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Chapter 18 10 years later

Ten years have passed Troy got out of his depression he was now 37 years old Gabriella was 36. Their kids were growing up Emma was 15 years old a freshman in high school book smart like Gabriella. Emma was dating Ryan and Stacy's son James. Zac and Vanessa were both 14 and were in the 8th grade Zac had a thing for Chad and Taylor's daughter Monique. Vanessa had a crush on Tyler he was in the 6th grade. They were all pretty good friends. Sharpays daughter Katelyn was in Zac, Vanessa and Monique's grade. Troy JR was 10 he was in the 4th grade. TJ new about him being adopted he kept in touch with Maggie but he loved where he was he had a great mother and father that loved him dearly and had 2 older sisters and an older brother looking out after him. Troy was still the head coach of the LA Lakers Chad still was on the team but he was getting older so he and Troy will be co-coaches the following season. Troy was pacing back and forth on the court because his team was in the championship game. Troy's leg was still damaged from the stab wound years ago but it had gotten better he still limped once in a while. Troy's whole family and friends were at the game cheering on the Lakers to win the game. There was only a couple seconds left of the game when he called a time out.

"Ok guys huddle in." Troy said Chad and the rest of the team formed a cirycle looking at Troy.

"There's only seconds left on the clock we are up by 2 that doesn't mean anything they could get the upper hand. Win or lose I will be proud of each and every one of you, do the best you can. I will be happy either way, now on the count of three let's go Lakers ok." Troy said looking at his team.

"One two three Lakers!" the whole team said and walked back onto the court. Chad had the ball and passed it to a team member and took the shot and made it they were leading by 4 now. As the last couple minutes passed the buzzer rang and the Lakers won by 6 points 96 to 90. Troy Chad and the team jumped up and down and yelled because they won the championship the first time in years. After they celebrated out on the court they got into the locker room and got washed up. Getting ready to head over to Troy's house to celebrate.

"Party at my house it's time to celebrate." Troy said all the guys cheered. Troy and Chad walked out of the locker room and headed out to meet there families. Troy saw Gabriella and his kids and smiled at them and hugged Gabriella. Gabriella wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips.

"Congrats Wildcat you did great out there." Gabriella said while Troy pulled her closer to him their heads together. Troy sighed wish he could have been out on the court with Chad and his team just like old times.

"I would have been a lot better if I was out on the court with them but I am just happy I got to experience it. Besides this team haven't won a championship game since the last time I was on the team." Troy said and kissed Gabriella's cheek. He saw Emma and James about to kiss when he interrupted them.

"Hey you guys not when I'm here ok, I know your old enough to date Emma but I don't want you to get hurt." Troy said getting protective of his daughter.

"dad we had the sex talk already, I know you don't want me to get hurt and I love you for that but you know James is a nice guy you are his uncle anyways he's family." Emma said looking at Troy. Troy knew that Emma was right he just couldn't believe his first born was growing up. Emma looked mostly like her mother with the tanned skin and long black curly hair the only thing she had were the Beautiful blue eyes like her fathers.

"Your right Em, James you are a nice guy and I love you like a son, but if you ever hurt her I will hunt you down. Got it." Troy said sternly. Gabriella laughed along with everyone else but felt sorry for James because it looked like he was scared out of his mind.

"Um... yes Troy I will never hurt your daughter I love her." James said but froze when he said he loved Emma because they never said that to each other yet. Everyone gasped Gabriella putting her hand over her mouth, Troy's eyes wide and everyone else looking in awe. Emma whipped her head over to James and got this big grin on her face.

"You love me" James nodded his head nervously Emma smiled again and captured her lips with his and pulled away. "I love you too James." Emma said and everyone awed at their cuteness. Troy looked at the both of them and thought that Emma and James were the younger version of themselves when they were teenagers. Troy pulled Gabriella closer to him and whispered in her ear.

"They remind me of us when we were teenagers when we were in high school. Gabriella shivered having Troy's lips close to her ear. It was a great night because she also had something to say to Troy tonight when they got back to the house.

"They do, I'm glad all those years ago I came back to you we made four wonderful children." Gabriella said looking at Troy. Troy smiled and kissed the top of her head.

"I totally agree with you, we have good genes in the family." Troy said Gabriella giggled. They all headed to their cars and went to their house to celebrate.

Troy Gabriella and the rest of their friends and family were at their house celebrating there win. Enjoying their time together. The pap's were trying to get pictures from outside but couldn't because years have passed Troy and Gabriella built a huge wall high enough so the pap's wouldn't get pictures only when they left the house or came back from the house from being out. Vanessa and Zac along with Monique and Tyler were in the water playing some water games having a fun time. While TJ was standing next to his father. Watching him talk to Chad and another teammate. He was so much into Basketball he basically ate and slept in basketball ever since Zac and Troy taut him how to play he wanted to be just like his father and end up in the NBA along with Zac.

"Uncle Chad that last shot you took was awesome I thought it was the coolest shot you took." TJ said Chad just loved TJ he was so much like his father.

"I'm glad you liked it sport." Chad said and ruffled his hair even though there kids were getting older they still liked to call them by their nicknames and ruffle their hair and stuff.

"I can't wait to get older like dad and be just like him, I'm going to be the best basketball player out there alongside my dad and you." TJ said. Gabriella walked up with Maggie. Troy invited Maggie along with her new husband she was 6 months pregnant. Maggie did have a relationship with TJ but Troy Jr still called Troy and Gabriella his parents.

"Hey Maggie how are you doing today thanks for coming." Troy said hugging Maggie then shaking her husband's hand.

"I'm great I feel big though, and I'm hungry all the time I feel like a big balloon." Maggie said and laughed Troy and Gabriella both laughed too.

"You look good Maggie."Gabriella said. Troy Jr looked at Maggie and smiled at her. Maggie did the same. TJ called Maggie her aunt Maggie even though he knew this was his real mother.

"Yeah moms right you do look good Aunt Maggie. Come on let's go and talk with my brother and sisters." Troy Jr said and took Maggie's hand in his and led the way. Maggie's husband Kurt smiled at Troy and Gabriella and left with Maggie and TJ. Troy wrapped his arms around Gabriella having her back facing his front side resting his hands on her stomach.

"I love you so much you know that." Troy whispered in Gabriella's ear making her shiver again for the second time that day, she still couldn't wait to tell Troy the news she had been keeping him the last couple hours and she thought this was the right time to tell him but was interrupted by Zac who ran up to them looking mad.

"Mom, dad Vanessa keeps bugging me about Monique." Zac said Zac looked so much like Troy when Troy was younger. Zac also loved basketball he wanted to be the first freshman ever to get on the varsity basketball team.

"Do you keep bugging her about Tyler?" Gabriella said Zac looked guilty then nodded his head.

"Yeah I do but Vanessa has admitted to liking Tyler ever since he was two years old I never said I liked Monique." Zac said when Vanessa came walking over.

"you don't say it but I know you like Monique in class I see you looking at her with loving eyes, she likes you too she told me herself so why don't you ask her out I'm sure she will say yes my twin." Vanessa said. Vanessa looked so much like her mom.

"I don't like her in that way so stop acting like you know what I'm thinking." Zac said getting angry. Zac had Troy's short temper.

"Ok you too stop the fighting and just enjoy the night and I got to agree with Vanessa on this one you so like Monique, no worries champ I was the same way at first when I met your mom. We were actually best friends before we started dating." Troy said looking at Zac Vanessa getting a big grin on her face. Vanessa was a total daddy's little girl still.

"Thank you daddy and I love when you tell the story on how you guys met; I think it's so romantic." Vanessa said.

"we like telling the story to our kids, anyway we should head back to the party its almost super time were having brats and hamburgers your uncle Chad and Grandfather are cooking them go and grab some we will be right over." Troy said Zac and Vanessa walked over while Vanessa nudged Zac playfully near Monique. Troy and Gabriella smiled at their Children.

Gabriella and Troy were in the kitchen of their house getting more food out for their friends and family. Gabriella was getting excited to tell the news to Troy and she thought it was the perfect time to tell him because she wanted to tell everyone while they were out there. She put the food down and looked at Troy. Troy looked at Gabriella and knew something was up.

"What's wrong Baby." Troy said looking at Gabriella. Gabriella smiled.

"Nothings wrong, I actually wanted to tell you something I found out today. You know the last couple of days I got really hungry and had cravings and felt a little tired, well I went to the store the other day and I got a pregnancy test because I was late for my period." Gabriella couldn't continue because Troy got the hint and got a huge smile on his face.

"You're pregnant Gabs." Gabriella nodded. Troy wrapped his arms around Gabriella and spun her around and set her down and put his lips onto hers with so much love and passion he could give her. Gabriella did the same. She knew this was right they always said they wanted to have five children even though Gabriella was 36 and Troy was 37 and their kids were growing up. They did try to have one a few years ago but Gabriella miscarried it was a tough couple of months for the both of them losing a baby but Troy was there for Gabriella the whole time just like Gabriella was there for Troy with the whole Jake thing. So this was a blessing that they were going to have another baby.

"This is so great Gabriella, what are you going to do with work, keep working until 8 months or what." Troy said. Gabriella was still a doctor she loved her job. Emma was into the medical stuff she wanted to be like her mom and become a doctor.

"I was actually thinking of working until maybe my 6th month mark I don't want to overdue myself and endanger the baby." Gabriella said Troy leaned his forehead to Gabriella's and kissed her nose witch made Gabriella giggle.

"That's fine as long as you and the baby are safe and sound I'm good with that. Then we both can spend time with our kids more since basketball season is done and we got a lot of money a couple months off of work won't hurt us besides I will be promoting and going on talk shows with us winning the championship game." Troy said.

"Were set for life Troy I'm not worried. I can't believe I'm going to be a mother again." Gabriella said smiled. Troy leaned closer to Gabriella and put his hand on her face and crests it.

"I can't believe I'm going to be a father again, he or she is going to be lucky to have four brothers and sisters and parents, and we are going to do great in raising him." Troy said.

"What makes you think this is a boy this could be a girl you know." Gabriella said taking her hand in Troy's and put it on her stomach for him to touch.

"Well whatever it is I'm happy either way as long as you're healthy along with the baby." Troy said rubbing Gabriella's stomach.

"I love you so much Troy." Gabriella said kissing Troy on the cheek then put her head on his chest while she hugged him.

"I love you so much too, always and forever." Troy said his trademark line which made Gabriella love him more.

"Ok let's get this food out there before they get too hungry and start complaning you know how Chad gets." Gabriella laughed Troy laughed too because if Chad didn't get food in him he gets very grumpy. They both grabbed the food and headed out setting the food on the table.

"You want to tell the family the big news today." Troy asked Gabriella.

"Yeah I just wanted you to know first because you are my husband and the love of my life." Gabriella said Troy nodded his head. A little while later they all got there food and started to eat. Troy looked at Gabriella asking if it was time to tell them the news Gabriella shook her head knowing what Troy was thinking so they both got up from their seat and asked for everyone's attention.

"Can I have everyone's attention; we got something to tell all of you guys. So Gabs you can tell them the news." Troy said and some of them were wondering what they were going to say. Troy's mom and Gabriella's mom knew what they were going to say but wanted to hear it coming from Gabriella's mouth.

"Thanks Troy what we wanted to tell you guys is that I found out today that I am pregnant me and Troy are going to have another baby." Gabriella said excited because the next thing she knew all of her friends and family came up to both Troy and Gabriella hugging them and telling there congratulations. Emma, Zac, Vanessa and Troy Jr all walked up to their parents and hugged them and got all excited.

"This is great mom and dad I'm going to be an older sister again, I'm totally free to babysit and I'm sure zac Vanessa and TJ will help out too." Emma said hugging them again.

"Yeah got that right." Zac said TJ nodded his head and Vanessa went to hug both their parents.

"I'm so happy we have made it through the best of times and the worst of times and I know that this is where I belong I'm so happy I came back here because I'm with my first love. I know where going to be just fine. I love you Troy." Gabriella said kissing Troy on the lips.

"I know we will be just fine and I love you too Gabs." Troy said hugging Gabriella close to him just feeling her in his arms was the best feeling ever. They were both right nothing was in there way of happiness. They went through troubles in the past but this time they were going to be more than ok because all that matter was the love they had for each other and their kids. There love would last forever.

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