So this is it my friends, all my faithful readers, fans and critics! This is finally the end of Bridging the Gap!

As a final hurrah to all the readers and reviewers who have been watching this story over the last month (*cough* couple years *cough*), I present an Epilogue that gives you a glimpse into the life that Rory and Logan make for themselves and their growing family. Thank you to everyone who has read, reviewed, raved or razzed me about this story. And thank you too, to all of the fans who sent me PM's over the years asking me to "please, please, finally finish BtG!" If it weren't for your random proddings I might never have ended up finishing the story!

Remember everyone: I own nothing of the Gilmore Girls except my own plot lines, and invented characters. Everything else belongs to WB/CW and ASP!


Hi Mom!

You will never believe who I saw on University Avenue today... George Clooney! I am 100%, swear on the Gilmore Girls Handbook, telling the truth. I felt like a complete fool, mostly because inside I was squealing like a teenage girl, but it was so cool. He actually talked to us mom! He told Logan and I that we had the most gorgeous little girl that he'd ever seen. Logan of course kept his cool and thanked him but all I could do was smile like an idiot and nod my head. Logan has been laughing at me all night but swear to God, I'm still grinning like a fool!

I miss you. I know that you were just here, like a month ago, and that I just talked on the phone with you yesterday, but I miss you. And I know that you're practically dying without a steady fix of Ellie so I'm sending this memory card to you too. It's plum full of new pictures of your grand-baby, and me, and it's all yours! (There may even be a picture of Ellie and me with George!) I was just going to e-mail them to you, but then Logan pointed out that it would take forever for you to download them. So he copied them here for you and there you have it.

Tell Luke and Sookie hi from me. Tell them that I miss their cooking and Luke's coffee. Tell Patty that now I understand (trust me she'll get it!) and tell Babette and Morey that we're thinking of getting a kitten. Or maybe a dog. It's still in the discussion phase. Tell everyone that I miss them and that I love them and that I'll see them in a month when we're there for Grandpa's birthday.

I love you Mom!


So, yeah...

Thank you EVERYONE for all of your support for my writing! I owe many of you, if not all of you, for my sanity. Writing keeps me... even. Level. And after all of the craziness of the last few years - writing my book, raising three kids, running the house, making money and, you know, just living - it's nice to be able to relax and do some 'fun' writing! I hope you liked Bridging the Gap and that you'll check out my other stories - Road to Heaven (completed), When the Going Gets Tough (one-shot), Best is Yet to Come (WIP), and An Ending or a New Beginning (WIP).

Keep reading, keep having fun and keep coming back for more!