She was undeniably attracted to him

She, the Ruler of an entire realm, the princess

Infatuated with the farm boy, the goat herder

Ridiculous, isn't it?

She couldn't believe he was the Chosen Hero

With his pretty-boy looks and casual attitude

Of course he didn't choose the hero life


She rescued him from prison

And made him her slave

She'd help him find his friends

Just as long as he found her Shadows

She was impressed by his skill

With his sword, arrows, and aim.

He had some talent, to be sure.


She one day found that they had grown to be friends

With his likable personality

He now laughed at her jokes

They often made fun of each other

In the way that friends do

She was completely unprepared

For what awaited up ahead


She had refused to join the Usurper King

And now she lay, pale and faint

On her once-slave's back

She uttered his name for the first time

And clung to his soaked fur

"I must hold on just a little bit longer." She told herself

"For him."


She lay on the cold stone floor

Her vision slowly blurring

She told the Princess of Destiny

About what had to be done

For Hyrule, for both realms.

She prepared to say goodbye

She asked one last favor


She looked up at the princess

Who held her small hand

And suddenly filled her with life

She couldn't do this!

It wasn't right!

But what had been done was done

She vowed to be worthy of that gift.


She grasped his shoulder, and the gold eyes met the blue

As she asked him to help her


She felt so selfish

But the evil needed to be put to an end

He smiled and nodded

She smiled back.


She sat at the mirror's platform

Feeling as if all hopes had been lost

They were too late. It was broken.

They were told by the sages

Of a way to turn this around

She looked at him; he looked at her

They knew what they must do


She felt her heart pounding.

He gently reassured her.

They had been everywhere together

The mountains, the grove, the sky

"We'll do this together," He had said.

They faced the Usurper King, and

Together, they triumphed.


She looked at her imp-like form

Shocked at what she saw

The curse remained

Anger boiled in her blood

Using power she had not known she possessed

She put an end the Usurper

But it wasn't over yet.


She awoke in his arms

And looked up into his eyes

Which rivaled the stars of the night

It felt so perfect

So natural

They both looked up

As a light rain fell down on them


She put a hand on his shoulder

A silent token of appreciation

For the Hero had slain the beast

As the Princess of Hyrule was restored

She suddenly felt ashamed.

They realized the King of Evil still lurked

She knew what she must do


She held back the tears

And bid farewell to her friend

She warped him and the princess

Out of the way of harm

She gave him a sad smile

For she knew it might be last one

She would give


She let the forbidden power overcome her

To face the great evil

She would never give up

But it was too much

She blacked out

She heard the building crumble

She fell with the debris


She felt a warm light surround her

And opened up her eyes and stood tall

Finally returned to her true form

She smiled, and looked at her hero

But she knew this happiness she felt

Couldn't, wouldn't last

She pushed away the hurt


She let a tear slip down her face

She didn't try to hold it back

Gently, she took a hold of it

And watched it float towards the mirror

The portal opened, the steps appeared.

She looked back at her hero

One last time


She looked into his eyes

They were filled sadness

Silently pleading to her not to do this

Maybe he felt the same way as she did

But she'll never know

It could never be

They both know.


She looks around at her realm

It matches how she feels. Destroyed.

She falls to her knees in grief

And now when she sees gems of blue color

And hears a wolf howl in the night

She remembers him.




Well, I'm not quite sure where this came from, but I kinda like it. Hope you did too!