Original story Two Years Later then the sequel Our Love Is Strong and the Third and final instalment Hopeful For You

Original story Two Years Later then the sequel Our Love Is Strong and the Third and final installment Hopeful for You

Hey everyone thanks so much for all the reviews for Our Love Is Strong It was sad to end it but I'm here with an all new story it's the third story and the final one so after this story it is done I will not continue and I wont make a forth one. If any of you are just tuning in and you want to read this story then you should read Two Years Later First then read Our Love Is Strong and then you can read Hopeful For You because this is the third instilment for these story's, and the last. Most of you wanted Sharpay to have a girl so she will I know a lot of girls in this story lol. Also when I am done with Right beside me my next story I will end up writing in People Can Change most of you wanted me to do it first so I will. Anyways enjoy this summary and I hope you review and tell me what you think thanks for all your time and reading my story's it means a lot to me.

Hopeful for you


Five Years have passed, Troy's an LA Laker, Gabriella is a Doctor, there Kids are growing up, Jake's in Prison, Everything seemed to be perfect, but what will happen when strange things start happening to them getting weird letters, Phone Call hang ups. What they didn't know was this person was someone they new very well. What will happen read and review to find out? Troyella, Chaylor, Zekepay.

Well there you have it I know it was a short summary but I didn't want to give too much away. I got some questions to ask you all. First off please please please read and review I love hearing from all of you. And Reviews mean a lot to me.


Sharpay is going to have a girl what should her name be

Should the whole gang get weird letters and phone calls and let them be more in the story.

That's it for now and again please read and review it will mean a lot to me. Thanks you.

Love You Guys,

Samie :)