3rd fanfic! Details - Hinata's Star Part 1 - Naruto / Hinata - Rated T for suggestive themes, blood, and mild language. Suggestive themes is a little kissing, so yeah.

-AN : Hinata is 18 and Naruto is 19, just to let you know. Also, I do not own naruto in any way, cause if I did, muwahahahaha! This is also my 3rd fanfic, and this took over 2 hours to type, since I'm on my DS Browser. Long story short, I email myself with the story and then upload it to fanfiction with my computer. Easy. Well, enjoy the story! I probably won't get the personalities right, but oh well.-

Hinata woke up in her bed and looked at her calendar. Her eyes went huge and she gasped."Naruto!" She screamed. But that was pretty much all that she ever said. She got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. She took off her underwear, which was the only thing she was wearing, and got inside of the shower. Once she got out she wrapped a towel around herself and went to find some clothes.

Steam came from the bathroom as she went back in and slipped into her usual ninja clothes, which were her favorite. There was a knock at the door and Hinata went to get it. "Hey Hinata! Today's the day!" Sakura told Hinata. Hinata just smiled and blushed. Sakura seemed not to recognize it and kept talking. "Last night I found a village that sells dresses! Come with me!" "Thank you Sakura." Hinata said.
They were jumping throught the forest to the village, and Sakura was carefully following the markers she had set up. The last time Hinata had worn a dress was when she was 5, playing dress up.

Once they got to the village, Sakura showed Hinata to the store and waited outside for her. An old lady came up to Hinata shortly after she entered the store. The place had red walls with hints of gold and soft grey carpet. The ceiling had only 5 lamps, which gave the room a nice effect. The lady smiled at Hinata. "You are here to buy a dress right?" "Yes." Hinata said as she followed the lady into the dressing room.

Meanwhile, Sakura was outside drawing pictures in the cool sand. She stood up and leaned against the building. "I wish Sasuke was here." She looked up at a nearly cloudless sky. She could've sworn she saw a streak of dark blue zoom across the sky. She decided it was just her imagination. She saw a cloud that looked like a thumbs up and remembered so long ago the promise Naruto had made:
"I'll find Sasuke, and I'll bring him back to you. I promise"
Sakura then realized that was never going to happen. Sasuke was never going to come back. She put her head in her arms and softly cried. Back at the village, Naruto was staring at the clouds with Choji, who was eating chips. Naruto saw a blue streak pass through a cloud. Naruto thought to himself ... "Could that be?" He stood up and looked at Choji. "Hey Choji. Once Hinata comes back, tell her I owe someone a favor and I'm leaving for a bit, okay?" Choji stared at his bag of chips for a couple seconds then looked back at Naruto and gave an approving nod. "Tell Neji he's in charge until I get back." And then Naruto was off.

"I like this one." Hinata said as she walked out of a changing room with a dress on. It was snow white, with baby blue laces at the waist, arms and wrists. "That will be 500!" The old lady said. Hinata looked surprised. "B... I don't have enough." Hinata said as she bowed her head. "I'm sorry dear, but dresses like that are very expensive. It's not like you are going to marry the Hokage!" A lightbulb went off in Hinata's head. "Um... I AM going to marry the Hokage." Hinata said with a big smile on her face. "Really? Then I am going to ask you some questions only the wife of the Hokage would know! What does he do before he goes to bed?" The old lady asked. "Naruto comes to my house and we cuddle next to my fireplace, and then he kisses me goodnight and leaves." Hinata said, blushing. The old ladie's eyebrows went up. "Impressing. Then what does he do right after he wakes up?" The lady asked. Hinata smiled, trying not to laugh. "He invites me over for his lunch break!" Hinata giggled. "Alright. You are very lucky, Mrs. Uzamaki! Hand over 100 and that dress is yours!" The old lady held out her hand as Hinata gave her 100. She had saved up 250. She went back into the changing room and started to get into her ninja outfit.

Sakura forced herself to look back up at the sky. An orange blur went flying through the air. Sakura knew that was Naruto, since she had seen him do that coutless times. "Wow. Naruto must have something really important to do." Hinata walked out of the store and was ready to get prepared.

Naruto landed at the edge of what looked like a mini crater. And in the middle... "Sasuke..." Naruto's heart was almost beating out of his chest while he was walking down to Sasuke. Once he finally got to him, he turned Sasuke over. His lip had blood pouring from it and from his mouth. "Naruto..."

Hinata and Sakura had got to the Hidden Leaf and Choji came running towards them. "Naruto went to do someone a favor. He seemed like he was in..." Choji stopped talking when Naruto landed in front of Sakura with a nearly dead Sasuke in his arms. Sakura fell to her knees and started to cry. "Sasuke!!" Hinata went to comfort her as Choji ran to find Lady Tsunade.
Choji burst into Tsunade's house and started to scream. "TSUNADE! WE FOUND SASUKE!" Tsunade came running out of her bedroom. "YOU WHAT"
Lady Tsunade was healing Sasuke as best as she could. "He should live. He just needs some rest for a couple of days. Who found him?" She asked. She knew who it was, she just wanted to double check. "I did!" Naruto said as he put his hand behind his head. "I thought so. I don't know about you, but I'm getting ready for the wedding." Tsunade ran back to her house and attemped to fix the door, but stopped soon and forgot about it. Naruto ran Sasuke to Sakura's house, with Sakura and Hinata following."Alright Sakura, where should I put this guy?" Naruto asked. "You can lay him down on my bed. I'll sleep on the couch." Naruto layed Sasuke carefully on Sakura's bed, gave Sakura a nod, then went home. Hinata went home after hugging Sakura.

3 hours went by very quickly. Hinata and Naruto arrived at the marriage. Naruto stood at the front of the grassy land, while Hinata walked to him with her dad. Hinata stood next to Naruto while the preacher talked away. "Naruto Uzamaki, do you take Hinata Hyuga to be your beloved wife, 'till death do you part?" Naruto smiled. "I do." "Hinata Hyuga, do you take Naruto Uzamaki to be your beloved husband, 'till death do you part?" Hinata giggled. "I do." "You may kiss the bride!" Naruto hugged Hinata softly, then slowly kissed her on the lips.

After the wedding, there was food. A LOT of food. But then there was half of it, since Choji ate the other half.

And all was well.

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