I don't own Riviera or the characters (except for the one i came up with for this series Cecilia).

A love story involving Fia. Takes place after Riviera the game

Notes: Mnemosyne: Cecilia's diviner, named after the greek titaness born of Gaia and Uranus that personified memory also mothered the Muses by Zeus. (i know the mythology behind riviera is norse but i couldn't find on wikipedia the norse personification of memory)



It was a moonlit night like any other in Elendia, the half moon shone brightly upon the house Fia, Lina, Cierra, Serene, and Ein lived in, the grass waved in the wind, and the town slept peacefully. Fia for some reason just couldn't sleep tonight so she awoke and went for stroll.

She walked outside in her usual long white dress and just walked around the quiet town until little Molan came running up to her.

"What's wrong?" Fia asked.

"Demon's in the village" Molan replied in a quiet scared voice.

Fia gasped in surprise in all the years she'd lived here demon's had never attacked the village directly before. Without thinking Fia ran toward the Grove of Repose where Molan had said the demons were.

At first glance the Grove looked as it always had. It was made up of huge tree stumps that were perfect for lounging on, the beautiful trees that surrounded the area made it that much more relaxing. Fia walked carefully thinking that she should go back for Ein and the gang but without thinking on where she was walking her foot pushed up against something hard and she tripped and fell.

Fia got up brushed off her dress and looked down to see that she tripped over a dead demon! The spider demon she tripped over wasn't moving and looked as though it had been cut by something, and then Fia heard voices from within the Grove.

"Charge", "Don't let her get away", "You numbskulls attack her"

The demons Molan saw were deeper in the Grove and the were being attacked by someone else. With a few nervous breaths Fia went deeper into the Grove to see what was killing the demons.

Finally Fia arrived at where the sounds were coming from deep within the Grove. A gladiator demon collapsed next to her most of it's rustic crusader like armor ripped apart by a bladed weapon.

"Ugh" cried a nearby demon.

Fia looked over and saw that a vampire demon had just been torn apart by what looked like a scythe that was formed in odd zig-zag shapes.

"Just like Ein's diviner" thought Fia.

And upon inspection it was a diviner! She looked up to see it's wielder. The one wielding the diviner was a girl who didn't look a lot older than Fia herself, she had auburn colored eyes and long flowing silver hair, she had a small nose and lips as well, she also had on a purple dress lined at the rims with red frill, the girl herself was also slender like Fia, and to confirm she was like Ein a Grim Angel she had long black feathered wings that kept her floating a few feet off ground.

Just looking at her amazed Fia, the girl lifted her diviner in response to a advancing group of demons.

"Come on" shouted the demons.

"Let's go Mnemosyne" the girl spoke to her diviner.

The girl's voice was soft and beautiful and spoke calmly to her diviner as she lifted it to a battle stance.

"Sorrowful Memories" shouted the girl.

Mnemosyne started to emit a blood red glow and at the tip of the blade a pentagram started to form in the air, the girl jammed the pentagram into the ground and more pentagrams started form around the approaching demons, the girl pulled the scythe out of the ground and ran her fingers across the still glowing blade the red light dissapearing as her fingers followed it, when the red light dissapeared from the blade she bent down on her knees, the scythe out horizantally in front of her and then red columns of flame erupted from the ground and air directly beneath and above the demons who had pentagrams around them, crushing them.

Fia watched in awe as the demon hoarde is reduced to nothing, then suddenly the girl (now panting and out of breath) collapsed to the ground. Fia ran to her side and found that she was terribly feverish and must be tired from the demon attack, feeling like she was responsible for not helping the girl vanquish the demons Fia lifted her unconscious body back to her house.

Fia brought the Angel back to her house and set her down on the couch, she grabbed a wet cloth, folded it and put it on the girls head hoping to ease the fever while she was doing this she started to notice that with all the sweat the dress was starting to cling to the girl's body... Fia quickly looked away blushing while her heart started pounding for some reason. It was at this time the girl started to stir.

"hmm" the girl started to sit up.

Fia looked back towards her nervously and their eyes met, the two stared but then both looked away, nervously blushing.

"Where am I" the girl asked.

Fia explained the situation to her.

"What's you're name" Fia asked.

"Cecilia" the girl anaswered.

"I'm Fia" Fia replied.


Cecilia woke up in a strange home lying on a very comfortable couch. She tried to figure out how she got there she remembered fighting the demons in a town called Elendia and collapsing from exhaustion in the woods. Cecilia looked around and her eyes met with those of a beautiful girl around her age dressed in a dress with a white top and a green bottom rimmed with white frills, she had brown eyes and long emerald green hair with a emerald green bow at the top. When she looked up the two girls eyes met, Cecilia stared into her beautiful green eyes as she heard the sound of her heart pounding she realized what she was doing and the two broke gaze staring away blushing.

"Where am i" Cecilia asked.

"In my home" She replied.

"What happened" Cecilia asked.

"You collapsed in the forest after killing the demons so i took you here" the girl replied.

Cecilia stayed silent pondering what could have happened if the girl hadn't been there.

"What's your name" the girl asked.


"I'm Fia" the girl replied.

Just then noises came from upstairs.

"Fia what's up" said a male voice from upstairs.

Four people came down the stairs, the first was the origin of the male voice a man who had short brown hair and was dressed in shirt and pants with a couple of capes hanging off the back, the second was a young girl with blonde hair seperated into two long strands going down each side who wore a yellowish shirt with a brown vest and a black skirt, the third was a girl that looked like one of the Arc's from Rosalina with purple hair and black wings and a one-piece purple skirt, the fourth was a girl who had long red hair with an equally red sleeveless dress rimmed with black lines on the top and bottom. Cecilia looked from them to Fia who started to explain the situation.

"This is Cecilia, i was out walking because i couldn't sleep and Molan told me that there were demons in the village at the Grove of Repose, but when i got there they were all defeated by Cecilia who's a Grim Angel" Fia finished.

"A Grim Angel" said the male.

"She killed all the demons that's so cool" the little blonde shouted.

"Indeed it's amazing" the red-head continued.

"Awesome" the Arc said.

"Oh yes Cecilia i'll introduce you to the group, here's Lina" she pointed to the blond.

"This is Cierra" she pointed to the red-head.

"Serene" she said pointing to the Arc

"And Ein, a Grim Angel like you" she pointed to the male.

"Nice to meet you" they all replied.

"So introduce yourself" Lina said.

"Lina, she needs rest" Fia scolded.

"No it's ok" Cecilia replied.

"I'm Cecilia a Grim Angel, I wield the scythe Mnemosyne and have come here to Riviera to hunt demons" she finished.

"Cool we hunt demons too" Lina said.

"You want to join us it'll be fun having another Grim Angel with us" Serene continued.

Cecilia pondered it in her head for a moment, having companions would be fun (secret thought: and spending more time with Fia would be nice), but demons had been attacking at an alarming rate which would put in danger, although since they already hunt demons it wouldn't be that much of a change.

"Yes i'll join you all" Cecilia anaswered.

"Yay" Lina exclaimed.

"Ok but you should get some rest now Cecilia you were all feverish when i brought you here" Fia said as rest of the group went upstairs.

Cecilia lay there pondering the events of the day when fia came over.

"So... if you're a Grim Angel." Fia started "then what did you give up to become one.

Fia was reffering to the process where new Grim Angels had to sacrifice something to become a real Grim Angel. Cecilia looked down away from Fia to hide the hurt in her eyes when she talked about it.

"I-I-I-I If you don't want to tell me t-t-t that's fine" Fia sttutered.

"No that's ok" Cecilia anaswered, she breathed in and out and began to tell her.

"To become a Grim Angel i sacraficed my Memories" Cecilia.

And that night began the new adventures Ein, Fia, Cierra, Serene, and Lina with their new companion Cecilia.

To be continued in Chapter 2.