Do you know

By: Prince Tyler Briefs

A/N: yes another little poem thingy. Shoot me okay ;)!

Disclaimer: Why do I put these things everytime?

Do you know, little brother
That you're loved like no other
Do you know how much mom loves you
And that dad is watching everything you do?

Do you know how much you look like him,
Looking and laughing on every whim.
Do you know how much he'd love to see
Mom, and you, and me?

Do you know what he looks like, how he sounds?
'Cause when you where born he was not around.
Do you know what he did for us all?
For us to live he had to fall.

Do you know that he would love you?
Love everything you do.
Do you know what he'd give to be here?
What I would give to have him near?

Do you know how much you missed, how much you gained?
And I'm sure you will see dad again.
Do you know, Goten, that I am there?
Even though dad is gone, I am here.

Do you know what I would do
If I didn't have you?
Do you know where I would be
If I didn't have you with me?

I don't know if I would be the same.
If I could bare the hurt and shame.
Of having been the reason why,
Every night you hear mom cry.

You're partly why I get up each day.
Keeping me foing in some way.
Thanks Goten for all you do.
'Cause I don't know where I'd be without you.