Battle of the Jacks.


K&K (not Kenan and Kei peoples, lol)

Summary: Two totally opposite boys become brothers. The only thing they had in common was their involvement with the guardians at Seiyo Academy... one the neat-freak genius, the other a laid-back jock. Follows a similar sitcom format; a Drake and Josh parody.


Kukai and his dad were at the Sanjou residence. Something big was about to happen.

"Ah, son," Mr. Souma began. "Just wait in the kitchen until I call you out." Kukai nodded and started to stare at a random mini-bonsai near the windowsill. Not that he wanted to, but the soon-to-be-heard sounds of smooching and love made him grimace. He would do anything to rid of it. Not that he minded, but it was just so strange that his single dad was so interested in this woman all of a sudden.

Soon after, the sound of the front door opening was heard. Kairi walked into the living room. "Afternoon, mother... and Mr. Souma..." He too grimaced. It's been a month since his parents divorced. Kairi decided to stay in his hometown with his mom, and his dad's whereabouts were unknown. But just one month later and boom. Just like that, Ms. Sanjou was into another guy, who was the total opposite of his dad; the guy he had always idolized. "This is chicken," Kairi said flatly after realizing that his mom and ...that guy ignored him. He took out a mini gong and sounded it. The couple jumped.

"Kairi!?" Just then, Kukai came out. "Was I called? anyone hurt?"

"No, no, Ku-kun," said Ms. Sanjou.

"Why are you addressing me that way!?" said Kukai.

"Why is this guy here?" asked Kairi.

The lovers had ridiculous smiles on their faces. "Kairi, get your sister."

"Nee-san!" Kairi yelled. The older girl came by with a sleepy expression. "Gosh, ever since I drove all the way here... NOW are they done sucking face yet?"

"We have some news..." Ms. Sanjou said.

"...You got me a new katana?" Kairi asked nervously, hoping that it wasn't what he thought it was. Kukai just grinned.

"Tell them," said Kukai. "Just get it over with."

Once upon a time, the world went upside down when the lovers blurted out the big news.


Kairi took a step back, pointing at the two individuals; two who were to become an item. "So... you guys are getting... m-m-ma...mar... -marri..."

"Yup!" Mrs. Sanjou said cheerfully. Mr. Souma added, "We're becoming one heck of a big family!"

"You... will be my... my stepfather?" Mr. Souma gave a hearty pat to Kairi that sent him forward.

"AND YOU! You're going to be my--"

"HUG ME BROTHA!" Kukai said, glomping the taller boy who was slightly raised off the ground.


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