I really didn't want to have to tell him

I believed Breaking Dawn stunk. So, I wrote it my way. I have read Breaking Dawn several times now and have found that it is growing on me, if I totally skip book 2. I wrote this and regret it, but, I feel that the world needs to see this, the way Breaking Dawn should have been.

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I really didn't want to have to tell him. I really, really didn't want to have to tell Charlie. I can imagine it now. His head will explode in pure fury. His eyes may pop out of his head. His nostrils will flare. He will probably choke and die. I really, really, don't want to kill my father while I still had a conscious. Please, oh please don't die Charlie, please.

Edward could tell I was nervous. My heart was probably beating about ten times faster than normal. The key word was probably. However, I knew that my heart was beating in the high range of ten million miles an hour. I don't know that it was ten times faster than normal, but it was pretty fast. He took my hand while he was driving and looked off the road and into my eyes. I melted. "Don't worry, love, I'm bullet proof." He smiled. It was that evil crooked smile that made me melt faster than chocolate in a ten thousand degree oven.

"You are, but I'm not." He chuckled. I hated his chuckle. It was so breathe taking. It's not really that fair. Actually, I guess it is kind of fair. I mean, every time my heart beats, it makes the love of my life want to kill me. I wonder what would happen if Charlie knew that. The thought made me stress out even more.

The Volvo stopped. I wiped the sweat from my forehead. How much I hate being human is nothing compared to how much… much… how much Edward wanted me to stay human. Yeah. I really don't get it either.

Edward got out of the car and walked to the other side to let me out. He opened the door. I didn't move. I starred out of the windshield seeing nothing. "Bella?" It sounded confused. I took a long staggered breath but didn't move an inch. "Bella?" Edward sounded worried now. He crouched down beside me. "Do you feel faint?"

"No. I'm just…"

"Worried that Charlie will blow your brains out."

"Bingo." He laughed musically.

"Let's see, you aren't afraid of going straight to a vampire that is tracking you because he is going to kill you. But look here, now you are about to tell your father something and you fall to pieces. That seems a little odd to me."

"But you forgot something."

"And that is?"

"I am about to tell my father, who has a gun, that at the age of eighteen, I am going to marry the only guy I have ever dated. If you were my dad, you would be furious, too."

"I will you protect from anything Charlie throws at you. Is that fair?" I did make me feel better, but not very happy. Charlie was probably going to throw things at my head.

I hesitated. "I have changed my mind. I would much rather go to Vegas." That would be very comfortable. He smiled. I think he like that idea better, too. Edward's cell phone rang. He looked at the number and handed it to me. It was Alice.


"Ok, Alice," I sighed. I hated it when she did that. Edward laughed again as I snapped the phone shut. "Did I mention Alice gets on my nerves?"

"Once or twice. So, are you ready?"

"Just give me a minute." I took a deep breath. My heart still hadn't slowed down. He put his hand on my cheek. It was so cold. This was one of those moments I wish I could freeze in time forever. His eyes were topaz today. I felt tears running down my face, which he wiped away with his fingers.

"Are you ok?"

"No. I feel so… trapped." It was true. I did feel trapped. I hade Alice on one side, pushing me toward my father with the gun and shielding me from the gleaming city of Las Vegas, Nevada, where I much preferred to be.

"You shouldn't. Sooner, or later, you will have to tell Charlie you are marring me."

"I know." I took another deep, wavy breath. "I am nowhere near ready for this. Let's go." He took my hand and helped me out of the car.

We opened the door and walked in. "Bella?" Yes, it's me Charlie. Who else would it be besides Edward or I?

"That may be a possibility, Dad. Sorry, I'm late. You hungry?" Edward looked at me with one eyebrow raised.

"Sure, sounds great." Edward followed me into the kitchen. I got out the steaks. Charlie loved steak. I hope I will it will get him on his good side. I put them in the fryer.

I felt Edward behind me. "Sooner or later," he whispered. I resisted the urge to shove the dish rag in his mouth. I rolled my eyes. I knew he was right.

"Let me get him on his good side, first. Ok?" I pleaded. I turned to face him. His face was hard. Maybe a puppy dog face would work. I tried it. Cleary, it didn't. It made him laugh, though.

"Bella, after dealing with Alice for so long, and with the girls from Denali, I am all but immune to puppy dog faces." He sat down and pulled out a book. It was Shakespeare. I think it was Hamlet.

"How many times have you read that?" I asked him while turning back to the food.

"Uhhhhhh… I lost count." I let him read. It was better than him bugging me to death. He probably wasn't reading, though. He was probably plotting on how to get me to tell Charlie. Of course, he was going to be plotting. How to stop him from plotting, I do not know. While I pondered this, dinner finished cooking.

"Dad, Dinner!" I called, shakily. I heard Charlie put the legs of the recliner down. He sat at the kitchen table across of Edward. I put the plate in front of him.

"So, Chief Swan, we have some news," Edward said cheerfully. Charlie's eyes narrowed.

"What kind of news?"

"Uhhhh… Dad…" I said nervously, sitting down next to him. He looked at me. No, he glared at me.

"Oh. My . God. You're pregnant." I banged my head on the table as Edward's jaw dropped. "How could you?! You idiots!?" He continued to yell.

"Ummm, Dad."

"And YOU!! You good for nothing bastard!!" he yelled pointing at Edward. He started yelling a string profanities, mostly calling him words that I thought he never used. It looked like Edward was about to explode. His eyes were black and his eyebrows were extremely high. I threw the dish rag that I wanted to shove down his throat at his head. It was my signal to him to calm down. He nodded.

"Dad, are you listening?"

"Bella, do you realize you have just ruined your life?!" He was yelling at me. I really didn't care. I banged my head on the table, again.

"Chief Swan." Edward muttered.

"I am NOT helping support that child." He said that and other Blah blah things that he didn't need to say. Charlie jumps to conclusions easily.

"CHARLIE!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, "I'M…"

"Bella, don't interrupt. I need to say what I need to say." He continued to yell at us for things we didn't do. I banged my head on the table continuously. It sounded like I was keeping beat for a song. Then, I remember the pie in the refrigerator. I got up. Charlie didn't notice. He was still yelling. I dropped it on his head. It shut him up.

"Ok. Are you done now?" I asked. He nodded. "Good. I'm not pregnant. Ok?"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………." Charlie said, looking embarrassed. "Then why are you sweating so hard?"

"Because I knew once we told you we had some news you would automatically assume I was pregnant. Which is not true." I said crossing my arms. "Now, will you explode when you here the real news?" Charlie starred at me. "We're getting married." I walked over to Edward and put my hand on his shoulder.


"I told you he won't like it."

"No. Bella, you're eighteen. I made the same mistake. Now, look at me. I'm old and alone and divorced. As long as you live under my house, you will live under my rules. I forbid you to marry him. He hurt you before, and he'll do it again."

He just played the worst card he could possibly play. I looked at Edward. He looked just like he did every time Jacob mentioned it in his brain. I hate Charlie. So, he said I couldn't marry him as long as I lived under his roof. I felt tears run down my cheeks. They were evil tears of anger. I really didn't want to do this. "Fine, Charlie," I muttered smoothly, "I'll just move out." I left Charlie standing there frozen as I walked upstairs to pack.

I got out my bag and started shoving stuff in it. Tears ran down my face. When I was one of them, I was going to "accidentally" kill Charlie. I was mumbling under my breath. I was cursing. I felt cold arms wrap around my waist.

"Do I really want to know you are thinking right now?"

"No." I had spat it. I really wish I hadn't. "Sorry."


"Acting clinically insane."

"You aren't acting clinically insane."

"Yes, I am."

"No, you're acting normal." I turned around and glared at him. It was blurred through water. Edward touched my face gently. "You are acting just as any girl would her father had just said that to her." I put my head into his chest and let my tears soak his shirt.

"Great. Since when haven't I been normal?"

Edward took my face and turned it with his hands so it looked into his topaz eyes. "Since never. You really don't see yourself clearly." The way he whispered it, I half believed him.

I let go and continued to shove all the items in my drawer into my suitcase. Edward just smiled and started to shove more things into it. "I could do that a lot faster then you can." I stepped out of the way and watched him take the drawers out of the dresser and dumped them at vampire speed. It's not like I could really see him, he was moving too fast. There was a knock at the closed door.

"Edward, I'm going to pull an Alice."

"What? You're going to become small and extremely irritating or are you going to see the future?"

"Neither. I'm going to be extremely stubborn."


"Bella?" Charlie sounded hurt.

"What?" I snapped at him like I had at Edward earlier. I really didn't want to talk to him right at the moment.

"Can we talk?"


"Edward, talk some sense into her. Help me out here."

"Sorry. Good for nothing bastards can't do anything to help out their future father-in-laws." I laughed. I had the feeling that Charlie was about to explode. Everything was packed, so I opened the window and Edward jumped out. Charlie couldn't see it, so it didn't matter. I dropped my suitcase and he caught it. Now, it was my turn.

"Bella, if you do this I'll…"

"What? You're going to ground me? You really think that can stop me anymore?" I knew my words stung worse than bees. I need to get away from here. Charlie may die if I didn't.


"Bye, Dad!" I said as I jumped out the window and landed into Edward's waiting arms. It hurt as I landed. His arms were rock solid and stone cold. I loved them. That was where I wanted to be for the rest of eternity, and I knew I would get it.

"So," I said as we were walking to the Volvo, "were Charlie's thoughts worse than his words?"

"Yes, actually. They had to do with torturing me death. Like boiling me in a pot of hot tar then covering me in feathers."

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