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Chapter 4: What you are

"Akito I'm bored, we've been searching for hours, no one here knows shit about Naomi Namikaze can we go home?" the red haired ninja whined methodically stabbing the ground like a 5 year old with nothing better to do.


"Look, let's review the facts, k? one, we know that unless she changed it she will most probably have blonde hair with blue eyes, two, she has the Kyuubi sealed in her right?" the ninja was ticking the points off on his fingers "Then there are two possibilities, either the village keeps this a top secret and only the top rankers know, in which case we're screwed, or that it's a widely known fact that there is a ninja with the demon fox within it, in which case we should ask that" he proclaimed excitedly.

"Go" Akito replied, sitting Indian style trying to locate and chakra abnormalities

"No way! You are so coming" the red head was grinning ear to ear trying to drag the Namikaze, singing "ooh, little foxy we come for you now, ooh where will you hide, we will find you and trap you little foxy, ooh poor little foxy" licking his lips all the while

The said little foxy was not happy, she had not only been intercepted by ANBU corps, dragged forcibly to the Hokage tower but was also deprived of ramen, now she was fuming in front of the, desk arms crossed, nose bleeding and a very pissed off Kazekage to the right.

"I can't believe it, its all true then?" Tsunade questioned looking from Naomi to Gaara then back.

"Yes Hokage-Sama" Gaara replied sighing at Naomi who had point blank refused to answer until she was acquainted to some ramen.

"Well, our dear Naomi turned out even better then expected" Naomi turned to see the familiar face of the white haired pervert.

"Ero-sennin!" Naomi squealed, hugging the man and promptly relieving him from the ramen in his hand

"Well I just needed to see for myself, you may go" Tsunade said waving her hand "Oh and Naru..I mean Naom-"

"-Naruto is fine Baa-Chan, I've kinda grown used to it and so has everyone else" Naomi or rather Naruto cut in, slurping the last of the ramen down in the most unfeminine fashion.

"Naruto then, we will reveal you to your friends in two hours" Tsunade finished, completely ignoring Naruto's sudden outburst "And if you don't mind Kazekage-Sama I will leave it to you to make sure she attends" she closed this time ignoring Gaara's troubled expression.

Making sure the jounin were gone Tsunade turned to the ANBU "Around the clock protection…and make sure she doesn't know" The ANBU bowed and disappeared

"Two years early Jiraya, Akito is back already and who knows how many more will follow"

"There is nothing we can do about it now, I will find the root of the early transformation but other then that we can only fight Akito and all others keep Naruto safe as we promised" Jiraya replied "And casting Naruto out is not an option" he added looking at Tsunade's expression

"Of course not! We must keep Minato's secret safe and Naruto as well"

"Then the Konoha must prepare to defend itself against the worst of the worst"

"Yeah I think I know some one like that but I may need something to jog my memory" The seedy looking man was staring at the purse hanging from Akito's belt. Keeping his partner from reaching for the weapon he handed the man the coins "You want a Naruto Uzumaki, loud mouth hyperactive brat, he's a no good trouble maker I tell ya, brought nothing but trouble to this village, has all your looking for, blonde hair, blue eyes, a demon fox, they say he is a good ninja but don't care, he is a no good thieving curse I tell ya, He's at the Ichiruka ramen shop a lot, that's all he cares about; eating" Akito thanked the man and left him to mutter curses for Naruto under his breath. He nodded to the other ninja and left for their hide away.

"Rai" Namikaze said calmly, shooting the red head a questioning glance

"Talks a lot, ain't got no power to back it up though" Rai responded tossing the jingling coins in mid air the catching them again

"And the ramen store?"

"Guy was helpful, even gave me a bowl on the house, told me everything, no bribes involved"

"So you let him live…I see, what about Naruto?"

"He comes there every day, is a jounin now, friendly kid, unlike you I might add, usually accompanied by his friends, and is on pretty good terms with the Kazekage, oh and get this, he's under Kakashi and with the Uchiha" Akito perked up at the mention of those names "Itachi?"

"No idiot, his little brother Sasuke, Itachi died remember?"

"I see" Akito nodded "Uzumaki Naruto is our target then"

"Wait….my best friend is a girl?" They Jounins were assembled in the Hokage's office and Kiba Inuzuka was having a hard time registering the fact that his friend was a kunoichi

"Yes Inuzuka are you that dense that a simple fact such as this can not grasp such a simple change" Neji Hyuga commented in his usual stoic manner

"No Neji, see we can all get you turning in to a girl because you don't have to change much anyway, I mean seriously with your attitude and looks, if we put you in a dress you'd fool anyone" Neji cringed as the rest of the ninjas erupted in laughter

"Troublesome" Shikamaru Nara cut in evidently bored by all this fuss.

A squeal issued from the corner where the girls were huddled up talking in their usual fast, incoherent ways which for once Naruto could understand

"What do you think they are talking about?" Choji asked

"Boys, shopping, hair and other such topics I believe" Neji remarked causing the boys to snigger and murmurs of princess Neji to surface

"Sasuke what do you think" Rock lee asked poking and severely irritating raven.


"ALLRIGHT THIS IS NOT A PARTY" Tsunade came in, angry that her office suddenly turned in to a fish market (A/N: that's what my teachers say when we talk to much…."THIS IS A CLASS NOT A FISH MARKET" dunno why though) and shooed the gaggle of jounin away

The ninjas were not tired of the new discovery yet and were trying to get some play time with Naruto, unfortunately the said kunoichi had found her target and had managed to catch a shying Uchiha

"Sasuke, wait up" Naruto chirped


"What your friend just underwent a major change and all you can say is hn?" Sasuke just went on walking ignoring the ninja after him

"Come on he isn't even talking to her lemme go" Kiba pouted as Ino and Sakura held him back.

"K…k…kiba-kun p…p…please, let Naruto-Chan and S…Sasuke-Kun talk" Hinata managed to blurt out, gently tugging Kiba's shirt who responded by picking her up bridal style and bounding away, scolding her for stammering

"Come on chicken butt doesn't this change affect you at all?" Naruto whined trying to get the stoic Uchiha's attention

"Hn, you were an annoying pain and now you are an annoying pain, I see no difference" Sasuke replied smirking.

"Oh really, then I suppose I should leave you alone" Naruto replied in mock sadness

"Alright dobe, what do you want?"

"I want to talk to my friend who just came back after a very risky mission"

"Oh so you're worried about me now?"

"I didn't mean it that way" Naruto blushed causing Sasuke to smirk again.

"Alright dobe if you are worried so much, I'm fine, the mission was easier then expected and I believe I did miss your annoying ear piercing voice"

"Ear piercing! You bloody bastard I have a great voice" Naruto frowned pretending to be hurt then smacked the Uchiha on the head…Bad move, Sasuke wheeled around and picked Naruto up and ignoring her screams he dumped her in the fountain.

"ASS HOLE" Shouted Naruto dripping wet after being helped out of the fountain

"Come on dobe, I'll take you home" Sasuke talked calmly as if nothing had happened

"HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM YOU BASTARD, GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME, I HATE YOU, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!" Sasuke ignored her rants and picked Naruto up and started off to the Uchiha mansion

He smiled as he set the now asleep Naruto on the bed and woke her up

"my arms must have been pretty comfortable then huh?" he smirked at the red rapidly creeping up those soft unmarked cheeks (A/N: yes unmarked as the Kyuubi left so did the cheek marks)

"Shut up teme" Naruto muttered taking the robe from his hands and heading for the washroom to change

Sasuke Uchiha smiled, he was one step closer to making that adorable hime his…all for him.

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