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Hi, twilighttwinkles12 here! This is my first fanfiction, so just try and stick with it for the first couple chapters, and the story will get much better, I pinkie swear. In the meantime, just have fun with it! Constructive criticism is welcome.

Summary: Bella is a single mom with a four year old daughter, and she moves in with her best friend Alice. When she meets her friendly new neighbor, he and her daughter become close. What tragedy will rip this love apart? And will it come strait from the roots of the love itself? BxE, all human

I slowly drove down the winding gravel road, feeling every bump, thanks to my ancient truck. Left, right, bump. Turn, bump, drive. I was thinking hard, as usual.

"I was doing just fine on my own," I thought to myself. "Why am I coming here?"

I heard a snuffle from the backseat. I turned and looked behind me. What I saw made me smile all the time, no matter the circumstances.

"That's why." I confirmed, grinning.

I was moving in with my best friend Alice because of my daughter, Isabelle. She was four years old and had brown hair and brown eyes that sparkled in the sun, just like mine used to. Isabelle was my life and light, my everything, my only thing. Well, my only thing since Joseph.

"No, don't think about that." I silently scolded myself while I sealed those memories away. It hurt too much to think about them. I tried to focus on my driving.

"Mommy, where are we going?" I heard a groggy voice yawn. I turned back and saw Isabelle stretching in her car seat.

"We're going to visit one of mommy's friends, sweetheart. Now go back to sleep, we'll be there soon."

My daughter grinned excitedly. "Okay mommy. I love you."

"I love you too, angel."

A few minutes of silence followed this brief conversation. Then, I heard Isabelle's voice again:

"Mommy, why are we going to visit your friend? Is it because of me? Did I do something wrong? Is it my head-owies?" She looked at me with those big, puppy dog eyes.

"No, Isabelle, you did nothing wrong." I said in a hard voice. I then whispered, "It was mommy who did the wrong."

Isabelle had been having very severe seizures since she was two years old. It killed me to see her this way and not be able to do anything. I felt her pain tenfold. I was moving in with Alice because I could not handle her, or her medical bills, alone.

About twenty minutes later, I pulled up to Alice's house. My mouth just about fell down to the floor.

Over the phone, Alice had told me that her house would be just big enough for the three of us, just a simple country home. She under exaggerated just a little.

This home was painted a stunning, dark purple. But what were most impressive were the windows. Whole walls were made up of shards of the multicolored glass, each piece different from the next. When the sun hit them just right, they sent out a beam of sparkling sunshine.

I heard Izzy let out a gasp of air. "It's pretty!"

"Yeah," I breathed as I unstrapped her from her car seat. I had always known Alice to have an eye for design, but this was just amazing.

Speak of the devil and she will appear. I saw a hot pink blur race through the screen door and hit me in the gut, following with a bone-crunching hug.

"BELLA! YOU'RE HERE! I've been waiting for hours! I've missed you so much! Oh! This must be Isabelle! Alice's pixie-like features were lit up in delight. She picked up Izzy in her small arms and twirled her around in a circle. "You and I will be the best of friends, baby! I will take you shopping with me, no matter what your silly mommy says! I can tell you need it…" She appraised my daughter's simple baby-blue dress.

"Hey!" I said in mock anger. "That's my daughter's clothes you're insulting!" I grimaced at Alice.

"Well of course Mommy will come too, right Isabelle?" Alice and Izzy both looked up at me with pleading eyes, Alice's stormy gray ones and Isabelle's chocolate brown ones.

I mentally sighed. These girls have me twice wrapped around their little fingers.

"Fine," I reluctantly agreed, "but first we need to unpack.

Alice squealed in excitement. "Oh my gosh, I designed the spare room for both of you. You are going to LOVE it!"

My best friend took hold of my daughter's hand and led her to the house, beckoning me. Isabelle had an expression on her face like it was Christmas, almost exactly matched by Alice. I followed slowly behind them. Things didn't really excite me like they used to.

Once we were inside, I realized that each room had a color theme. The kitchen was a pale yellow, the dining room was a forest green, the bathroom was an orangey orange. As we stepped into Alice's room I was temporarily blinded. Everything was hot pink. Finally, Alice skipped to the very back of the house, and we ended up at a simple wooden door.

"Close your eyes! No peeking!" Alice practically peed in her pants from the excitement.

Isabelle and I walked into the room and stood in the center.

"Izzy, stop fidgeting!" I told my daughter.

"Okay, open your eyes!" Alice squeaked.

I heard my own intake of breath as I saw the room before me.

Everything was red. Light and Dark, pale and solid, textured. The bed had four posts and a red satin canopy. The bedspread was scalloped in a textured, fluttery way.

"Alice, I love it. It's perfect, thank you so much." I said in awe.

"I like it too!" Isabelle said, setting her dolly, Paige, on the bed.

"I knew you would like it. It's just so…YOU, Bella!" Alice squeezed me tight.

Alice left to make dinner, and I sat on the beautiful bed, holding my daughter close. This is where I would be raising her, watching her grow up in this wonderful glass house. I would sleep here every night with her. And I liked it. But there was still something nagging in the back of my head, something that was missing. And it scared me.


"Dinner time," I heard Alice's soprano voice call. "Bella, get your butt in here now!"

I picked up Isabelle and made my way to the pale yellow kitchen. I smelled tomatoes.

"Mmmmm, lasagna," I purred.

"Homemade and fresh from the box!" Alice giggled.

I scooped up plates for myself and Isabelle and sat down. Alice took a gigantic piece for someone so small.

As I ate my delicious "homemade" lasagna, I half-listened to Alice prattle on about what had happened to her in the past few years. About moving to the country, her new house, the newest clothes and shoes that she had bought for me, and the amazing people living in the next house over. However, my mind was elsewhere.

I wondered if he would like it if I was here. If he would want me to move on, or just stay where I was. "I can't live this way forever" I thought. It's ruining me. What if…

I continued to fantasize until I heard Alice.

She was leaned over the table, snapping her fingers in front of my face. "Bella. Bella! Time to come back from La-La Land. Your daughter here just about planted her face into her lasagna. I think it's time for bed."

"Oh, right." I returned to the painful real world. "Would you mind? I think she would enjoy getting to know her Auntie Alice better." I plastered a smile on my face.

"Alice looked at me suspiciously. "Alright. But when I get back you'd better be happy."

Isabelle skipped into my arms. "I love you mommy. I love our new home. I'll see you in the morning."

I wearily replied, "Goodnight Isabelle. Sleep tight, sweetie." She smiled a wide smile and she and Alice walked back to the red room.

I picked at my dinner, suddenly not hungry anymore. I kept on thinking about the new life that I was starting. I was nervous.

Suddenly, Alice was back in front of me.

"Bella, don't lie to me, because it won't work." She narrowed her eyes. "I'm your best friend and I can tell when something is wrong. Now, you'd better tell me. We need to talk."

That evil little too-observant red room-designing pixie. I gulped.

So whaddya think so far? I'm sure that you can tell that Bella has gone through a lot of pain in her past. (Which will be revealed in the next chapter hint hint?) Edward will be in the picture soon, so don't worry fangirls. sigh This story is BxE, after all. Now, do you know what would make me EXTREMELY happy? If you took your little mouse, scrolled down, and used your left button to click on the little 'Go' button for reviews. It would make my day. Pweeeeese? puppy dog eyes If you do you get a virtual cookie! Thanks!

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