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As the Akatsuki start to become more active, Tsunadae decides to send Naruto on a mission to protect a young wizard boy, while at the same time hiding him from the Akatsuki. Harry Potter/Naruto Crossover

I decided to put this up because there are hardly any good Naruto/Harry Pooter crossover stories with them in the Shippuuden age, and they're always have Sasuke there…Ugh. In my opinion, the only good ones were O W L S and N E W T S, and I would strongly suggest you read them.

So now I aim to make a good Naruto/Harry Potter Crossover. Enjoy reading.

Just a few side notes, this is set in the Shippuuden timeline, and the year for Harry Potter is Fifth.

Alakazam! It's the Disclaimer!

The Naruto Cast does not belong to me. They belong to Kishimoto Mashashi.

The Harry Potter Cast does not belong to me. They belong to J.K. Rowling


"Word" Talking

'Thought' Thinking

"Fox" Kyuubi Talking

Tsunadae looked out the window in her office. Any moment now he would appear…


Tsunadae jumped up in alarm and cursed. "Damn it Albus! Can't you find a quieter way to come in!?"

The wizened old man just smiled pleasantly. "Hello, Tsunadae. It's been a long time, hasn't it? I received your message asking for me to come, concerning urgent business."

The hokage nodded and sat back down, sighing. She had sent Shizune to go get her some dumpling only minutes ago, so it would be some time before her assistant would be back.

Dumbledore remained standing.

Tsunadae was quiet for a bit. AT long last she said, "You are aware of the incident that happened here almost seventeen years ago?"

Dumbledore nodded. "I do. Is it about that boy?"

"Yes. The Akatsuki, the ones I told you about who are collecting Bijuu, have recently became more active than ever…" She paused. "I'm concerned for Naruto's safety. He's an able shinobi, but the Akatsuki are all very powerful."

"So you want me to see if I can aid in some way to protect him." Dumbledore finished.

"That's right." Tsunadae answered. "He's one of their prime targets, and they'll probably send two teams after him, instead of the normal pair, since he is the holder of the Kyuubi. Do you have any means to help him? Anything, hide him, train him, whatever, as long as he's safe. There's a catch though, he won't go into hiding willingly."

Dumbledore thought for a moment. "Well…there is one way."

The Godaime raised her eyebrows expectantly.

"Harry Potter. Perhaps we can send him to protect the boy, posing as a student in my school. While I don't expect there will be any real danger to him, at least, not at the moment, there will still be a threat." Dumbledore said.

"You mean Voldemort. I heard all about it, he somehow managed to resurrect himself sometime last year, and is now in hiding, waiting for an opportunity to rise to power once again." Tsunadae sighed, rubbing her temples.

"Correct. Since it only happened a few months ago, he hasn't had much time do anything, but nonetheless, a problem. If we can have Naruto come to Hogwarts, as a student, possible with his team mates, than not only will Harry be safe, but the jinchuuriki will be safely hidden away, for the moment." Dumbledore continued. "If they are indeed coming for him, this will provide a huge, and hopefully, unexpected delay."

Tsunadae nodded, satisfied. "You always have good ideas Albus. I think that it'll work wonderfully. What time do we need to be ready?"

"School starts on September 1st. He'll need to shop for supplies, get a wand, possibly an owl for means of personal communication, and meet Harry. I would say that he leaves in the middle of August, a couple weeks from now. Bringing his friends along will be an added bonus." The headmaster's eyes twinkled.

"Alright." Tsunadae stood up. "My assistant will be back soon. You'll be here again when the time comes with means of transportation?"

Dumbledore nodded. "Of course."

"Excellent. Thanks Albus." The hokage smiled warmly.

Dumbledore responded with a warm smile of his own as he flicked his wand.


And he was gone.

Minutes later Shizune entered the room, carrying a sack of dango. "I'm back!"

"Finally! It's about time!"

It was almost like the meeting had never happened. Almost.

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