He loves me, I know he does

He loves me, I know he does.

He won't say it, but that's just because he's a guy. That's how guys are, you know? But he kisses me and he tells me I'm pretty.

He used to bring me flowers, too. But then he stopped.

Now he just kisses me whenever he feels like it. No more flowers.

And sometimes he hits me. I guess that's okay once or twice, as long as he doesn't make a habit of it.

Then sometimes he pinches me. What is that about?

Whenever he hits me, he gets in trouble anyway. Well, usually. Actually, kinda never. He always gets away. Sometimes the prefects don't even notice.

I guess that's a small price to pay for a sexy bad boy, right?

Sometimes he says really mean things. I laugh, because he's probably kidding. But I don't think it's funny at all.

I've seen him kissing other girls. Boys, too. So I kiss other boys sometimes. But I don't like them as much as I like him.

He's so mysterious, the way he just kisses me and runs away. Sometimes I follow him for a little while.

I really want him to ask me out on a date or something. Maybe he could give me a Promise Ring.

He could take me to the big city, or at least the movie theater.

But I guess he's not really my boyfriend. He's just that sexy bad boy who kisses me sometimes.

I like him, but I don't think I should.