Authors Note: Okay so this is my first Twilight fiction. Normally i write Jackie and Hyde or Buffy and Spike stories but i've decided to take a stab at Twilight fanfiction as well. So i started this story which i'm really nervous about. So if you could after you read this prologue let me know what you think of it and i'll post the first chapter soon as i can. I tend to write pretty long chapters so the first one isnt quite done yet. Ne ways take a look at this then let me know what you think. I love getting reviews. They get me to update faster.

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Loves Bond:


"I did love you Jacob… I never lied to you about that." I said as he fell to his knees in front of me.

"Then why did you leave me? BELLA WHY DID YOU LEAVE?" He screamed as I felt the tears come to my eyes.

"I couldn't be with you anymore Jake. I couldn't be that girl anymore."

"Because of him?" He asked as he looked up at me.

"Because of me." I whispered as he stood up. He walked over to me and put his hands on my shoulders.

"I love you Bella. I LOVE YOU! Don't you get that? Don't you see? We belong together. We've always belonged together."

I pulled away from him as I wiped the tears from my eyes. "No Jake. I love Edward…I want to be with Edward not you." I said as his hands turned to fists.

"Bella that isn't love. That's just infatuation." He said as he started walking towards me.

I backed up until I felt my back hit the wall. "Jake what are you doing?"

"I'm taking back what's mine." He said as he closed the distance between us and grabbed me.

"Jacob I cant just leave my son." I whispered as he glared down at me.

"He isn't your son anymore." He said before the darkness fell upon me.