The child was lying in front of the house, exactly where his Master had told him he was. He was sleeping as soundly as – well, as a baby, the Knight smiled.

"I am here," said the knight into his communication device. "The child is exactly where you said he would be."

"Good, good," came the reply. "Take the boy, you must, and to our universe bring him back, and quick you must be – agents of darkness there are on that world."

"Master," said the knight, "why do we not simply leave the boy here? He'll be fine with his family."

"A task, he must perform, when older he is, and his training was requested by a friend," came the reply. "Now hurry you must!"

The knight clicked the communicator off, and quickly picked the boy up.

He knew that the child would need to return. But Qui Gon Jinn wasn't worried about that.

"The boys disappeared, Dumbledore!" Minerva McGonagall said, flustered beyond belief. "Just… gone!"

Dumbledore had to suppress a smile. It wouldn't do to be grinning at a time like this. He calmed his emotins exactly as he had been trained to, and relaxed himself.

It had happened. He knew he could rely on his old friend to come through for him. He always could.

"Minerva, please relax," he said. "I had Harry transferred somewhere discreetly – purely until he begins Hogwarts."

"But… but what about -?"

"The dropping off of Harry at the Dursleys was a complicated Ruse," Dumbledore continued. "Don't worry, Minerva, everything is under control."

Back on the planet Coruscant, Mace Windu placed his hand on the baby's temple.

"He does have potential," Mace admitted, "strong potential, but it's dangerous having him here. The portal is - "

"Strong as ever, the portal is," said Yoda. "Owe Dumbledore much, I do, and he requested that we train the boy if possible it is to do so. Is it?"

Mace nodded slowly. He didn't like this.

"He is strong with the Force," he said at last. "Qui Gon should be quite the adequate teacher."

"More than adequate, I think," replied Yoda, grinning.

Mace smiled too. Yoda was right, Qui Gon would be an excellent teacher for this boy.

"Good luck, Harry Potter," he said, before calling for Qui Gon to come collect him.