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Axel's POV

"Good morning class. This is…" just like Xemnas to forget a new kid's name.

"Roxas. Roxas Tetsu." The boy's accent was light, but still there. I couldn't place it though. Somewhat Asian if I had to guess.

"Well, Roxas, take a seat anywhere you like." I had basically ignored him until that moment. Let's see what we have here.

Blonde hair swept off to one side in spikes. Nice tough. He was small for his age, really small. His eyes…we'll just say they're the brightest blue I've ever seen. They seemed even brighter with the eyeliner he had on. His clothes consisted of a white turtleneck and black jeans with holes in them and a chain attached at his right hip. Two studded belts crisscrossed around his hips. This kid was interesting.

He was also antisocial it seemed. I've noticed that most new kids we get tend to gravitate towards the largest section of students. Not Roxas. There was this little area in the back that had about five empty desks. He sat as close as he could to the wall and as far away from everyone as he could get.

Xemnas didn't notice it seemed, and started the lesson. I think it had something to do with the project we were doing. Whatever. I could ask Demy about it later.

My peaceful nap was interrupted by the bell. Blah. I hated that thing. And yet before I could leave for Math, Xemnas pulled me towards his desk. Roxas was already there.

"Roxas, I know you told me you would prefer to find your own way around, but perhaps Axel here could at least show you to your next class."

He just stared at me. Cold and calculating. It was kinda creepy actually…

"Thank you sir, but as I said before I know where it is already. And I don't think…Axel, would enjoy the position of tour guide very much. But thank you again." With that, he left.

Whoa. Not many new kids did that. I mean come on. Who in there right mind would? New school, new place…huge school I might add. And the possibility of a new 'friend'. Not that I would be there friend, but still…most kids didn't get that until later on.

Xemnas just shrugged and finally let me go, erasing me from his mind altogether.

Eh. Whatever.

Math. I hated math with a passion. Not that I was bad at it…oh no. I was terrible at it. Not even Zexion, the smartest kid I know, could get me to understand it. It could have something to do with the fact that I didn't care…

Roxas was there. Even though we still had about ten minutes before class even started. He was talking with Luxord.

"Are you sure you don't want anyone to show you around? Destiny High s pretty big…"

"I said I would be fine. I don't want to be a burden on anyone. If anything, things would go a lot easier if people just forgot I was here." What? Okay that was odd…What was with this kid.

"Axel, was it? It would be a lot easier to hear things if you entered the door." I jumped. How the hell did he know I was out here?! It's not like I made any noise…Creepy.

"Whatever." Ah, how I do love tact. It has saved my ass more times than I can remember…but then again, it's also put my ass in danger plenty of times…

Roxas, was once again seated at the back of the room, ignoring the world. He didn't even seem to be listening to the teacher.

I was proved wrong on that observation about five times. Luxord loved to ask random math problems. Hard ones too. He said it was to keep our minds sharp. I think he just did it to humiliate us. Needless to say I got all mine wrong. Roxas got all his right. It was a tad bit creepy how quickly he did it too.

"Have you guys seen the new kid?" Demyx was always talking about something. Seemed Roxas had caught his attention.

"You mean the one walking towards us right now? He's cute." No that was not me. That was Larxene. She had this weird smile on her face. Great. "I'll be right back." With that, she left us, heading towards Roxas.

"That might not be a good idea…" And of course, like usual, Zexion made the comment to late to do any difference. Demyx slung his arm around his boyfriend, who was once again, silent.

"She'll figure that out soon enough." I looked at him. His blonde mullet/faux-hawk, as always, caught my attention for a split second before I even looked at his face.

"And how did you come to know Roxas?" I knew Demyx had a class with him, we all did, except for Larxene. I'm just wondering what his impression of him was.

"Well, I asked him if he wanted to sit with us just a minute ago, while you were getting your lunch. He kinda just stared at me before turning and walking away. He just ignored Zex." That was said with a slight pout. Demyx was slightly…protective of Zexion, his one and only love. Those two were inseparable.

"Eh, he at least said something to me. Even caught me eavesdropping behind Luxord's door." Larxene chose that moment to return. Instead if the smile she had been wearing earlier, she was now pouting. Or frowning. Whichever.

"What did he say?" What do you think Dem?

"He didn't say anything. He just walked away." I looked after the retreating blonde. Again with the antisocial thing…Oh. That should be interesting.

"Hey guys, look." Sora was approaching him. I hated Sora. I hated Sora's friends…okay we'll stick with I hated him and his group. Also known as preps. Sora, his best friend (more like boyfriend if you ask me) Riku, Namine and her sister Kairi.

It looked like a few words were exchanged before…Roxas shoved his lunch tray into Sora's face and walked out.

The cafeteria went dead silent. The room was split between looking at Sora and looking at the door Roxas had left swinging.

"Well you don't see that every day." Really now Demyx?

"That was kinda…harsh." Why am I stuck with people who seem to only want to state the obvious?

"Sora probably deserved it." I took a bite of my sandwich, completely ready to let the entire subject blow over.

"Axel, I know you hate him, but come on. Even you didn't start hating him until at least the second week." Good point.

Sora walked out with Riku and the rest on his heels. I think I saw steam coming from his head. Heh. Bout time someone showed him exactly what they thought of him, even if it was a little sudden.

"Reno! I'm home!" I slammed the door to emphasize the fact.

"Where the hell have you been? You missed meeting our new neighbor." New neighbor? So that apartment finally sold. I shrugged, knowing that he could see me.

"I was out with Demyx." Not really, but he didn't need to know that. Reno doesn't like me going to the mall by myself. Some paranoid delusion about stalkers and molesters. Come on. I'm eighteen, I think I can take care of myself.

"You suck at lying you know that right?" I shrugged again, and fell onto the couch by him.

"So, our neighbor is supposed to come back to meet you later."

"And why the hell would he do that?" Not that I cared. But the news wasn't very interesting either…

"Because I told him you guys went to the same high school." What the…?

"Did he give a name?"

"Yeah. Roxas Tetsu I think. Just moved here from Korea apparently. I thought he was kinda cute…" Ew. I did not need to hear that. Yes my brother is gay. It can get pretty obvious at times…just like it is now.

"Reno, I do not need to hear how cute the Ice Demon next door is. I really don't."

"Ice Demon?" I'm guessing Roxas pulled the same stunt he had with Luxord.

"Definitely. The kid is a walking block of ice. He ignored Demyx, Larxene, and Zexion. I think I'm the only one he said something to." I didn't add that he had said it while catching me spying.

"And then he created a very interesting scene in the lunch room by covering Sora in his lunch and walking out." Reno thought that over for a sec.

"Hmm." Then he shrugged and went back to watching some old guy (about 35 actually but hey…) spout something about the weather.

Why the hell was I up?! I looked at the clock. 12:38. In the goddamn morning…ugh…

I lay there for about another half hour before I realized I wasn't going to sleep again. Wonder if I could see the stars tonight…

I walked out of the apartment as quietly as I could. Reno may be a morning person, but he wakes up by himself. You wake him up and…I'll see you at your funeral.

The night was cool and clear. Pretty rare up here. I also wasn't alone out along the rail.

Of course I didn't notice him until I saw the red glow of a lighter, followed by a duller light.

Needless to say, I nearly jumped over the rail. It also took me a moment to recognize who it was. Roxas, the ice demon. Smoking.

"You do know that's bad for you right?" Lame I know, but I just don't understand how people could get into smoking. I had tried it once. Never again. And that's final.

He made a rude noise. "I've smoked worse." Great. So the new kid and my new neighbor is a druggie. Just great.

"I'm not a…" he seemed to be searching for the right word. "a druggie. Not anymore." Well…that's better than nothing I guess…

"You're probably not going to answer this, but, what was with the attitude today?" Okay so I was a little curious.

He hadn't looked at me once, and he didn't now. All he was doing was staring out over the city, the cigarette hanging from his mouth.

"What was with the eavesdropping?" See? I knew he wouldn't answer me.

It was my turn to shrug.

"I just don't like…people." With that he dropped his cigarette beneath his boot and walked back into his open door. Okay so I stand corrected. Not the answer I was expecting but it was still an answer.

I stayed out there for another fifteen minutes before heading back in. I took out my cd player (I have an ipod but I don't use it unless I'm away from home) and put in my newest cd. One from my favorite band. ShukketsuHatsu. I think It meant bleeding hearts in Japanese I think. Which meant I couldn't understand a word. Not that I cared, they sounded awesome.

I fell asleep with my ears being blasted out by j-rock. Heh. I like my life.

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