Chapter 1

Panther: My coat proves black as the night that eats me.

We are one, he is me.

The night is my friend as i slink through its cover.

We are one, i am him.

I search for salvation, all in vain, all in rage.

But the only comfort i find is once again, the nights warm embrace.

I am him, he is me.

Together the same.

You are the night.

I am your child.

You are the night.

I am your son.

You are the night.

I am the Panther.

The night wind licked at his exposed flesh like a wolf tasting it's prey before devouring it into it's gut. The night was hungry…..starving almost as it would seem because of it's relentless gnawing on his bones.

Even through his thick leather jacket it seemed to weave it's way in.

He shivered slightly and leaned his back against the brick wall harder, as if trying to sink right into the shadow.

Looking at the solitary man from a strangers perspective, he was very easy on the eyes. Gorgeous even if you were to go that far.

His milky pale skin glowed in the off-white moonshine. His face was flawless, lined with defined cheekbones, a slender nose, and thin pink lips. But out of all the features his face withheld, by far the most stunning were his eyes…..they were set in his sockets like two amethyst orbs. They shone as purple beacons in the shadow world that lay before his feet. Definitely an eye catcher to the passerby which gave him the advantage he desired most.

He raised his mystic eyes and tilted his head backward against the wall, jabbing his numb fingers deep into his pockets, searching naively for warmth. He breathed out heavily, his breath rising as a silver mist into the frigid air as it left his warm body. He closed his heavy eyelids like drapes, but only for a moment….it was unwise to ever let your guard down on such a night as this…….

Suddenly he heard approaching footsteps. He opened his eyes and raised his head lazily, to observe his nearing company. It was a woman, looking only around the age of maybe 22 at most. She had blonde hair that cascaded over her slender shoulders like a bleached waterfall. She was dressed very well, if he did say so himself. A short red dress with a low neckline, that tied up in the back, a black fur coat draped around her, black stilettos that clicked the sidewalk like hooves. Her face was pretty in simplicity, thinly defined, full lips painted with red gloss, rosy cheeks and delicious blue eyes.

"Easy prey" he thought, the corners of his lips pulling up into a devious smile.

She walked a little slower as she neared him, he wasn't sure if it was because of fear, or just curiosity. Maybe a little of both.

She looked at him for a second and he caught her blue eyes with his magical purple orbs, causing her to stop dead. She stood there mouth agape, as if she wanted to say something, but the words hadn't come up yet.

" What are you doing out here sir, it's far below freezing……you should go home." she said softly, clutching her gold sparkled handbag tightly.

He only gave her a cheeky smile in return.

" I'm working. I do realize it's freezing, and I can't go home yet, I haven't been paid. Home isn't worth going to if there isn't money for groceries and wine." He said delicately.

His voice rolled off his tongue like syrup, thick with lust and sexuality, without him even trying. It captivated the young woman to him even further.

" Working?" she asked narrowing her eyes in confusion.

He gave a lazy nod and blew some steamy breath into the cold air.

" That would be correct." he said coolly.

She bit her lip in thought, then suddenly realized his assumption.

"Oh……You mean that kind of work." She said slightly embarrassed.

He nodded once again and gave her a completely to die for smile.

" Aren't you going to ask me how much I charge?" He said his eerily beautiful eyes locking with hers.

She let her mouth fall agape slightly and a hint of pink spread rapidly across her cheeks. She looked down, breaking his gaze with her. She didn't quite know how to take the question.

" It's ok. Don't be shy. Go ahead, ask me." He pushed popping his neck slowly.

She looked back up at the gorgeous man and chewed her bottom lip softly. There really wasn't any harm in asking, now was there?

" Alright sir……how much do you charge?" she asked meekly, her cheeks falling even redder than before.

He let a dastardly smile form across his thin lips and he looked her in the eyes once more.

" 550 a night. But trust me I'll make it quite worth your while my sweet." He said.

She just stared blankly at the beautiful man before her. His eyes bore into her skin like hot coals, she almost feared those amethyst globes could see right into her skull and read her thoughts like a new magazine.

She felt her gut telling her no……but her mind was pondering a very different approach to the situation before her. Her boyfriend had left her almost a month ago, leaving her with no satisfying nights of sexual flirting, and leaving her a bit starved for attention. Plus 550 was but a small amount out of her pocket. Nothing big for such a high class woman such as herself, being the manager of a modeling agency left her quite well off. Money to burn, or play with……The only thing holding her back was the moral obscenity of hiring this stranger into her home for sex alone.

" I can see you thinking about it. What's the harm love? I don't know you, you don't know me. One night for your pleasure and we never see each other again. Just think of it as getting a nice spa treatment, with a different approach." He said suddenly, jolting her from her ponderings.

She tapped her foot and folded her arms unsurely, maybe he could read her thoughts, he had hit the nail on the head……

" Do you take cash….." She whispered.

He smiled in a little bit of sick satisfaction from tempting the innocent into his clutches and nodded.

" I only take cash, and I'd appreciate it if you paid up front." He said blinking slowly.

He walked toward her with slow graceful strides. It was only then that she became aware of how the painfully beautiful man was dressed.

He had on a white dress shirt that complimented his slim fit torso extremely well, black faded tight jeans that hugged his thighs and attracted attention to areas that made her blush, and simple black converses.

The chain attached to his belt loop and wallet jingled slightly as he neared her. She felt nervous flutters rise up in her gut.

" Ok, but lets go to my car, I'm freezing my ass off out here." She said turning on her heel and walking toward what he figured was her car.

The man followed behind her leisurely looking at the sky.

She fumbled for her keys and hurriedly unlocked the jet black Corvette. She climbed into the driver side and leaned heavily into the leather seat as the man settled himself in the passengers seat. He closed the door and glimpsed at her momentarily. She fished five hundred dollar bills and a fifty out of the depths of her tiny sparkly purse, and held them in her hand, as if mentally battling herself… I really want to do this? She closed her eyes and then slowly re-opened them, sighing heavily.

She thrust her arm out and pretty much forced the bills into his lap.

He gently took the crisp dollars and added him to the collection in his wallet. He then leaned back in his seat, not the least bit worried that she hadn't started the car yet, nor had she even put the keys in the ignition. He had the money now, it wasn't his problem if she chickened out and didn't fuck him after all.

She sighed heavily, and jabbed the keys into their place with a bit of force and cranked the cars engine. It turned over with a lazy roar and she turned up the heat, then proceeded to pull out of the parking space.

The ride was painfully silent, she could hear her own heavy breathing and she assumed she looked very stupid being so nervous……but the man seated on the other side of the car seemed like her couldn't care less.

He just sat there, his shoulders straightened, back against the seat, those long purple locks hiding half of his almost doll like face. She let her shoulders fall.

" So can I at least know your name?" she asked suddenly, her voice unexpected and louder than she had thought it would be.

The man slowly turned his utterly beautiful eyes toward her, soaking her in once more. He blinked once, twice, three times…..the silence grew very awkward. She felt a lump of nerve forming in her throat.

He then chuckled and brushed some of his wispy bangs out of his eyes.

" My name is Dark, but you can call me whatever you like, I'm yours for tonight." He said smiling devilishly.