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Stranger Situations

Chapter 1: The Stranger

"You don't understand. I have to get on this flight."

"I'm sorry, sir, the flight is completely booked," the woman behind the counter didn't sound sorry. In fact, she sounded downright unsympathetic to his plight.

"There is a seat available on the next plane but…" she pointedly looked him up and down. "It's in first-class."

How rude! Iruka didn't think he was dressed that poorly. Granted he was in an old pair of jeans and just a plain t-shirt, but were neither dirty nor torn. Was it so obvious that he wasn't wealthy? None of this mattered though, what mattered was getting on the blasted plane.

"Miss, my flight has already been delayed for two hours. They've just announced that it will be delayed for another four hours. If I don't catch this flight to New York, I won't make my transfer to California." Iruka's hands fisted on the countertop, he was becoming desperate and already suffering from lack of sleep and almost crippling worry. "My little brother was in a terrible car accident and is in hospital in San Francisco. I have to make that transfer or it'll be a whole day until the next flight. I've got to get to him!"

Iruka had been in panic mode ever since he received the dreadful phone call from the University of California the evening before. Naruto had decided to participate in the student exchange program between Japanese and American Universities. Students swapped places for one semester and given the opportunity to live in a new country and study a different culture. The energetic blonde had been chosen and flown off to America bubbling over with excitement. An added bonus was that his best friend and class rival, Uchiha Sasuke, had gotten into the program with him. They had been studying hard and having a wonderful time exploring the new country before the accident.

The University Director told him the boys had been driving home from a dinner party when a drunk driver ran a red light and ploughed into their car. They hadn't even seen him coming. The drunk had run into the side of the car closer to the boot than where the boys were sitting, but it was enough to make the small sedan Sasuke had purchased to roll and then slide down an embankment. Both Naruto and Sasuke were pulled from the wreckage and received medical attention quickly, but were suffering from head injuries, cuts, and bruising.

Luckily, there had been no broken bones but Naruto wasn't conscious when the emergency services arrived and had yet to wake up. The young heir to Uchiha Shipping Inc. was beside himself with worry. Iruka knew this when the Director had explained that Sasuke had made sure he was in a shared room with his blonde friend and would ask the doctors calmly for progress reports. Iruka translation: Sasuke talking to people and choosing to be in the same room as Naruto… the situation was dire, and called for panic!

He had immediately started phone airline companies and organising flights, dipping into his emergency funds that he'd set aside years ago for just this sort of a situation. When one had Naruto to care for an emergency stash of money was essential.

Despite all his best efforts and flawless organisation (except for the tornado of clothes he'd dubbed as panicked packing), this situation was just out of his control. He could not control faulty airplane equipment. What he had to do now was convince the woman handing out tickets to put him on the next available flight, the same woman who obviously didn't possess a heart or shred of compassion. She just did not care; it showed in her face and body language. She couldn't care less that Iruka's little brother was possibly slipping into a coma half the world away. She looked at him with pure annoyance flashing in her eyes and his hopes sank. At her next words, he felt his body physically sag as all optimism fled his system.

"Sir, you're holding up the line and I've already told you that-"

Her eyes suddenly widened as a pale hand came to rest on the counter next to Iruka's clenched fists.

"Now, now," a smooth voice purred next to his ear. Iruka looked to his side to see a tall, slender man with an incredible shock of silver hair and the sexiest damn smile he'd ever seen. "You and I both know they save seats on planes for emergency situations and this sounds to me like it's most definitely an emergency."

The ticket counter woman was staring openly at the stranger and Iruka honestly couldn't blame her, he was staring openly too. The man was gorgeous!

A well-muscled arm found its way around Iruka's shoulders, the elbow resting against the junction of his neck as a forearm clad in black silk crossed his chest. The stunned brunette was pulled against a very broad chest as the stranger leaned further forward, turning that beautiful smile up a few notches. The woman behind the counter looked as though she was almost in need of a tissue to stem a immanent nosebleed.

"Why don't you cut the poor guy a break and transfer his ticket over? Fill your good deed quota for the day, hmm?"

"Oh, I… ah," the lady was downright flustered.

Iruka knew there was a blush staining his cheeks but he dared any person, man or woman, to be held against that sleek body and not react to its warmth. Finally, the woman recovered enough of her wits to form a coherent sentence.

"I suppose I could transfer him onto the flight."

Iruka's hopes soared and he released a deep sigh of relief. It was impossible to relax though, especially not with that body pressed almost flush up against him. The velvet smooth voice flowed once more past his tanned ear.

"That's very kind. Thank you…," the pale man deliberately allowed a grey eye to travel slowly down from her eyes to the nametag pinned on the uniform jacket, "Jasmine. What a lovely name. Such a delicate and beautiful flower."

His deep voice made it quite clear that he wasn't speaking of the flora variety. She giggled and looked at him with hot, lust-filled eyes.

Oh yeah, thought Iruka, he'll get to ride more than the plane if he wants.

Generally, Iruka didn't like seeing people manipulated. But in this case, he would sacrifice everything to get to where his brother lay unconscious in a hospital bed. Thank God, Sasuke was there to keep an eye on things! He was such a responsible and intelligent young man, he'd keep Naruto safe until the Iruka got there. While he and Naruto weren't actually blood related, they had gone through the necessary legal proceedings to become family on paper. They were both orphans and loved each other dearly. They were brothers at heart so making it legal was just the next logical step. They had a running joke regarding who adopted whom; and when they play argued, the person who ran out of insults first always inevitably ended up resorting to "Yeah, well you're adopted!" This would have them crack up laughing. He couldn't bear the thought of life without his little brother's sunshine.

Hang on, Naruto, I'm coming!

He watched as the woman finished the necessary commands on her computer and printed him off a ticket, all the while shooting smouldering glances at the silver-haired stranger still standing next to him. The tall man hadn't removed his arm from around his shoulders; in fact, he was still pressed intimately up against that warm chest as the stranger's weight leaned against him lazily. A pale thumb stroked his chest in what seemed to be a bored, subconscious movement. That thumb was right over his nipple, which had treacherously hardened without his permission and the caress was doing some interesting things to his libido. Normally, the close proximity and almost intimate way they were touching would have had the tanned man excusing himself and backing away. However, if it got him on the plane he was willing to put up with anything the world decided to throw at him.

Finally, the ticket was handed over along with his passport and Iruka felt like he had won the lottery! He thanked the woman behind the counter (even thought he didn't really think she deserved it) and slipped from the stunning man's embrace. He stood to the side and waited patiently as the tall stranger's details were processed. Finally, after many promise filled looks and flirtatious gestures, the stranger was in possession of his papers and stepped away from the counter, gifting the woman with one last killer smile. As he turned, Iruka was surprised to see that the man had a black silk wrap bound around his head to cover his left eye. An old scar trailed its way jaggedly from under the soft material to half way down his cheek. Instead of looking horrible, it appeared dangerous and unexpectedly sexy. No wonder the woman had been swooning… scratch that, was still swooning. The pale stranger quirked an eyebrow at Iruka as he approached him, the honey-skinned man smiled gratefully as he gave a polite bow.

"Thank you very much for your help. If not for you, the ticket wouldn't have been transferred. I appreciate you intervening."

The silver-crowned head cocked to the side and Iruka found himself under the scrutiny of the taller man. He forcibly kept down the warmth threatening to colour his cheeks. Damn it, no one should be blessed with that much raw charisma, it was horribly unfair for the rest of people on the planet. That single grey eye slowly travelled over him, the smoky orb lingered on his lean hips, waist, lips, the scar crossing his nose, stared straight into slightly confused brown eyes, and contemplated the long dark hair pulled into a high ponytail. Against his will, Iruka felt himself blush.

Damn it, blood! I told you to stay out of my face.

Ugh, it was hopeless and he tried not to resent the stranger for his own reactions. There really was no reason to be eyeing him so blatantly though. It was almost indecent.

"Mah, no problem." The Silver-haired stranger shrugged. "I just wanted things to move along so I can catch my flight. You were being very stubborn and she was right, you were holding up the line."

Iruka couldn't believe his ears!

What is this? National Asshole Day?

Suppressing a sigh, the shorter man just inclined his head and decided to take the higher ground.

"None the less, I'm grateful." He really was, if not also a little annoyed by the man's attitude, but it had gotten him on the plane so he wasn't going to complain.

He scooped up his backpack, nodded once to the stranger in farewell, and headed toward the security station refusing to look back. There was only a short wait at the gate before the plane was ready for boarding, calling for the First-Class passengers to present themselves before the other ticket holders. Iruka was only partially surprised when he spied a familiar shock of silver hair walking toward the attendant processing the tickets. He was even less surprised when he saw her reach for a tissue.


Iruka staggered off the plane in New York, eyes barely open and backpack precariously perched on his shoulder. He'd never been so exhausted in all his life. The fourteen hour flight had been hell. He'd been seated at the back of the plane, near the toilets and next to an American woman travelling with her young daughter. The little girl had been terribly ill for the first few hours of the flight, throwing up into sickness-bags and crying her miserable little eyes out. Her mother had been very worried about the child and apologetic to Iruka for the situation. She didn't bother to hide her relief when it turned out he was fluent in English and understanding of her predicament.

The rest of the flight had been filled with barely edible food, followed by horrible smells coming from the toilets, and a movie where the only thing weaker than the plot was the skills of the actors. Iruka finally decided filled the hours by distracting the small girl and teaching her how to read. Little Amy worked like a soldier under Iruka's gentle guidance and managed to get all the way through the two storybooks her mother, Helen, had brought on the plane. Watching the child slowly start to identify the funny symbols as words and begin reading on her own had been the only good thing about the flight. Even when the other passengers had gone to sleep, he had not been able to join them for worry of his little brother.

Was Naruto alright? Had he woken up yet? He'd been unconscious for two days by that stage; did it count as a coma? If he was in a coma, could Iruka get him back home to Japan? These questions had travelled around and around in his head like a rollercoaster making any rest impossible.

Staggering through customs and passport checks, he made it to the baggage carousel and retrieved his small duffle bag. Iruka always travelled light; it made things much easier. There was a six hour wait until his next flight and he was seriously considering the comfort rating of a nearby wall to sleep against when a young voice called out.


Little Amy and Helen weaved their way through the crowd to reach the tanned teacher. He offered up a tired smile and tried to remain standing, it would likely frighten the child if a full-grown man suddenly passed out at her pink sneakered feet.

"Hello again, Amy. Hello Helen."

Helen beamed a huge smile at him and offered her hand to shake, which he politely accepted.

"Oh Iruka, I can't tell you how grateful I am you sat next to us on the flight. You were just wonderful! I can't believe you taught Amy how to read so easily. Her teachers at school have been having so much trouble and I just didn't know what to do. You're an absolute godsend!"

"Oh my," He couldn't help feeling flattered at her kind words and scratched the back of his head bashfully. "It really wasn't any trouble at all. You're very bright, Amy, just in need of more one-on-one help than typical classroom learning. It really was a pleasure."

He had always been conscious of how adults talked about children as if they weren't even there. As a child, he'd hated it when adults talked about him over his head; therefore, he always made a conscious effort not to do the same thing.

"Iwuga-sensei, I'm going to tell everyone at school about you! You're the best teacher I ever had. Much better than Mrs Barry!" Amy exclaimed exuberantly before holding a little hand next to her mouth to give the impression of a confidential whisper. "She yells lots and has hair like a bird's nest."

He couldn't help but laugh at the mental image that produced as Amy's mother scolded her for being rude. Dropping to one knee, he ruffled her copper locks affectionately and gave her his warmest smile.

"Thank you, Amy. I needed the laugh."

They left him to seek their own home, Amy waving back at him until the milling sea of people swallowed them up. Letting out an exhausted sigh, he slumped backward to where he knew the wall to be but jolted with a shock as it suddenly wrapped two strong arms around him. Oh crap! He'd landed on someone.

"I'm so sorry!" he cried, jerking away from the person. "I didn't know anyone was behind me."

A deep chuckle started in the middle of his apology and Iruka recognised the voice nano-seconds before seeing the person.

"It's you," he blurted out intelligently, only barely stopping himself from pointing a finger.

The silver-haired stranger was slouched casually against the wall and smiling in the most bizarre way, his eye curved downward to form an arch. It was remarkably attractive.

"It's me," he confirmed in a deep voice.

Iruka realised how ridiculous he sounded and blushed a deep shade of red. Stupid blood vessels! He needed to recover, and quick, before he embarrassed himself further.

"Oh, I mean, ah… Hi."

He could have sworn he just felt his father's spirit smack him upside the head for being so eloquent. Damn, he had to be tireder than he thought… which was kind of scary considering he still felt like passing out. How long had he been awake? It had to be close to fifty hours of stressed, worrying hell.

The silver-haired man looked him over with that startling clear grey eye and Iruka watched as the thin mouth narrowed in disapproval.

"You look like shit."

Right, so National Asshole Day didn't stop at the time zone change. Good to know.

"Bad flight?"

Iruka smirked and let his backpack slide to the ground next to his duffle bag. It hurt too much to have it on his shoulder anymore, his muscles felt unbelievably cramped.

"Doesn't matter if it was bad or not. I'm here. Now, I don't mean to be rude but I'm about to pass out and that wall has my name written all over it," he quipped, pointing near where the stranger was leaning. It was the darkest corner he could see in the whole airport and Iruka could only hope a security guard would let him rest and not move him along.

A pale eyebrow quirked at his comment and Iruka wondered if the other one rose with it, but couldn't tell through that remarkable silver hair and black wrap. The stranger studied the wall and shook his head.

"Well, while it does look like a remarkably comfortable area of concrete I have a better idea." Saying that, he pushed his lean frame off the wall scooping up both Iruka's bags.

"Hey!" The dark haired man dashed forward to grab his luggage only to find his wrist caught by a large, warm hand before he was tugged toward the airport exit. In a far corner of his mind, Iruka noted the man didn't have any bags of his own.

"Come on," the deep voice commanded cheerfully, but the shorter man planted his feet and tried to tug his arm from the surprisingly strong grip. It didn't hurt it was just unrelenting.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? Let go and give me back my bags!"

That smooth chuckle reached his ears again as he was just tugged forward once more. The stranger wasn't even looking at him and Iruka was just contemplating the possibility of hitting him and managing to evade airport security until his next flight when the stranger spoke again.

"I have a room booked at a motel near by and our next flight isn't for six hours. You look like you need some decent sleep."

Iruka tugged on his arm again, beginning to feel more frightened than angry. This man was obviously mentally unstable, very strong, and, if the speed with which he caught Iruka's arm was any indication, extremely fast. He was beginning to feel he was in serious danger. Best thing to do with crazy people was talk to them calmly and try to ease out of the situation. Then run like crazy!

Using his calmest, most commanding teacher's voice, he addressed the man latched onto his wrist. It would be best to try to keep the stranger calm and regain control of the situation without resorting to violence. Gods, he didn't need this! He was exhausted enough without having to deal with psychotic people.

"Sir, let's stop and talk for a moment. You've been very kind to me and I don't even know your name."

As Iruka had hoped, the tall man paused and turned to face him. Thankfully, he also released his wrist but didn't relinquish his bags. Ok, so they were more than halfway there. Time for some fast-talking, surely he could talk his way out of this. The stranger spoke first, however.

"When asking someone's name it's only good manners to give yours first, Iruka."

"Well… Hey!" Iruka was stunned and a little more frightened than before. "How do you know my name?"

The stranger smirked, damn sexily.

"I read it on your ticket when I talked you onto the plane. Umino Iruka. It's an unusual name, but then you seem to be an unusual sort of man."

He found himself the subject of close scrutiny again and shifted uncomfortably under the intense gaze.

"Oh, um, not really. Quite plain and boring I'm afraid. Nothing unusual about me at all. Really not worth you wasting your time. Now, those bags look heavy. How about you just hand them back to me, alright? It's not fair that you carry my bags when they're so heavy."

He tentatively reached out a hand only to have his hand caught by one of the stranger's.

"I," the tall man said, shaking their hands up and down slowly, "am Kakashi. And your bags aren't heavy at all."

A quick tug on his hand had Iruka stumbling forward, forcing him to place a hand on the newly introduced Kakashi's chest to steady himself.

Crazy or not, this was just unacceptable and the taller man was about to get a verbal thrashing. Forcing tired, angry eyes upward to meet grey, the chocolate orbs widened as he realised just how close that handsome face was. Those lips were almost sinful and so close that when Kakashi talked, his breath tickled across the scar bridging the tanned nose. Wait, the lips were moving.

Oh crap, he's been talking and I haven't heard a word.

"S-Sorry, what did you say?" the tanned man mumbled.

Another deep chuckle rolled through the lithe frame and that handsome face leaned even closer. Iruka couldn't breathe. There had to be something wrong with the air in this country because sheer tiredness wouldn't make his head feel as fuzzy as it was at that moment.

"I said, its hours until our next flight and you're exhausted. In fact, you look like you haven't slept in days. I've been in your situation before and would have killed for a hot shower, clean set of clothes, and warm, comfortable bed even if only for a few hours. I see this as an opportunity to give a kind, gentle person some help." The dark grey eye was direct as it held Iruka's gaze, the depths serious and sincere. "I really want to do this, to help you just for a little while, and you would be doing me a favour by helping me fulfil my good deed for the day," the taller man still hadn't released his hand, instead brushing a thumb soothingly across the sensitive skin of the honey toned wrist. "So, will you help me out? Please."

Iruka realised he had been nodding only after he was graced with another gorgeous smile and led forward again. That voice was dangerous. It would be able to melt ice and women's underwear with a simple chuckle. The exhausted man was guided outside and ushered into a taxi, the taller man sliding in next to him as the driver stowed Iruka's bags away.

How the hell did this happen? I was supposed to have talked the man into leaving me alone and he somehow turned it around and talked me into going with him!

A shot of annoyance spurred through his tired, dopey state and he shot Kakashi a grumpy glare.

"You're very manipulative."

The handsome face didn't even look shocked; he just gave that strange curvy-eyed smile and patted the teacher on the knee.


The car ride only took a few minutes before pulling up outside a small motel just outside the airport perimeter. The two men climbed out and were quickly checked in and directed to a room. Kakashi carried Iruka's two bags and the driver followed with a large black case, obviously Kakashi's. Somewhere in the tired depths of his mind, Iruka realised that meant the silver haired man's bags had been taken to the cab while the man himself came to fetch him. While the thought was mildly creepy, he was just too worn to dwell on it any further. To use one of Naruto's friend's phrases, it was all too troublesome.

When they entered their room, the taller man dropped the bags inside the door and pushed Iruka straight into the small, but well-appointed, bathroom before he even had a chance to remove his shoes. Iruka didn't argue, he was too far gone. He would just deal with whatever fate had to throw at him later, hopefully after a few hours sleep.

Turning on the shower to warm, he stripped off his travel clothes then stepped under the spray. It felt so damn good. He just let the water run over his skin in soothing rivulets and rested his forehead on the cool wall tiles. His knees hitting the shower floor jolted him awake, shocked to realise that he'd literally fallen asleep on his feet. Iruka forced himself up again and quickly washed using the soap that was compliments of the motel. Pulling back the shower curtain, he discovered the clean t-shirt, underwear, and jeans that had been in his backpack waiting for him on the vanity unit. Kakashi must have brought them in for him and he'd never even heard the door open. That was more than a little disconcerting. He towelled off, quickly dressed, and exited the bathroom.

The stranger wasn't in the room but his bag was still there. It was sitting on the bed. The only bed. There was only one bed.

His tired mind processed this new information then decided to ignore it. Undoubtedly, he would berate himself for a fool when he awoke but at that moment Kakashi wasn't anywhere in sight and a bed is a bed when you're exhausted. Iruka would wake when he came back and leave the bed to him. The floor and walls in here looked pretty comfortable too. Crawling beneath the covers, he was out within a few seconds.


"Iruka. Iruka, wake up."

The drowsy man groaned and buried his face further into the warm, soft pillow, wrapping his arm around it to snuggle closer. A low laugh sounded before the sleepy man felt his shoulder being lightly shaken.

"You're going to miss the flight if you don't get up."

That did it. Iruka rose to rest on an elbow and he looked blearily at the familiar yet strange man sitting on the bed next to him. It took a moment for Iruka to remember all that had happened. Kakashi, the man's name was Kakashi and he was in a motel room near the airport on his way to California for Naruto. He was in New York and needed to catch his flight. With a sleepy little sniff, he rubbed at his eyes and blinked a few times to try to clear the sleep haze. Strands of hair were pulling against his scalp and he released the dark mass from the tie he'd forgotten to remove before sleeping.

"Um, what time is it? How long until take off?" he mumbled drowsily as he ran his hand through the sleep mussed strands.

A dark grey eye watched with curious attentiveness as he attempted to bring the long hair into some semblance of order. "Four in the afternoon and about two hours."

"Eh?" Iruka sat bolt upright and blinked, full awareness rapidly returning to him. "Four? But that means we've missed the flight. What do you mean we have two hours? It was scheduled to leave at three-thirty. Oh shit! Naruto!"

He leapt out of bed and made a dash for his bags only to be caught by the wrist and tossed back onto the mattress with detached ease. Caught between gaping in surprise and glaring at the stranger angrily, Iruka sat up with fists clenched. Heavens above that man was fast!

"What the hell do you think you're doing? I have to get on the next flight!"

He went to push off the bed again but was halted by an elegant hand on his shoulder. The silver haired man just looked slightly bored and completely unperturbed by the smaller man's anger.

"Calm down. There was-"

"Calm down? My brother's in the hospital and we just missed the flight!"

"Well, that's not quite the case."

Iruka shoved the tall man's hand from his shoulder and went to climb off the bed again only to be pushed forcefully down onto his back. He was furious. This stranger had been switching from being nice to a right pain in the arse ever since he appeared in Tokyo. Obviously it was pain in the arse time again.

"Get the fuck off me," Iruka growled menacingly, dark eyes narrowed to angry slits.

Kakashi just sighed and didn't budge. "Would you just listen to me for a minute? I'm trying to tell you something important. Honestly, you really are overreacting," the deep voice drawled.

The chocolate haired man was livid. This Kakashi was a total bastard. Overreacting? He thought he was reacting perfectly appropriately to the situation.

"Kakashi, you haven't seen me even begin to overreact," Iruka warned in a low, angry tone. "Now, get off."

"Mm, as fun as it is to watch you get all feisty I need you to quiet down now. I really do think you'll want to hear what I have to say."

Whether Iruka wanted to hear what Kakashi was going to tell him or not was beside the point. He was feeling, trapped, threatened, and needed the larger man to stop looming over him like that. The sensation of being caged in was one Iruka just could not handle. He forced down the fear beginning to crawl through his chest and drew a deep breath, prepared to fight the larger man off him if necessary.

"I told you to get the fuck off me, you basta-"

A pair of warm, pale lips fastened over his and effectively silenced his flow of words. Iruka made a noise of pure outrage and pushed against the broad shoulders above him as hard as he could. Not only did they not budge, but he found his wrists effectively pinned to the bed on either side of his head by large hands. Growling deep in his throat, the smaller man put all the force he could into kneeing the large man in the ribs. It connected but didn't have the desired result of driving Kakashi off. Rather the strange man grunted and moved his body to cover Iruka, easily pinning the shorter legs with his own.

Iruka was completely trapped beneath the heavier male and their lips still hadn't parted. The kiss was aggressive and hard at first, the thinner, pale lips assaulting the fuller ones below in a way that was both frightening and strangely enticing. Regardless of this, Iruka continued to struggle to get free. With another growl, he snapped at the lips covering his and forced the other man to pull back to avoid being bitten. Sucking in a much needed breath, the pinned man was about to yell at his assailant when the lips were back and even bolder than before. The silver haired man was insane. He was crazy, delusional, and completely out of line. A hot tongue dragged over Iruka's bottom lip and the smaller man flinched in surprise. Kakashi was… a really good kisser. A really, really good kisser.

Despite the completely bizarre situation, Iruka couldn't help but feel a small part of him react. Due to his past, he'd had very little experience with anything even resembling sexual intimacy, but it was still obvious that Kakashi was experienced enough for the both of them. The enticing caress of Kakashi's mouth had a sliver of arousal beginning a slow burn in his lower abdomen.

As the lips covering his continued to draw forth new and confusing sensations, Iruka's struggling lessened and Kakashi switched from dominating and demanding to soft and coaxing. The silver crowned head subtlety changed its position to better slant over the lips below caressing them with gentle, teasing pressure. Strong teeth nipped at the lower lip before a warm tongue slid over the area, soothing and seducing. The hands pinning his wrists shifted their position slightly so thumbs could caress over Iruka's erratically beating pulse. Kakashi began to lick the insides of the full lips with small, teasing flicks of the tongue seeking entry. Iruka was tempted to relent and experience more of the new sensations, but he held off at the last moment. The pale man was not perturbed, he continued to nibble, lick, and suck until the pinned male was a panting mess. His mind was mush and there wasn't enough oxygen in the world to fill his lungs, only then did Kakashi move away from his lips and begin trailing his mouth along the cinnamon jaw.

"Do I have your attention now?" The deep voice asked huskily, lips still brushing his skin.

Iruka didn't answer, only panted. The stranger obviously took that as a sign to continue.

"As I was trying to say before, our flight was cancelled. All the flights have been cancelled because the airport's main computer system crashed."

Just as dark eyes snapped open and he was about to say something, Kakashi bit down on the sensitive juncture between his neck and shoulder. Instead of words, a surprised cry of pleasure erupted from the full lips as the area was sucked and tongued until his mind was once again mush.

"I have arranged another flight for us at a separate airfield and there is a car waiting outside to take us to our destination," the deep voice continued, warm breath drifting over his sensitised neck and raising goosebumps. "Now, would you prefer to go back to the airport and try and get on the next flight, which should leave sometime tomorrow if you're lucky, or come with me to a plane leaving in two hours?"

Panting, Iruka realised that he was once more being manipulated. However, he didn't feel as though he had a better option than following Kakashi to another airport. Buses would take too long, taxis were too expensive, and he couldn't hire a car as the American's were crazy and drove on the opposite side of the road.

Kakashi nibbled his way up the tanned jaw and began to suck on his earlobe. Iruka flinched away from the sensation, tugging to try and free his wrists as he mentally seethed at having to give in.

"I'll come with you."

"Excellent." The low words sounded in his ear a second before his lips were hungrily reclaimed.

Again, Kakashi tried to gain entry into smaller man's mouth but was refused. With a frustrated growl, the kiss was broken and the tall man's hips ground down against the man below. To Iruka's immense shock he realised that he was more than half hard, as was the larger man. Their erections pressed together through strained fabric.

"Ahh!" Iruka couldn't stop it escaping his throat.

Finally, Kakashi claimed his prize. Delving his tongue into the hot cavern, he let out a moan of pleasure before commencing to explore it like his own private property. Tongues brushed against each other in a dance of seduction as lips met again and again. Hips ground down once more and the instigator of it happily swallowed his confused captive's moan of pleasure.

This was too much, too fast! He didn't know this man, he hadn't even been 100 percent sure he was attracted to men until he met this stranger. He'd never been with a man or anyone else for that matter. It was just too much. The pinned teacher broke the kiss, turning his head to the side.

"Stop," he panted. "Please stop."

The single grey eye narrowed as it gazed down at him. That wonderful mouth came down once more to nibble on his tanned neck.

"Stop what, Iruka?" the rich voice whispered against his skin, eliciting shivers to run down his spine. "Stop kissing you? Touching you? Pleasuring you?"

The hips ground down again and rolled, strained material sliding together.

"Ahh! Please!" Iruka couldn't tell if he was begging to be let go or fucked into the mattress.

No, it was too much and he knew he'd regret it later. No matter how amazing he suspected it would be. He had to stop this now. This was crazy! He didn't know this man, he didn't understand what was going on. His priority was still Naruto, damn it!

He looked up at the older man with sincerity clear in his eyes. "Kakashi, please stop. Let me go."

If only his voice didn't sound so damn husky. As it was, Kakashi did stop. Again, that startlingly clear grey eye looked down at him, taking in the kiss swollen lips, flushed skin, and dilated eyes. Those melted chocolate pools swirled with emotion. There was arousal to be sure, but uncertainty, trepidation, and fear also shone from their depths. He was too conflicted and, by some miracle, the man above decided to relent.

"For now," Kakashi said with a look that stated all too clearly that they would be revisiting this situation again.

One last heated kiss seared the full lips before his wrists were released and the weight above disappeared. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he watched as the tall man walked with surprising grace to the window and stared out at the street beyond the curtains. They both needed a moment to regain their composure and Iruka was grateful Kakashi's attention was turned elsewhere. After a few minutes, Kakashi moved picking up his suitcase and Iruka's duffle bag.

"The car's downstairs and the airport at least an hour away. Come on."

"I can carry my bag," Iruka protested quietly.

Kakashi grinned at him rakishly over his shoulder. "Nah, I got it."

And we were back to Mr. Nice Guy again.

This personality switching was exhausting and the knowledge that Mr. Asshole's turn was next wasn't very comforting for Iruka.


The car ride was a silent affair. A lovely silver Bentley had been waiting for them downstairs, the uniformed driver holding the door open and taking care of stowing the baggage. Iruka gazed intently out the window at the passing scenery, he could feel Kakashi's intense gaze on him but refused to look over afraid he might incite a reaction from the strange man. The areas of the city that they drove through were very interesting. So different from Japan yet similar in the way cities all over the world seem to be.

All too soon, they were passing through a security gate. Rather than driving to a car park and entering the terminal to check bags and collect tickets, they drove through another security gate and travelled across the tarmac to a series of hangers. They hadn't been stopped at either security gate like other cars, just waved through. The situation smacked of peculiarity and Iruka was starting to get nervous.

"Where are we going?"

Kakashi was still watching him and looking faintly amused at the darker man's increasing discomfort.

"How old are you?" He asked unexpectedly.

"Huh? What does that have to do with where we're going?"

"Absolutely nothing, I'm just curious. You look like you're in your mid 20's but act much older. If I had to take a guess, I'd say you're 25. Right?"

The teacher took a calming breath and handled the situation as he would with a curious, misbehaving child.

"You answer my question first and then I'll answer yours."

"Fair enough," The silver-haired man cracked a grin and Iruka knew he wasn't going to appreciate the answer. "We're going to the airplane. Your turn."

That was just frustrating.

"I know we're going to the airplane. Why didn't we check in at the terminal like everyone else?"

Kakashi laughed. "Uh uh, I answered your question so now you have to answer mine. Then I'll answer yours again and so on."

Yep, the man was exasperating. But he could also apparently get Iruka to California sooner so he would play the game. Naruto was his only priority and an extremely strange and trying man could be endured for that.

"I'm 24," he answered bluntly.

"We're not everyone else," came the strange reply.

Dark, silky brows dipped in confusion. "What?"

That attractive, curved eye smile was thrown his way. "Nope, it's my turn to ask a question."

"But you didn't answer mine properly!" he could feel his cheeks flushing with frustration.

The blasted man just kept smiling. "Yes I did. You asked why we didn't check in at the terminal like everyone else. I answered. In fact, I just answered your last question so it's only fair I get two. Now, how did you get that scar?" he raised a finger and ran it over the bridge of his nose, mimicking where Iruka's scar sat.

Iruka's eyes hardened instantly. That was a damn personal question and not one he was willing to answer at that stage. Instead, he decided to play the vague game too.

"From a knife. Next."

"No, no. I asked how you got the scar, not what gave you the scar. You have to answer properly."

The slight brunette's temper instantly spiked and his voice deepened in warning. "I'm not answering that question. It's not like you've really answered any of mine anyway."

It was obvious that the only thing he could do in that situation was resign himself to wait and see what would occur. It had been a huge mistake to become involved with the strange man, he should have punched Kakashi and run the moment he heard that smooth voice. Then again, if he had done that he would likely still be at the police station in Tokyo.

The car finally pulled into one of the hangers and what was awaiting them within had Iruka's eyes widening as his heart rate doubled. Inside sat a stunning, sleek jet with entry stairs lowered and a young hostess standing beside them.

It can't be! The teacher thought desperately. There's just no way. Shit like this doesn't happen in real life.

He turned to Kakashi with worried eyes.

"This isn't our plane?" He half asked, half stated in denial.

"Of course it is."

Iruka was dumbfounded for a moment, staring at the silver haired stranger in horror. "Are you insane? I can't afford a private plane! I'm a teacher at an orphanage for Kami's sake."

Kakashi raised an interested eyebrow at the stressed man.

"Really, you're a teacher? Well that explains the kid from the plane. Tell me more."

Iruka slammed his hand down on the seat between them and glared angrily at the infuriating man.

"This isn't a joke," he was feeling slightly panicked. "There's no way I can afford this. What were you thinking? Just because you're rich doesn't mean you should assume everyone is as wealthy as you."

"Have you ever rented a private plane before?" The taller male asked indolently.

How insular can this man really be? Iruka wondered.

"Of course not. I told you, I'm not-"

"Then how do you know you can't afford it?" Kakashi interrupted.

The car pulled to a halt and the driver exited to stand by Kakashi's door, waiting for the signal to open it. Iruka was flabbergasted and at the end of his patience.

"Ok then, how much money will it cost me?" he snapped.

Kakashi smirked and the relaxed slouch became more pronounced. The younger man began to feel decidedly like a cornered rabbit.

"Not a cent."

Uh oh.

The warning bells that had been chiming happily at the back of his head rapidly escalated into a full-blown blaring of run for your life!

"Then…" he was staring at the man with narrowed, suspicious, and almost frightened eyes, "what do you want?"

The smirk widened.

"Two things. One, answer all my questions during the flight and satisfy my curiosity about you, and two… kiss me before we land."

He knew he was staring. He also knew it was entirely possible that his mouth was hanging open and he was doing an excellent impersonation of a stunned mullet. Iruka had heard rich people were eccentric, but was this guy for real?

"You'd better make up your mind quickly. They're ready to go and we're wasting valuable flight time."

Iruka considered his options quickly. He could spend a few hours in the air with an incredibly sexy wacko, give him a quick kiss (no repeats of the hotel room incident), and still get to Naruto much quicker than otherwise possible.

"Ok," he agreed in a small voice.

The grey eye flared with satisfaction.

"Shall we then?"

AN: Something that popped into my head during a red-eye flight to Singapore. I'd been awake for over 40 hours, couldn't fall asleep on the plane because it was just too damn uncomfortable and decided to make up a story during the flight instead. It's actually an old romance novel idea I came up with at about 15 years old, just tweaked to suit Kakashi and Iruka more.

Edit May 2010: Regarding the flight Iruka took from Tokyo to New York; yes, I understand there are quicker and more convenient flights that are available and the route he took seems unusual. So why did he take such a bizarre and round about way? Simple, for story development and it was a last minute booking. When you have a family member in trouble and need to get to them ASAP you walk into the nearest airport or flight centre, whack a card on the table, and say "Get me here NOW." (Been there, done that. Not fun).

You don't wait an extra day so you can have a more direct flight or even complain about the crazy-ass route they send you. If it gets you there faster you just damn well go! Also I needed Iruka completely exhausted to get him in the right mental frame for the next chapter and what's more exhausting than a 14hr flight next to a kid.

If you still can't accept this very simple and realistic reasoning then how about this: the story is an AU with fictional characters. Any other city they could have passed through was blown up by aliens last week so they had to go via New York ^_^

I hope you've enjoyed this first chapter and will enjoy the rest of the story.