this all night if I have to." Henry suggested.

Vicki opened her mouth to speak but it took a while for any words to come out. "I.. you... what you did to me was wrong Henry."

"I know Vicki. I don't deserve your forgiveness, but what you did to me last night was wrong too."

"I was trying to save your life!"

"And surely now you can understand what it's like to feel disrespected and violated. That is how I felt last night when you performed that ritual Vicki."

"Oh goddamn it Henry I'm sorry! Why can't you understand that I did it because I didn't want to lose you?" Vicki was flustered and clenching her fists.

Henry's jaw twitched as he looked away solemnly, staring at the floor. He let the silence fill the foyer but he spoke again. "Did you mean what you said to me upstairs? Did you love me?" He continued to focus on the floor, not sure if he wanted to see truth or lies in her eyes when she replied.

"I may have stabbed you and used your blood in a dark magic ritual Henry but I have never lied to you."

His intense blue gaze drifted up from the floor to Vicki. "And is there any chance that you still love me Vicki? After what I have done to you?"

Vicki was trembling, unable to reply.

"I'm asking you, as a vampire...and a man...with a wounded heart...can you ever love me again?"

His smooth charm and way with words was eating away at Vicki's emotional barriers. A tear ran down her cheek and over her lips.

Henry's expression fell as he interpreted her silence as an answer of lost love. He could take no more heartache, especially after being so honest and upfront. He ground his teeth and turned away from Vicki. He calmly walked towards the waiting elevator and stepped inside, turning around to face the woman he loved as she stood in the foyer watching him.

"Wait!" Vicki raced towards him, wedging an arm between the elevator doors before they could close. She held the door open and looked at him. "I did lie to you Henry...I never stopped loving you."

"And that means...?" Henry asked, quietly, afraid to feel hope.

Vicki smiled for the first time in many hours, "I love you Henry."

Henry smiled back at her, then swiftly grabbed Vicki by the wrist and pulled her inside the elevator. His lips were on hers again, this time with joy and passion. He hammered the button for the top floor, growing impatient as the lift seemed to take its time. "Screw this.." Henry muttered and flicked on the emergency stop button, "I'm not waiting any longer to love you Vicki."

After being restrained all night Vicki's hand went wild. She ran her fingers through Henry's hair, over his back, squeezing his ass before last but not least wrapping them around his well engorged erection. "Oh god I have wanted to touch you all night!"

Henry pushed down the track pants over Vicki's hips and murmured as they easily fell to the floor. He wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her, pressing her into the corner of the elevator, placing her on top of the cold stainless steel hand rails that lined the inside of the lift. He pulled her face to his again, pushing his lips against hers as he slipped his tongue between them to meet hers, licking and lapping at it playfully. He slipped his right hand under her sweatshirt to gently cup and squeeze her breast.

Vicki wrapped her legs around Henry's hips and tried to pull him in closer, feeling the head of his shaft teetering around her thighs and tapping at her warm wet entrance. "No more games Henry.. I want you inside me... where you belong." Vicki whispered breathlessly.

Not needing much convincing Henry pushed Vicki firmly against the wall, sliding his arms up underneath hers to take some of her weight before centering himself between her legs and sliding inside her with a loud groan.

Vicki whimpered upon finally having Henry where she wanted him, squeezing her legs around him to keep him close.

Henry stared into her eyes, enjoying the hot sensation of her feminine walls enveloping him as he stood buried inside of her. Slowly but surely he began to move, retracting his length before sliding back in, increasing his tempo as he kissed and licked at her neck, tasting the remnants of blood from his earlier bite. He wouldn't bite again so soon - it was the man in him that needed satisfying right now, not the vampire.

Wrapping her arms around Henry she continued to pull him closer, writhing against the wall of the elevator, pushing her hips to wantonly meet his thrusts. She looked into his beautiful blue eyes before kissing him again, whimpering against his lips and tongue as he moved inside her.

Despite having the stamina of a vampire Henry could only hold out for so long after having several orgasms in one evening. He plunged inside her repeatedly before he growled into her mouth and came inside of her again.

Vicki moaned as she felt Henry twitch and spasm inside of her, then felt his hand reach down between her legs, his thumb pressing to her already overworked and overstimulated clitoris.

Henry pressed firmly and circled it, speeding up until she was crying out his name and quivering against him, the sensation of her body clamping down on top of him making him throw his head back and gasp.

They stared breathlessly at one another as they began to recover from the intensity. Henry reached up and stroked her cheek. "I love you Vicki. I'm so sorry about what I did to you tonight."

"Shhh Henry... don't apologise. I love you too...and with the exception of Sinead... I want you to do all those wicked dirty things to me again...and soon." Vicki gave him a cheeky little grin.

Henry grinned back at her seductively and spoke in a low tone, "Oh I'll be more than happy to oblige."

He finally withdrew with a sigh, then lifted Vicki and placed her feet back on the floor. He flicked the elevator back on and gathered up his towel and Vicki's pants as the lift hummed back into motion. As the elevator door opened he reached out to Vicki again and stroked her chin, "Will you come and stay with me till dawn?"

Vicki laughed then groaned, "What? You actually think I have the energy to go home after tonight? Of course I'm staying."

Henry took her by the hand and guided her back to his apartment. Despite the silence between them they were both smiling and little did they know they were both thinking the same thing.

The thoughts of rage, revenge and jealously were gone... and now at long last, all that remained...was love.

OK I was in a fluffy romantic mood when I started writing this chapter. Hope it balanced out all the angst in previous chapters and that you enjoyed the story over all :)

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