I walked into the house. It was strangely silent. The faces of those who were around me were grave. Alice had a face of shock, with Jasper's arm around her. Emmett and Rosalie were starring blankly into nothingness. Carlisle had a contemplating air about him. Esme was the only one who turned to gaze at me. In her eyes I saw horror, pity, and regret. Edward was nowhere to be found.

It won't take a genius to tell that something was wrong. The something that was wrong was much worse than me pulling the cord to the vase that was really a camera in Sam's house. It had to do with something that evolved me and breathing. "Where's Edward?" was all I could make come out of my mouth.

"He ran off somewhere to think. He said you would know where he was," Alice uttered. I nodded slowly. I turned back to the door. I would have to drive to get were I was going. "Wait." I turned back to her. "I took the liberty of packing for you. You have four days. If you aren't back then, you will be taking a dirt nap while the rest of us become vampy burgers with ketchup and mustard. Give this to him when you think the time is right. Take the highway to the southeast, there will be less traffic." In my hand I held a note and my bag.


I walked into the starlit meadow. I know he heard me from over a mile away. He lay on the soft grass, his hands supporting his head; his worried topaz eyes starring at the tiny twinkling specks in the sky. It was a full moon out, so the clearing glowed blue. They black blanket of diamonds is amazingly cloudless. I could see his facial expression change. I believe it is to soothe me.

I slowly walk next to him and lay down. I put my head on his shoulder and he puts his arm around me. "It's a beautiful night," I say because that is all I can think of.

"Compared to what? Compared to other nights in Forks, Washington, it is beautiful, but I wouldn't know because I'm not really paying attention to the nights anymore. Compared to the nights in northern Canada, it's ok. Compared to the girl lying next to me, it is a tremendously hideous sight." I smile.

"Are you going to tell me what's wrong?" I inquire, looking into his eyes, which are starring into the stars.

"Nothing is wrong." That is so not true. That is the I know something that has to do with Bella still being human but I won't tell her because it will scare her look. I'm not dumb like most humans. Edward turns his head into mine, kissing me passionately. I have to remember to breathe again.

"You are distracting me," I accuse. He smiles and turns his head back to the stars. "It's the Volturi isn't it?" He remained quiet for a moment.

"Yes." I do not believe he could say anymore.

"What can we do?"

"I don't know. We could run, but we would have Demetri after us." I ponder this.

"You will have to turn me sooner that expected." He nodded. I took in a deep breathe. "Why? Why would they go after one human? One insignificant human, just because she knows their secret? There must be something more behind it."

"There is." I looked at him confused. I was just saying that to make myself feel better. I had no idea there was some true behind it. Cool. "It all started with Carlisle, before he came to the Americas. As you well know, he spent some time with them. Carlisle would have you believe that he has no power, when he indeed does. Carlisle can see a person's heart. He can tell the decisions you could make based on it. That's why he went into medicine, so he could save the lives of good people."

"That explains things a little."

"Yes it does. Aro is a power hungry bastard. He knew of Carlisle's power. He wanted him, like he wants Alice. He had what he wanted for a few decades, before he left. He has always wanted him back under his control. So, he tries to kill the entire coven. We just gave him the perfect excuse." He waved his hand over to me.

"But Aro never really had control, right?"

"He believed he did, but because of the whole 'I don't eat people' thing, he knew he really didn't. It made him furious, which made him even more determined to get his hands on him."

"Well, we still have a problem, whether it's Carlisle's fault or not. We can't runaway, for fear of Demetri and you can't change me now, because that totally goes against the agreement we made and I'm not letting you slide by." He smiled.

"How long did Alice say we had before you left?" He wondered.

"Four days."

"What were her exact words?" I can't remeber. As you recall, I'm the forgetful human.

"Uhhhh… Something like 'You have four days,' Why? Oh! She also said, 'If you aren't back by then…'"

"That means that she has given us four days to go wherever we want, and be back, so the Volturi will be here in seven days, because she has added your turning days." Edward was talking to himself. I listened to him and brought up negatives in most of the one that won't work. Only one sounded any good. "We could go to Vegas, and still be back in time for… Wait, Alice is going to kill us if we don't go by her wedding plans…" I pulled out the note and gave it to him. "What's this?"

"Alice sent it." He opened it and read it.

"Ha! Alice has given us permission to go to Vegas." We got up and ran to the car (actually, he ran to the car, but anyway…)

Yeah. I know totally off track from Jeah, but Jeah was just there to fill in time. But you will know the secret!! I will give onw hint now.

Is Leah pregaunt?

possiblY, maybE, perhapS