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The inside of the tent was surprisingly warm, and also surprisingly lavish. Ianto assumed it must be done with some kind of alien technology, because he was sure it was bigger on the inside… There was a sitting room, with a table and chairs for eating and an elaborate arrangement of beanbags and cushions for reclining. The coffee machine was nestled into one corner with supplies for all of Ianto's favourite drinks. A complex sound system was integrated into the tent with a main control by the door, and it was now playing some kind of really, really old music. Smirking, Ianto made his way through to the bedroom compartment, and stopped in shock.

Jack had settled himself back on the bed. Yes, it was in fact a bed. A full, king sized bed of massive proportions with Egyptian cotton sheets and silk coverlets. It even had a head-board. Now Ianto was fully convinced of the alien properties of their accommodation. He gaped. The room was lit seductively in a kind of burnt orange glow. There were several storage boxes around, and one which suspiciously had a padlock on it... He would have to break into that later. There was a panel across the room which led into a shower. Yes, a real shower, over an actual bath. Throwing his earlier assumption that Jack had not deemed him fit for luxury hotels and pink champagne out of the window, Ianto turned his attention to the Captain himself.

Jack was reclining. He had kicked his muddy boots off at the door, and hung his greatcoat up on a convenient coat stand. He was lying back on the pillows with one hand behind his head, the other folded over his stomach, and a first class leer plastered over his face. Ianto took him in with a smile, and just as he was about to move to cover Jack's body with his own, the older man spoke up.

"You know, you almost look surprised to see this. You didn't honestly think I'd let you spend the night in a cold, damp tent?" He asked, getting up to come over and wind his arms around Ianto's waist. "I mean, you're far too good for that." He whispered into Ianto's neck, before kissing his way along his jaw line.

"The thought had crossed my mind." Ianto murmured, tilting his head so that Jack could nibble at his pulse point. "But you have dispelled all of my doubts quite spectacularly." He groaned as Jack sucked some skin into his mouth, marking it with a lovely purple bruise.

"Good." Jack purred. "Wouldn't want you having any inaccurate ideas of how this holiday is going to progress." Grinning, he swooped in to capture Ianto's lips in a soft kiss.

"I have a fairly good idea of how this evening is going to progress, at least." Ianto intoned, pressing closer and attacking Jack's mouth. Jack groaned in response and took control of the kiss, steering it somewhere far more steamy, as he turned them around and backed Ianto up to the bed. Still not breaking the kiss, he lowered them onto the mattress.

Ianto arched his back as Jack moved to remove his jumper. He hissed as Jack's hands made contact with his skin; they were cold! Jack merely smirked as he drew back for air before pulling the jumper over Ianto's head with one hand as the other pushed his T-Shirt up his chest. Once that too had been removed, Jack began the laborious task of seemingly coating every inch of Ianto's torso in kisses. Not that Ianto minded. He purred and writhed and occasionally giggled as Jack worked his mouth over the soft skin of his abdomen. When Ianto could no longer stand not toughing Jack in return, he rolled them so that Jack was on his back on the bed, with Ianto conveniently straddling him, a knee either side of his waist. Smirking, Ianto dropped his head to nuzzle at Jack's neck, and began to remove his many layers.

"Why do you insist on wearing so many clothes?" He growled, when he had shifted the waistcoat, braces and shirt and was faced with Jack's undershirt.

"To make you frustrated when you try to undress me of course…" Jack purred, arching his back so that Ianto could un-tuck the garment and immediately latch his mouth onto the skin it exposed near Jack's waistband. That earned him a sharp intake of breath before Jack continued, "Of course, if you don't like having to unwrap all the layers, we could always get someone else in and play pass the parcel." He grinned. "Ow!" He yelped as Ianto sank his teeth in.

"I don't play well with other children." Ianto growled, leaving a nice bruise at Jack's hip and working his way up his lover's chest, pushing the undershirt up as he went. "Don't like sharing."

"Ok, I get it." Jack murmured, helping Ianto discard the undershirt. "No threesomes with Gwen allowed." He laughed as Ianto pinched his bum a little too forcefully. "I'm kidding."

"You'd better be." Ianto grinned, surging forward to initiate another kiss, this one somewhat messy as both were focussing more on the removal of belts and the unzipping of trousers to really give it their full attention. When they pulled back for air, it was also to discard their trousers and underwear, and then to still for a moment to take in the sight of each other's bodies. They'd seen each other before, of course, but it was almost a ritual these days, when things were getting so dangerous, to check that there were no new war scars, no new blemishes to be soothed. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Jack pulled Ianto down to lie on top of him, sealing their lips in a more sensual kiss, and running his hands slowly up and down Ianto's back.

"You're on top." He observed, a small smile tugging at his mouth.

"I am indeed." Ianto grinned. "Was that supposed to be a hint, Captain? I'm afraid I didn't get it." Ianto pulled his 'sweet and innocent' face, and Jack laughed.

"Now, now, Ianto, don't play games with me. You know what I want." He leered, stretching up to bite at Ianto's lower lip gently.

"I'm afraid I never was very good at cryptic clues, Jack. You'll have to tell me what you want directly." Jack's eyes darkened.

"Are you asking me to talk dirty to you?" He purred.

"I'm asking you to tell me what you want." Ianto mumbled, flushing beautifully. "Do you want to talk dirty to me?" He leaned in to nip at Jack's earlobe and kiss his neck.

"I'm not sure. I do know I want you to get on with it and take me already." He smiled that sweet smile he used when he was getting impatient, and Ianto chuckled.

"All very well, Cariad, but where're the necessaries?" Jack nodded his head towards what was in fact a bedside table drawer, and again, Ianto marvelled at the lavishness of this tent as he leaned over to retrieve some lubricant. Not bothering to continue with the banter, knowing that Jack was as impatient as a two-year-old at the best of times, he simply opened the tube and squeezed out a generous amount.

"I hope you're going to warm that." Jack intoned as Ianto moved his hand between Jack's legs.

"What, after you froze me with your hands earlier? No chance lover." Ianto purred, with an evil smile, before pushing two fingers into Jack with no warning. Jack gasped and arched his back.

"Sonofabitch! That's freezing!" He whimpered, his hands making fists in the bed sheets. "Have I told you what a bastard you are and how much I love you?" He gasped again, letting out a low moan as Ianto began to move his hand.

"I think you have, yes." Ianto admitted with a grin. "Still, good to keep you on your toes, eh?" He smirked, pushing a third finger in with no warning.

"Fuck!" Jack groaned, throwing his head back. "Bastard. can't believe you got me with the same dirty trick twice." He moaned, writhing under Ianto's ministrations.

"You know you love it." Ianto replied, lowering his head to bite Jack's collarbone. "Done whining yet?" He asked, moving lower to trace his tongue over Jack's nipples.

"Yes." Jack panted. "Done. Now I want you inside me." Ianto smirked and arched an eyebrow.

"That desensitised?" He asked. "Cariad, I am inside you." To prove his point, he crooked his fingers, hitting Jack's prostate. Jack moaned loudly.

"Funny." He gasped. "Now replace your hand with your cock before I get really mad and start denying you coffee." He growled. Ianto laughed and did as he was told, lining himself up before thrusting gently into Jack.

"Mmmh." He sighed, pushing himself in all the way, then stilling for a few moments to adapt to the sensations.

"Fuck. Ianto. Please start moving soon or I'm gonna explode!" Jack moaned, and Ianto was all too eager to comply. Pulling back and leaning to kiss Jack messily, he began a steady rhythm, punctuated with gasps, moans and the occasional profanity. Jack writhed underneath him, bucking his hips in time and whispering such filthy things that Ianto wasn't sure he was aware of what he was saying. Still, he was not yet incoherent, which meant Ianto needed to step it up a gear. Picking up the pace, he gripped Jack's hips so hard he would leave bruises and moved his mouth the Jack's ear to whisper,

"Do you have any idea how good you feel around me?" He moaned as Jack scrabbled at his back, digging his nails in. "God, Jack, you're so hot, and tight, and… perfect." He gasped, feeling Jack's muscles begin to tighten below him, he slipped his hand between them to pump his straining erection in time with their lovemaking. "You're so beautiful right now, all mine." He growled, sucking Jack's lower lip into his mouth. "Go ahead and come for me, Cariad, I want to watch your face when you lose yourself."

That did it. Jack found eye contact, and with a moan bordering on pain, he shuddered around Ianto, muscles contracting, as Ianto rode out his own orgasm at the same time, before collapsing breathless on top of his lover and panting into the join of his neck and shoulder.

"Ngh. So good. Love you." Jack mumbled, pulling the covers over them and making them comfortable.

"Mmmh. Love you too. Maybe this holiday wont be so bad after all…" Ianto murmured, his eyes falling closed as he passed out, curled into Jack's body.