Just A short Fic to pass the time

Just A short Fic to pass the time


Suigetsu leaned against the wall, his arms crossed. "This place reeks" Suigetsu moaned, "Can't we just take em' somewhere else?"

Surprisingly, Suigetsu was right. The four members of "Eagle" currently resided in some sort of Ware House, which used to store all sorts of fish, and animals. And since the warehouse had been abandoned, the stench of dead animals floated all around the place.

Juugo, who stood directly over the body, shook his head no. He remained over the body, standing very still and calm. "Aw, come on! I can barely breathe in this dump!" Suigetsu shouted.

He received a mortifying glare from Karin who kneeled next to the body, examining it with grace. "Won't you just shut up Suigetsu?!' She yelled, "Juugo is right! We can't move him, he's barely alive as it is!"

Suigetsu moaned as he began to examine the body himself. What the three of them were looking at was their leader, Sasuke Uchiha. His face was cut deeply, as scratches and bruises were spread out all over his bare body.

"Damn, and I didn't like his face to begin with" Suigetsu snickered. Both Juugo and Karin shot their heads up at him, obviously annoyed with him.

"Tough crowd" He grumbled, almost inaudible.

For the first time, Suigetsu thought it might be a good idea to shut up. He turned his head away from the beat up leader, and fell into deep thought about everything that happened.

Suigetsu pounced on a large branch protruding from a great tree. Beneath him lies a pathway in which villagers and officials traveled along. He leaped ahead another tree and looked across the path as Juugo stood sideways on a large trunk, he looked rather calm, for now.

Suigetsu turned around as he heard rustling of leaves. Sasuke Uchiha leaped along, with Karin faithfully by his side. Suigetsu looked back down on the dirt path, and then turned his glance back towards Sasuke.

"Shouldn't these guys be coming along this path right about now?" Suigetsu asked impatiently. Karin glared in his direction," Be patient, you arrogant-" Sasuke cut her off," He's right Karin, they should be here any second"

Sasuke looked away as Suigetsu stuck his tongue out at Karin like a little child. Karin proceeded to pout as Sasuke jumped across the path towards Juugo.

Suigetsu looked towards Karin, "Well, I would stay and chat but… You're a complete bitch!" He shouted as he leaped towards the Uchiha, who stood on the branch above Juugo, who remained sideways.

"You two are obscenely childish" Juugo muttered as Suigetsu landed next to Sasuke. Suigetsu moaned as he attempted to blame Karin for their childish behavior, "She started it!" He pouted.

Sasuke reached over towards Suigetsu covering Suigetsu's mouth with his hand. Suigetsu shouted muffled curse words as Juugo told him quietly to shut up.

Juugo pointed towards a carriage slowly pacing itself as it came down the dirt path.

The sun was just setting as the black carriage traveled along. "They seem to be heavily armed" Juugo muttered as he examined the carriage further. It was lead by four brown horses, steered by a heavily armed man. Sitting beside him was a shinobi armed with a short sword slung over his shoulder, and several throwing tools set in a pouch secured around his waist.

Sasuke released his grip of Suigetsu's mouth. Sasuke turned his attention towards Karin who kneeled on a branch across from them. Karin turned towards Sasuke as Sasuke nodded to her.

Karin nodded back as she reached into a pouch strapped around her thigh and pulled out three kunai, one slid between each of her fingers.

She quickly threw them in front of the carriage. The horses took notice as they immediately came to a halt.

You could hear shouting from the carriage…

"Why have we stopped?!" Came a voice from inside the carriage, his tone full of urgency.

"Is that his voice?" Juugo asked, his arms crossed.

"Yes" Sasuke said.

The ninja that sat next to the carriage driver leaped from his seat to examine what had happened. He walked in front of the horses, as he squinted towards the kunai. He took a few steps closer.

"Fool" Juugo said out loud.

"Exploding notes!" The ninja yelled as he began his pivot to turn around. The notes ignited as a large explosion took place, leaving the ninja in a fiery death.

The four teammates leaped from their positions and down towards the carriage, where most of the horses lay dead. Suigetsu walked towards the carriage that sat on its side. He examined the body of the carriage driver that sat in a bloody mess.

"Is he still alive?" Karin asked following closely behind Suigetsu.

"Beats me" Suigetsu responded as he took Zabuza's sword from behind his back and raised the blades end over the mans neck, Suigetsu immediately dropped the sword. The weight and power of the blade dropped through the carriage driver's neck like a knife through butter.

"That's one way of figuring it out" Juugo said admiring Suigetsu's work.

The sun was now completely set, as the group proceeded on to check the carriage. Sasuke turned to Karin, "Can you sense any levels of chakra coming from inside?"

Karin focused in on the carriage. She noticed no signs of life coming from inside. Karin looked back towards Sasuke as she shook her head no.

"Very well" The Uchiha said as he proceeded towards the tipped carriage. Sasuke leaped on top of it and opened the carriage door towards the sky.

There was nothing inside except a…

"Shit!" Sasuke yelled as a mild explosion erupted from inside.

"A dud?!" Suigetsu yelled as he rushed towards Sasuke. Suigetsu jumped on top of the carriage where Sasuke lay, practically lifeless.

"Karin! Get the hell over here!" He shouted. Karin rushed over as Suigetsu slowly lifted Sasuke over his shoulder.

"We need to bring him somewhere safe!" Karin yelled a great amount of worry in her voice. "Juugo you carry him, he's too heavy for me to carry both him and this God Damn sword!"

Juugo nodded as he proceeded towards them, lifting Sasuke from Suigetsu's shoulder.

"Follow me!" Karin shouted, "I noticed an old warehouse on our way here" The boys nodded as they rushed behind Karin, worry resided in each of them.