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Axel's POV

Roxas had fallen asleep with his head on my thigh about half an hour ago.

And I if had to hear how cute or adorable Tsuki and Taiyou were one more time…I was going to be short one mullet-ed blonde.

"So what happened with Seifer?" I felt Roxas shift. If that's not an omen or something I don't know what is.

"Not so loud." Larxene shrugged, the closest she ever got to an apology. "I kicked him out." No need to elaborate. I think Zexion knew what happened anyway. Demyx probably did too. Those two have this…ESP connection or something. What one knows, the other usually isn't too far behind.

"And no Larxene, I'm not telling you guys anything else. That's for him to tell you if he wants." Larxene frowned, but…Oh my god, someone call an ambulance! Zexion, the master of total emotionless-ness was smiling, and Demyx wasn't the cause!

"Who are you and what have you done with Zexion?" I meant it only half joking. Zexion's smiles are just a tad bit creepy.

"Careful Axel. We wouldn't want your precious computer to contract a virus again would we?" Dammit…evil genius…

"Then why are you smiling…at me no less?!"

"Because you're being smart. For once." I sighed. "You love him don't you?"

"I do. I just don't think he'll be able to return it. Not that that has any affect on it, I just don't want to hurt him again." I don't know where that came from but, every word was true.

That's when I really took in what Roxas was wearing. The shirt didn't cover his shoulders and now that he was asleep it had rode up his back.

I tried to move his shirt in a way no one would notice.

Dear lord save me…from women's eyes. Larxene immediately noticed.

"Axel? What are you doing?" That caught Zexion's attention. Demyx was still too busy with Hoshii.

"Nothing." The world's oldest lie proved to be also the worst.

"Axel? You do know you suck at lying right?" I jumped. Dammit Roxas!

"You. Room. Now." I practically dragged him to his room. Not like he was fighting or anything… Zexion and Larxene were staring at us with amusement. Oh how I wanted to set fire to them at the moment.

And why am I getting so worked up? Do you want a list? Okay, 1. Roxas hasn't told them anything of his past, hell I don't even know most of it (I know enough to know his life was something I would probably die before going through.) 2. I didn't know if Roxas had actually meant to come out baring his scars. There are more but those are the big ones.

When I closed the door and turned to face him…I fell back against the door. You would too alright. The midget was about three inches in front of me, simply staring at me. He smiled at took a step back.

"Payback. Now why the hell did you drag me off to my room?" The devil incarnate is blonde, short, and oblivious. Great.

"Uh…your shirt?" He nodded. "Do you…want them to see?" Now he understood. And laughed.

"Axel, dear lord. You're an idiot sometimes you know that? Why would I want to hide them?" I just looked at him. Why wouldn't you?!

"If you hide something, you haven't accepted it. Ya it happened. Ya my life was shit." Is it just me or did he emphasize the word 'was'? "Ya I never had what I wanted. Then. But hell if I can't relax around your friends, then how could I relax around you?" I still just looked at him. He was getting at something and I still couldn't tell what it was.

He sighed. "Fine. Since nothing short of a brick upside the head will get through your skull…" Next thing I knew, I felt lips against my own. Little white lights were going off in my head and before I could recover he had pulled away again.

"Did that get through?" I'll let you know when I can talk again. "I trust your friends because I trust you idiot. More than trust actually." He smirked and walked out of the room. Leaving me to fall on my knees, staring off into space.

I'm not so stupid that I didn't get that. No the reason I was sitting there like a dumbass was because…I just couldn't believe it.

"Axel! Get your ass out here!" I scrambled out of the room. When Larxene yells like that, you obey. No questions.

I stopped when I saw why the harpy had yelled. On the TV, there he was. I felt my fists and teeth clench.

"Breaking news from Tokyo today. Mr. Ukahara, owner of Asia's largest company, has been arrested today. Charges of this surprising arrest include…" The Japanese anchorwoman stopped, going pale. She hadn't looked this over yet apparently. "Rape of three minors," three? "abuse, murder, extortion, and drug dealing. Oh…my…" She made a quick motion with her hand and the screen switched to a live feed of…Cloud?

"So, Mister Ukahara, do you have anything to say about your father's charges?" Cloud smiled coldly.

"All I'll say is that I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner." The reporter recovered rather quickly from that.

"Is it possible you'll become the owner of your father's business or do you think he'll be released?" What the hell? With rape, murder, and drug dealing on his list of charges the guy will be lucky to get out with just two lifetime sentences.

"You're joking right? He's not getting out. Not for what he did to my brother."

"…b-brother? Just one more question please, do you have any idea who turned him in?"

"Of course. I did."

"Um…back to you Kasumi."

"Thank you. For more details about this event please tune in tonight at six. And in other news, world famous band Shukketsu Hatsu, with the dissapearence of two of their members, issued a cooment today stating that with the release of their last cd, they are officially over. More on this can be found on our website..." Zexion turned off the TV. The room was silent, all eyes on Roxas. Who was still staring up at the TV like he was reliving the report.

"Roxas? Babe?" Whoa. That wasn't supposed to come out.

Tears were streaming down his face. But something was…different. You ever notice that? Tears for sadness look a hell of a lot different than tears of joy.

One guess what these were.

"See ya guys." I looked on with sympathy as my three friends left in the rain. Heh sucks for them.

It was about seven now. After the news report, Roxas had turned into a demigod, smiling like crazy, laughing. Needless to say, our afternoon had been fun. (we even looked up the Shukketsu Hatsu thing. The last two band members were quoted saying "we liked it but sometimes secrets will break you apart" Now what do you suppose they meant?)

"Roxas? Where'd you go?" That was kinda a stupid question since I could smell perfectly where he was.

Kitchen. Cooking.

"Just follow your nose Axel. You're good at that." Alright. Make fun of me.

I made my way into the kitchen quietly, sneaking up behind him. When I slipped my arms around his waist he jumped a bit.

"And who said I wasn't quiet?" I whispered. He laughed but other wise ignored me.

"Whutcha doing Roxy?" What the… Roxas laughed from behind me.

"Wondering why you can't catch a midget." He smirked. Oh no he didn't. Don't challenge me to game of cat and mouse. I always win. I smirked right back and made a grab at him. He dodged and ran into the living room.

"What's the matter Axel? Ca…" Not this time Roxy. I tackled him onto the couch.

"I win." I looked down at him (I was now basically laying on top of him)

"Who says I didn't let you do that? You forget, I can move faster than you can imagine." Oh right…he has a black belt…I shrugged.


"Witty as always. Idiot."

"Yes but I'm your idiot." Yes that was completely lame. Got a problem with it?

"Yes you are." We lay there smiling at each other. I don't know how long.

But I can say one thing. If the world calls, tell them I'm busy with heaven.

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