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"There you go!" Mary Malone placed two glass cups of the bright pink liquid in front of Lyra and Will, " I was going to get a smaller cup for Pantalaimon, but I didn't know if Daemon's could drink or not…"

"No, we don't, but I'll taste it if Lyra drinks it!" The large ginger cat spoke before changing into a mouse and running up to sit on Lyra's shoulder.

"So, what exactly is it?" Lyra looked into her glass and nervously stirred the liquid with the blue straw Mary had added.

"Don't tell me you don't have milkshake in your world, Lyra!" Will smiled and took a great big slurp out of his glass, "That's a really good milkshake, Dr Malone!"

Lyra and Pan exchanged glances as Mary thanked Will for the compliment.

"Go on." Whispered Pan, "I really want to know what this tastes like!"

"Yes, but it's bright pink, nothing safe should be bright pink." She whispered back.

Pan changed into a parrot and squawked; "Chicken!" making Will jump.

"Don't tell me you're scared Lyra!" laughed Will, "It's only milk!"

"Yeah, but milk isn't naturally pink!" Lyra grumbled.

She threw her hands into the air and sighed, "Fine! But if I die, I'm blaming you!" She put her mouth to the straw and slurped as Will laughed at her again.

"Mmm…" muttered Pan, now in squirrel shape, "That's not bad at all!"

"I suppose," Lyra conceded, "but is it supposed to taste so much like strawberries?"

"Of course it is!" Mary picked up the two now empty glasses, "It's strawberry flavoured, that's why it's pink." She left.

"Well, if you'd said that then I wouldn't have worried about the scary colouring!" She pushed Will who was still laughing at her.

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Iorek burst through the door, startling Lyra and Will out of their laughter.

He cocked his head to the left and said, "You wish to ride me?"

"No." Said Lyra, "we'd much prefer it if you just drank some milkshake!"

She passed a glass to the ice bear, who took a sip.

"Hmm…" He muttered, "Creamy!"

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