He was undeniably attracted to her.

He, the ranch-hand from the southern village, the peasant,

Infatuated with the princess from another realm.

Ridiculous, isn't it?

Of course he hadn't known she was from such royalty.

The Twili imp, with her fang, third hand and cynical attitude.

Didn't seem like the princess type.


He begrudgingly obeyed her commands

Collecting Fused Shadows and restoring light to Hyrule

In return she'd help him find his friends.

He beared her insults, bent over backwards

To help her overthrow the usurper king she had told him about.

The one who had taken over her realm with a previously unheard-of power.

"He will never be my king!" She had insisted, confident in herself.


He one day found that he had grown to like her personality.

Bubbly and fun. He found her sarcasm amusing.

Her advice proved to be useful. He began to enjoy

The time they spent together.

He would have never guessed

The burden the false king had put on her

As Ruler of the Twili.


He carried her weak, limp form

To the Princess of Hyrule

He didn't think of anything

Except for his dying friend.

She spoke his name for the first time

She told the princess of his fate

And she gave a last request


He wondered what the mirror she spoke of was

And he prayed that she would live to tell him

He watched in shock as the princess bestowed upon her

A gift that would make all the difference

She told him to stop her, but it was too late

The power of the goddesses now rested within

A Twili, a being whose ancestors were banished from Light


He was accepted by the Master Sword

The Blade of Evil's Bane

The curse was broken

He was released from his wolf form.

She asked him of a favor

And seemed almost shy, vulnerable

As he saw a different side to her


He agreed to go with her into the Twilight

As he stood upon the warm sands

The gold eyes met the blue

And she smiled, and knew that he understood

And would stick by her the whole way

They would face the challenges together

No matter what trials would lie ahead of them


He watched her as she gasped

When she saw the mirror's state.

As the sages told them of what had occurred,

He knew what he had to do.

She floated up next to him

And her eyes told him

She'd stick with him till the end


He learned of who she really was

And defeated the Usurper King.

But her true form did not return.

"The curse on you cannot be broken!"

They were told of a god that had been reborn

Into the world of light

Off they went, together, to save the other Princess.


He held her in his arms

After she was drained of her energy

By using the Fused Shadows

To destroy the wall of twilight

She smiled at him with adoration

She had never felt this way before.

They both looked up as rain fell from the heavens


He tried to stop her

As he realized what she was going to do

Summoning the Fused Shadows

She warped him and the Princess out of the castle

And gave him a sad smile

"It's time I did something for once," She proclaimed,

As the shadows floated about her head.


He appeared in a field outside the Castle,

Along with the Princess of the Light

And looked around with worry

For his companion was nowhere to be seen.

As the ornate building crumbled,

He saw the King of Evil in the distance

And his lost friend's headpiece crumbled in his hand.


He was filled with an anger

He had never felt before

This evil man had taken his friend away

His friend who gave selflessly

Would be avenged as he plunged

The sword into his center

Just like he had done with his heart


He had done it.

He had defeated the King of Evil

And yet, none of it was worth it

Until he saw a figure in the distance

Heart alight with hope he ran

And stopped as it rose to it's feet

There stood the Twilight Princess


He stared with awe

And when she spoke

A shocked smile spread across his face

The Twili imp he had grown to love survived

The curse was broken

She stood

Even more beautiful than she was before


He stood atop the sandy brick

In the Mirror Chamber

Spirits were as high as could be

He grinned at his friend

Who was the same as ever

She and the Princess spoke

And a tear slipped down her face


His grin faded.

Why was she crying?

Her tear floated towards the mirror

What was going on?

She hurried up the stairs

And turned around for one last look

That sad smile graced her lips


He heard the mirror crack

As the portal opened up

His heart raced as he

Realized what she had done

"No!" He shouted, but it was far too late

The Twilight Princess was indeed

Selfless to the end.


He tells himself, what's done is done

You can't dwell on the past

The Hero wills his heart to go on

But now when he sees gems of golden color

And hears a wolf howl in the night

He remembers her.




Part Two follows.