Battle of the Jacks


Recap: Kukai is backstage, and the Guardians pay Danchou Gakuen a surprise visit.


The Guardians watched in awe as the jock, perfectly disguised as Princess Kanazuyi walked onto the stage, looking majestic but stiff. Hackie-sacks bounced. Amu looked into Kanazuyi's face. The facial structure and eyes... they are just too familiar. Kairi was just too embarrassed to associate himself with his brother from this point on. He looked away.

"Iinchou's staring..." Yaya said with a smirk.

"I'm not!" Kairi whispered back, slightly irritated. "But that's a guy up there, so it's pretty weird!"

A servant walked onto the stage, bowing down at Kanazuyi. "You look splendid, princess. So splendid that it is impossible to see you scarred in battle. Are you really to go against your papa's wishes?" Oh great, Kairi thought. This'll be interesting. Kukai was taught as much Kung-Fu in a night possible for an athletic human, but lacks the voice of a gir--

"I do not care about father's wishes for my well-being at the moment." Kanazuyi said in a composed, high pitched matter.

"Gyaa! That voice is lovely!" Yaya squealed. "Ne, Rima? Like a true lady!"

"The voice cracked a bit... but it's nice." Rima said, staring blankly and seeing through the wig of Kanazuyi.

Just then, a bunch of actors in ninja costumes approach the scene, surrounding Kanazuyi, who steps back in surprise, adjusting 'her' belt, pulling out an adjustable naginata.

"Well done, Setako," a ninja says to the servant.

"S-setako!? A traitor? You were always much like my sister..." Kukai flicked the wig away from his face, and a trace of his own hair shown through the wig.

"I wonder why that person looks familiar. Whatcha think, Iinchou?" Amu asks the Jack.

"Probably, but there's a very slim probability." Your face is too close! Not that this is unpleasant but... Just then, Kanazuyi looked toward the stage, seeing the interesting looking group with different uniform and his younger brother...

"A traitor as that of my younger- I mean, older brother," he continued as Kanazuyi. His girlish complex was diminishing. Amu and the rest watched in confusion.

"This is fishy," Yaya thought. "What a weird shifting voice this actress has." Tadase smiled nervously, knowing of the situation. Everything...

"Yes. Don't even think of calling for help. Your father is dead," Setako smirked.

"I WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU!" The fighting scene was obviously planned, but action-packed neverthless. What was disturbing however were the number of fan-boys who were trying to take pictures of the scene in disturbing angles. That was when Kanazuyi tripped off stage, sent towards the group... and it was off with the wig. Everyone gasped.


Kairi rushed over to Kukai. "You okay?"

Kukai gave a weak thumbs up to his younger bro and everyone else. "I'm afraid that I've pulled a back muscle... and fractured my arm." He handed the naginata over to Kairi.

"What are you doing?"

"The show must go on, bro. Show them what you've got."

"ME!? DRESS AS KANAZUYI!? A KUNG-FU... PRINCESS!?" Musashi gave his owner an OOC wink, and chara-changed.

"I have the skills, however..." That was when Bob and Krug got out of their seats and started to chant out the green-head's name.

"KAIRI! KAIRI! KAIRI!!..." After a few rounds, the guardians, and eventually the cast and audience started to chant out his name.

"I will be honored..." Kairi said, still in chara-changed form, taking the naginata. After rushing backstage and changing in record time, the whole cast went back into position. The show went on.

Kukai, with Amu's help, made it to the nurse. "So you and Kairi are now stepbrothers? Going to the same school?"


"How is it, here?"

"It's cool. And, this iinchou is a cool guy, I guess. Sure, poetic, neat, traditional, sensible... but cool. He occasionally assists this rock band... yea. He'd make a cool musician, I guess."

"Yea... things changed ever since... nevermind," Amu thought back at the airport.

"GAAAH!" The two turned around to see Kairi being chased by a bunch of fanboys and girls.


Kukai was feeling better the next day, although he had his arm in cast, and was eating shrimp chips; this time, the ham and cheese-flavored kind.

"So, congrats, bro. You're much more popular," Kukai said lazily as the green-head walked into the room.

"I had to run home and avoid the crowds thanks to you." Kairi snatched the chip from Kukai's hand. "The fans would distract the normality of my life so we might as well forget..."

"Don't even think about distractions or forgetting anything," Kukai said, taking a step towards Kairi, who in turn stepped back.


"I want the chip."

"No, I want it," Kairi said, about to pop it in his mouth when Kukai pulled out the naginata and whacked Kairi's hand, launching the chip in the air. After a various rounds of kung-fu, grabbing, slapping, and "I WANT/GIMME THE CHIP!", the chip fell out the window, and the two shugo charas Daichi and Musashi split the gigantic chip among themselves. Both looked out sadly.

"Please share some with us," both said simultaneously. The two charas just floated off to who-knows-where, with the chip between them.

"Please," said one.

"Please," said the other.

...and before they knew it, the two stepbrothers were crying and hugging each other, one with the cast, one with the empty bag of chips.