Avatar - Book 4: Air

Aang, the Avatar, has saved the world; the planet encompassing war, having lasted one hundred years, is over. After all this time the Four Nations are once more able to live in relative harmony, relative peace. Unfortunately, "relative" seems to be all it is. The last days of the war had been some of the most scarring for the lands, and for the people inhabiting them. The ending of the war was by no means a be all and end all to the pain left in its wake, and the deep-cut emotional scars that remained.

There is still a great deal of resentment held towards the Fire Nation by the Earth Kingdom and the Water Tribes even in light of the fact that the new Fire Lord ordered the Fire Nation military disbanded and a relief effort sanctioned. A large percentage of the Fire Nation population is all too happy to fan the flames of hatred rather than dousing them as the Avatar and the Fire Lord are trying so hard to do; pockets of violence began to pop back up even on the day of the war's official end, and so Avatar Aang was forced to go right to work again and begin mediating for the people.

Growing up so quickly is taking its toll on the young Avatar, and it's becoming all-too apparant that he has long since left his childhood behind; much to his distress. He takes all of his losses well, but as he feels himself drifting away from his friends and loosing the faith of the people all at once, will it all become too much for him?