I Do NOT Own Naruto in any way and this story is completely fan made

I Do NOT Own Naruto in any way and this story is completely fan made

Naruto: Book of Secrets.

Warning: FemNaru

Guide: Narrator "thought"

(The Characters are at the age of 2 years after shippuden)

Every society is built upon secrets, the lowly worker has secrets and so too does the ANBU official. Even the Hokage is not spared of this… and so when one has secrets, one must keep them hidden and the higher on the food chain you are, the better you must hide your secrets to keep them from those who might wish to use them against you.

So the Hokage needed to hide his secrets better then most, but the best part is the human nature is not designed to hold stuff in, but rather to let it out, so one confesses...whether its to a rock, to the world, or to a book …and so the time varies but we always confess and even the great Ninja leader needed to confess…So he did, he wrote every secret, secrets so deep they could crack the foundation of the leaf village. It was the Hokage's secret keeping book…His Book of Secrets…and the key to the book… the key hidden in plain site. Oblivious to the treacherous secrets of its past…the key was content…for now.


"Minato are you sure?"

"Yes" the man replied his hands working relentlessly never in the same position for over a second.

"And the book?" the candle light illuminated the speaker, her body flawless, her beauty mesmerizing, her face hard, determined, and resentful.

"Unreachable…" the man was yellow haired. He stood over a cradle which held an adorable baby, cocking its head to the side as if straining to understand the conversation.

"This is MY child, you can't expect me to stand aside for this can you?" The woman's voice cracked tears rolling down her face. She rose then slumped in the chair again "No…no you're right it's for the best" talking more to herself now.

"Kushina, I love you and this family and all I'm doing is for this family" the man stroked the woman's cheek then made one last hand sign. "It's done." He sighed softly his breath extinguishing the flame.


"You…What do you want?" a low but fierce growl issued from his throat his lips pulled back forming a snarl that could scare the most competent ninja. Alas this one was no ordinary ninja.


"FOOL! Those tricks will not work on me anymore, give me one reason why I should not rip your limbs from your worthless, miserable body this minute" The voice grew angrier and more hostile with every word until it felt as if that very world would collapse.

"I don't have time to waste with you, I have come to ask something of you" the second voice remained calm and un-fazed by the display of authority, the tone clearly proving he thought it as some juvenile attempt to intimidate him.

"Then speak and leave"

"I want you to leave, retreat rather"

"You don't know what you are asking of me…and of you little obsession" the voice jeered

"I am well aware of the repercussions and am ready to face them"

"O how kind the master is, so boldly and chivalrously ready to take the consequences that will have no impact on him"

"She can take it"

"I see……Seems like you no more then you let on"

"You have no choice but to comply your time will be over soon"

"If her heart misses so much as a beat I will take complete control then murder you" it was a clear and calm threat which seemed to have no effect on the silhouette which turned at vanished.

"Stuck up bastard, I can't believe I'm listening to him" before closing its eyes and resting, it had a long job ahead


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