Title: First Glance

Rated: T

Beta: Icestar4621, who I love so much.

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'I shouldn't have left' Carlisle Cullen thought to himself as he ran back to his house, back to Bella. Back to the half-vampire child that would soon be tearing out of her. He could see, in his mind's eye, Edward trying to save his beloved, see his grief if he failed. He knew, though, that Bella herself was more concerned with the baby. Which was, of course, why he'd had to leave in the first place. The child needed blood.

The house was in view now and he could hear heartbeats inside. If there was a higher purpose in this world he prayed Bella's was one of them. He could tell that one of the heartbeats was Jacob's and sure enough, when he opened the door there was Jacob. The werewolf was staring, apparently transfixed, into the living room where a new and fast heartbeat was coming from.

The house seemed unusually quiet and Carlisle was suddenly very afraid. It was never this quiet when Bella was nearby. "Jacob?" he said softly, not sure if he wanted to ask the question he desperately wanted answered. "Jacob how's Bella?"

Jacob, however, didn't answer and Carlisle moved forward to see what had him so spellbound and then stared himself.


Jacob, for his part, did feel hear Carlisle and did feel him come up beside him but couldn't quite bring himself to speak just yet. The newborn had him completely captivated, body and soul. The infant was in the blond bloodsucker's arms. Rosalie. The child was beautiful.

He could hear the big one, Emmett, thundering down the stairs and knew the peace would be shattered soon, knew he'd have to pull himself together. The bloodsuckers weren't going to be happy about this.

"Carlisle," he heard Emmett say and he too turned, feeling a strange mixture of fear, regret, and happiness. Fear for Bella. Regret for her a bit too, but also regret that he couldn't give all his attention to the child just yet. Happiness for the baby's birth. "Bella's going to be just fine. Edward was able to get enough venom into her system before it was too late," Emmett said then, and suddenly all he felt was relief and happiness.

"However," Emmett said then, "she's not going to be happy though when she finds out that this dog has imprinted on her baby."

"What?" Carlisle asked, startled, clearly having not expected this. "You did what?"

"I can't control it," Jacob said defensive, looking back toward the baby girl and wishing he could have put this conversation off for a little bit longer.

"I know," Carlisle told him, sighing. "I just didn't expect it to be my… my granddaughter," he said softly, also looking toward the baby.

As if reading his mind Rosalie stood and walked toward them, carrying the infant.

"Would you like to hold her?" she asked Carlisle when she reached them.

Carlisle hesitated, glancing toward the stairs, clearly torn. "I should check on Bella," he said reluctantly.

"She'll be fine," Rosalie said dismissively. "There's nothing you can do for her right now anyway. Edward's taking care of her. Take a minute and hold your new granddaughter."

And before he could say another word she had placed the baby gently in his arms. "Her name is Renesmee," Rosalie told him. "Renesmee, meet your grandfather," she said.

Renesmee let out a small laugh and reached her arms up, grabbing hold of Carlisle finger. "Renesmee," he said affectionaly. "Its nice to finally meet you."

Renesmee cooed and let out another giggle and everyone smiled.

"Nessie," Jacob said softly.

"Nessie?" everyone else said together, clearly liking the name.

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