Barasuishou's screams were loud and painful; broken and depressing. Her body shook violently as tears of blood poured down her face. Pieces of her wooden flesh were breaking off and scattering onto the floor. Her eye patch withered and shattered, revealing both of her wide, dilated eyes. On and on, she continued to scream. A thick, silver liquid poured out of her mouth, her screams now muffled.

Her arms crackled to pieces, and now most of her upper body was gone too. All of her power was just leaking out of her body, like a waterfall. Nothing she could do could stop the flow.

Coughing and wheezing, Barasuishou leaned over and puked onto the floor. Her vision was fading, and she could barely make out anything anymore. She was lost in complete darkness...everything was breaking, shattering...just like her.


Barasuishou lifted her head and saw a figure walking towards her. It was a puppet...that looked exactly like her.

"You look surprised." remarked the look-alike, "Did you not know that you were nothing more than a failed clone...of me, Kirakishou?"

Barasuishou wasn't even sure what this weirdo was saying; her ears were ringing so loudly she was practically deaf.

Kirakishou was eventually standing over the other girl; Barasuishou's body was almost completely destroyed. Only her spine and half of her face remained. Everything, including her clothes and hair, had fallen to the floor. Even her eyes were gone; she was all but dead now.

"You and your master were both so selfish...but I can't help but feel pity for you. It's my fault you were " Kirakishou purred. As she lifted Barasuishou's head, the spine snapped off, and now it was just her broken head. Kirakishou clutched it close to her chest and whsiepred, "It's okay can finally sleep."

Then, Barasuishou's face shattered apart, and nothing was left. A single tear rolled down Kirakishou's face as she stood up and walked away. She never looked back even once.