Chapter 19.

'Stanton!' Jaime called out as she went back into the office that they had all come out of. It didn't take long for her to find the man, he was in the back-room laboratory packing away his notes and all he would need. 'Running off without your prize?' Jaime asked as she grabbed him, using her bionic arm so he couldn't struggle free.

'They're out of control now Sommers, I have no way to stop them! They'll keep fighting until they believe the threat has ceased. They're just killing machines now, they can't differentiate between friend or foe, everyone is their enemy now. Your young friend is gone now, all she sees is red, the instinct now is just to kill, neutralise the threat.' Stanton explained as he tried to pull out of Jaime's grip.

'How could you do this to them?!' Jaime asked. 'You've made super soldiers, killers. That was never what the bionic project was intended for, but then, that's why you were ejected from it, and the OSI, isn't it?' Jaime asked, the truth finally revealing itself to her. 'Isn't it!?' Jaime shouted when Stanton didn't respond, spinning him around. As he opened his mouth to speak a gun shot fired, shocked, Jaime dropped Stanton to the floor. Where he fell, Jaime watched a pool of blood begin to emerge under him.

'He was a mad scientist, now of no use to anyone.' Dennis said as he stepped further in to the lab. 'He's done all we need from him now.' Dennis said holding his aim on Jaime. 'Now we just have to stop those two out there.'

'And how do you intend to do that? You must have heard him, there is no way to stop them now.' Jaime said raising her arms in surrender to Dennis.

'You must have the device Wells used back at the OSI building?' Dennis reasoned. 'Where is it?' Jaime kept her eyes on Dennis as she put her hand in her jeans pocket to remove the small device.

'Rudy said it may not even work, there's no guarantee. Then what will you do?' She asked, the device clasped in her hand, still in her pocket.

'I'm sure you'll come up with something, that's why you're so good isn't it?' Dennis smirked as he motioned for Jaime to start heading out of the office. As they walked out, they could both still hear the fight going on a flight below them. 'The stairs.' Dennis ordered nudging Jaime on with the barrel or his gun. Jaime moved on, looking across her shoulder to try and spot Jessie.

The fighting continued, neither one was backing down or giving an inch to the other. Both David and Jessie were sporting ripped clothes from the fight, and from being thrown around by each other so much, they shared similar looking cuts and bruises across their bodies, those that were visible at least.

'I hope you're ready to get close to your friend down there.' Dennis remarked as he followed after Jaime. Jaime said nothing as she continued her way on towards the fighting, all the while wracking her brain, trying to think of a way to stop the fighting and get both her and Jessie out alive.

All Jessie could see was an enemy, an extreme threat one that had to be stopped, neutralised. David was the same, there was no emotion with their assaults upon one another.

'All right Sommers, let's see you and that device in action. Shut them down.' Dennis ordered. Jaime look ahead to the fighters, they were oblivious to anyone else approaching, only what was right in front of them. Jaime carefully moved in closer to the pair, David had his back to her, Jessie in front of him. Just as Jaime got close enough to be seen, Jessie moved in quickly, grabbing a hold of David she threw him to one side and behind Jaime. Jaime quickly ducked and dodged the bionic man as he hurtled towards her, landing, what Jaime would have thought, painfully in to a tower of metal barrels, stacked to one side of an office.

'Jess…' Jaime called to her friend as she approached. 'Jess, it's me, it's Jaime, I need you to look at me, focus on my voice. Jess I need you to stop fighting, please. Stop.' Jaime calmly said as Jessie began to stalk forward towards Jaime and David. 'Jess please, please you have to listen to me.' Jessie didn't even acknowledge Jaime as she got closer to her. Jaime stepped out into Jessie's path, trying to force her to pay attention to her. Not paying attention to her surroundings, Jaime was barely able to react in time as David grabbed her left shoulder from behind and threw her to one side so he could attack Jessie again. Jaime went with the fall, tucking herself in and tumbling safely to a stop. 'Fine.' She said determined. 'You want it that way, fine.' Jaime stood again, the small disrupter device again in her hand.

'You'd best hurry Sommers, or I'll use a more permanent way to stop them, and we'll just harvest them instead.' Dennis threatened from a safe distance as he watched what was happening. Jaime did her best to ignore him, if she let him into her thoughts, they'd all be lost.

'Cool, calm and collected Sommers.' Jaime muttered to herself as she approached David and Jaime. 'Alright you two, if you won't stop by yourselves, then I pray Rudy is wrong and this works.' Jaime said as she lifted her hand holding the small device, once level with the fighting bionic man and woman she pushed the button on the device. Nothing seemed to happen, Jaime continued to push the button, over and over, hoping for something to happen and happen quickly as the fighting escalated. Jaime watched as David wrapped his arms around Jessie's waist, picking her up he began to tighten his grip around her, squeezing her. Jessie screamed out in pain and frustration, again Jaime pushed the button. David leant back, taking Jessie with him and then threw her across the walkway, Jaime watched on as Jessie landed and tumbled to a stop, not moving to get up afterwards.

'It's not working Sommers, your little device.' David said as he stood watching for Jessie to move, not turning to face Jaime. 'Sure, I can feel a hum, something trying to break through, but it's not working.' David said, almost laughter in his tone. 'First, I'll finish her off, then you.'

'David, stop please just stop. Let me and the OSI help you, we can help you!' Jaime called out. 'You want the traitors who did this to you, who killed your team?' Jaime asked, then continued as David slowly stalked over to Jessie. 'You want that and I can help you get that, with Oscar Goldman and Rudy Wells and the rest of the OSI, not this bogus group that has you fighting your own people. Please just stop and we will help.'

David stopped as he reached Jessie's side, he looked down to her and then over to Jaime.

'I don't think so Sommers, I don't want anything to do with anyone of you. I just want to finish this traitor off and then I'm gone.' David explained as he reached down for Jessie.

'David no, please…' Jaime began and was cut off when Jessie moved more quickly than David, spinning herself around whilst down and kicking David in his chest, sending him flying through the air and landing harshly on the platform across the way from Jessie. 'Jessie! Jess, say you're back with me now.' Jaime said as she started toward her friend. Jessie looked towards Jaime, her eyes clouded with a darkness that continued to disturb Jaime. 'Jess please, come on kid, come back to me and let's get these two and get the hell out of here.' Jaime said quietly and calmly. Jessie started to walk towards the older bionic woman, Jaime could see the damage done to her friend and was amazed she was still standing. 'That's it Jess come on, we can get out of here, together.' Jessie stopped, looking across to where David was beginning to stir. 'Jess, come on now. Look I have the device Rudy gave us, it's obviously starting to work, look.' Jaime said, drawing Jessie's attention back to her. Both women approached each other at the same time, Jaime's hand with the device on it, outstretched to Jessie.

'Sommers! What are you doing?!' Dennis shouted out as he took aim at Jaime. Jaime ignored him, continuing to hold her eyes on her friend.

'It's working Jess, now just help it by coming back the rest of the way yourself.' Jaime prompted. Jessie looked up to Jaime and then to the hand stretched out holding the device. Taking it from Jaime, Jess held the small device looking it over, still not uttering a word. Just as she was about to speak David, at full bionic speed, smashed into her throwing her over the barrier they were on. 'Jessica!' Jaime called out to her friend looking after her. With the speed and force that David was moving at, he had thrown Jessie clear across to the platform opposite and through the office building wall that stood there.

Jaime turned, her bionics kicking in, her intentions to run to Jessie's side, she was halted by David who grabbed her by the throat, picking her up off of her feet holding her in the air.

'You either stay out of this Sommers or I will kill you.' David threatened as he dropped Jaime again. Jaime fell to the harsh landing metal walkway, coughing and gasping for air as David walked passed her. Gunshots fired next.

'Stop!' Malcolm Dennis shouted to David as he continued on to complete his task at hand, killing Jessie. 'I order you to stop!' Dennis shouted as he levelled his gun at David's chest.

'You order me?' David laughed looking to Dennis and his gun.

'Dennis, get out of there!' Jaime managed to call out in warning, before starting to cough again and pick herself up from where she had landed.

'Yes, order you. I am your superior, you will obey.' Dennis demanded.

'I have no superior, and certainly not one that holds a gun on me whilst barking orders around.' David said as he lowered his head slightly, looking at Dennis from under his eyebrows, a dark evil look crossing his face. Malcolm Dennis could see what was about to happen, he held his gun firmer aimed at David, before he could even draw another breath, David had rushed at him with bionic speed. David ran into Dennis grabbing him by the throat with one hand, stopping a few feet away from where they had started. Dennis grabbed onto David's arm trying to pull and yank out of his grasp, to no avail. 'Try ordering me again now.' David said coldly as he held Dennis up higher, still Dennis struggled in David's grip to get free. 'What, no words, no orders?' David toyed. 'And what about this?' David asked as he held up Dennis's gun. Dennis's eyes went wide as he saw the weapon, he began to choke and splutter. 'Oh, be quiet!' David yelled as he snapped Malcolm Dennis's neck. Malcolm's body was instantly lifeless. David, whilst still holding him up, took Dennis to the side railing of the platform they were on, dangled Dennis over the side and released him.

'No!' Jaime screamed out as she watched on in horror, unable to stop or do anything to save Dennis from his fate. 'David, please stop this. The people you wanted so badly are now dead, please stop now.' Jaime called out as she headed towards him.

'Leave now Miss Sommers and I'll let you live.' David called back.

'You know I can't do that, not whilst Jessie and you are still here and still trying to kill each other.' Jaime explained. 'There is help for both of you, you just have to trust me David.'

'Trust you? I don't even know you Sommers, I have no trust in you.'

'But you had trust in the OSI and your team?' Jaime said trying to get to David's rational side.

'One wasn't real and betrayed me, the rest are dead and the last of the them, the traitor, I'm about to finish.' David said back, not backing down.

'I won't let you do that David.' Jaime sternly retorted.

'The choice is no longer yours Sommers.' David said as he raised the gun he had taken from Dennis and fired.