Time for chapter two!

Suigetsu ran along behind Karin, as Juugo followed closely behind Suigetsu. 'How were we so easily fooled?' Suigetsu kept asking himself. They ran along the tree line through out the night. What ever happened to the guy inside the carriage?

"Stop" Karin whispered, "There has been a chakra level following us for a short amount of time now."

Juugo nodded at Suigetsu. "Karin," Juugo started as he began pacing towards her, "Look after Sasuke for a while" Juugo grabbed Sasuke and placed him gently down on a wide branch where Karin could take gentile care of him.

Suigetsu and Juugo split up in the forest attempting to close in on their stalker. They ran across the tree line for a short period of time, the darkness engulfed most of the forest.

"Damn, It's gonna be hard to spot him" Suigetsu grumbled. He ran along the tree line a while longer. He stopped dead in his tracks; he slid across a branch and came to a complete halt.

He heard footsteps, going in the direction in which they came. Suigetsu quickly went after him. The branches he was following were staggered and were hard to follow. 'This guy must have keen foot work' Suigetsu pondered as he moved ahead.

Suigetsu focused in on placing his feet right, these branches were thin and needed exact foot placement. He ran on for some time they were almost where Karin and Sasuke were.

He knew that he couldn't let this guy get to them. He picked up the pace and proceeded forward.

Screams were heard up ahead. Suigetsu grunted as he moved forward. He got to them he knew it. Juugo appeared next to Suigetsu. "They're screwed" Suigetsu said as they moved forward together. Juugo kept his eyes ahead as they approached Karin.

They came to a gradual halt as Karin and Sasuke both lay unconscious. "What did that guy do to them?!" Juugo yelled. 'Oh shit, oh shitty shit' Suigetsu thought as the curse marks began to erupt from Juugo.

A small cough came from the bodies. "Juugo" Came Sasuke's voice," Settle…Down, we'll be alright" He coughed ferociously, " Karin is fine, just knocked out, that guy, he did something to me though." Sasuke, with what little energy he had lifted up his shirt.

In the dead center of his chest resided a large black mark it looked as though a black cloud had been imprinted on his chest.

"It's… Some sort of poison…Wake up Karin, get to the ware house" Sasuke then fell unconscious. " How d'ya suppose we get her up?" Suigetsu asked as he turned his attention to Juugo.

'However you feel necessary…" Juugo responded faintly. Suigetsu snickered as he kneeled down next to her… and began slapping her across the face.

A few minutes and bruises later Karin woke up. Juugo told her what Sasuke had said, she nodded and led them to the warehouse.

"We need to get some sort of medicine," Karin said as she examined Sasuke's chest. Suigetsu held his head up," How the hell are we suppose to get that?! We're wanted in just about every country!"

Juugo nodded in agreement with him. Karin soon fell silent as she held her head in her hands. "I wasn't strong enough to protect him… I am too weak, I'm useless," She cried silently to herself.

A look of concern spread across Suigetsu's face… 'Wait, why the hell am I feeling sorry for her?' A strange look came across Suigetsu's face. A confused look… Could it be? Did Suigetsu… care for Karin?

'No way…' Suigetsu thought to himself. "Juugo, c-can you look after him for a while?" Karin asked as she stood up. She was wide eyed, she looked hopeless. A frown came across Juugo's face as he nodded his head.

Karin turned around and headed out of the warehouse. She walked slowly, she seemed scared. Suigetsu felt that he should do something. 'Jeez, where did these feelings come from?' He thought confused.

Karin had left the warehouse as Suigetsu started after her. Not only did he want to comfort her, he wanted to get away from this putrid stench.

"Suigetsu," Juugo said looking up towards him," Try not to be a complete ass-hole" Suigetsu smirked as he continued on out of the warehouse.

He exited. It was morning now, the sun had just risen and there was a rather strong breeze. Suigetsu's hair flew in front of his face. "How bothersome" he grumbled as he began looking for Karin.

A lake, thus explaining the large surplus of dead fish, was located behind the warehouse… "She's probably down by the docks" He thought out loud. Suigetsu shoved his hands in his pockets, the breeze was chilling him to the bone.

At the end of the dock stood Karin. He wandered how she could stand this breeze in her short-shorts and belly shirt. 'Eh, She looks good in it though' He thought to himself. He began walking towards her. She remained oblivious to his appearance. 'I suppose she thinks I'm the last person that would come to see her' He thought. Suigetsu stepped heavier on the deck , hoping to catch her eye.

Karin jumped, then slowly turned around. Suigetsu felt astonished inside. Her face was covered in tears.

"What do you want?" She said defensively. Suigetsu felt bad that she resented him that much. 'I suppose I made it that way' He thought sadly. "Listen," He started as he took a few steps closer to her.

"I'm not here to make you feel bad, or insult you, I came to see how you were doing, to… comfort you" Even if Suigetsu did have feelings for her, it still pained him to say that.

"What can you do?" She said still in a defensive tone. "Can you fix my mistakes? Can you help the fact that I AM a mistake?!" Tears came down her face faster and harder.

This tore Suigetsu up inside. He walked up to her so that they were face to face. "Listen, it's not your fault" He said softly, "Juugo and I should've been there to help… If anything, it's our fault."

The tears came less frequent now. "Wow, I didn't know you had a heart" Karin said, looking him in the eyes.

"Well, I guess this is a first…" He said looking down. Karin giggled. Suigetsu's face looked back up. Karin was smiling.

There remained remnants of teardrops on her cheeks. Suigetsu, hesitant at first reached both of his hands up and wiped the tears off her face. Karin smiled, "Thank you so much, Suigetsu"

Suigetsu smiled as he leaned into her. She leaned towards him.

Their lips locked for a long time as they held one another. They let go for an instant, only for Suigetsu to say, "Karin, I think… No… I do… I love you"

She smiled wide as they leaned into each other yet again. Not giving a care about Sasuke.

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