AN: I'm new to this. I've read a lot, but this is my first attempt at Sailor Moon fanfiction.

Out of respect for Japanese culture and my own lack of knowledge of it, I'm not going to worry about adhering to it, not out of disregard but out of respect and a desire to not clumsily disrespect other people's culture.

The young pediatrician sat at her usual lunch table, running a hand through her short hair and letting out a sigh. Most of the time, the young woman enjoyed her job. She found working with children to be rewarding. And she absolutely loved making a little one feel better. However, there were always one or two cases in which no medicine could make a child feel better, and nothing she could do to change the inevitable.

Well, that wasn't entirely true, but Ami knew better than to ask Usagi to use the Ginzuishou to heal a dying child, no matter how much it tore at her own heart not to do so. The price to Usagi would be too great, and future Queen could not save everyone.

That knowledge did not make Ami feel any better. The little girl had looked at her with such trust in those big brown eyes, just knowing that the nice doctor could make her all better. She had managed to maintain her composure when she gave the test results to the little one's parents. And even now, she refused to allow herself to cry. That she would allow when she got home tonight, in the privacy of her own apartment, with no one around to see.

"You don't hide the pain as well as you think you do."

Ami blinked. "Zack, I didn't see you."

"I noticed." The almost pretty doctor sat down across from Ami. "I won't ask for you to break confidence, but you know that you can talk to me."

"I love working with children, but I sometimes wonder if I should not have become a GP instead. She's three, Zack. She should have a full life ahead of her. And I'm powerless to make that the case."

Zack just nodded and reached over to hold his friend's hand, sitting with her in silence for a moment. "I'm sorry, Ames. I know its not much, but lunch is on me today. And, I think I'm going to require you to get a desert."

That brought a small smile to the young woman's lips. "Thanks, Zack."

Zack walked Ami back to her office after lunch. He knew that the brave face would come back on so that she could tend to the rest of her patients. He also suspected that the delicate looking woman would have a good cry when she was alone. For the life of him, Zack could not figure out why she refused to let him in all the way. But he was determined.

"What are your plans for this evening?" He knew better than to ask her out on a date, but he did not want her to be alone too long tonight.

"Um… the girls are getting together tonight."

Zack smiled at that. "Good. You don't need to be too alone tonight, Ami."

She smiled slightly, "Thanks."

Ami sighed as she went into her office. She smiled at her receptionist, mask of composure fully back in place. Sliding her coat back on, she moved to the patient rooms, grabbing the folder of her next appointment, and wishing to herself that she could get past the nagging feeling she always had around Zack and let herself be attracted to him. She wanted to accept his advances, but there was something she couldn't quite explain, something was missing.