Word Count: 100 per MS Word
A/N: A response to an icon challenge given in fandom back in January (of 2007), I think. The challenge was to write a 100 word drabble to whatever your default icon was set as, at the time.

So, I wrote this about, oh, 45 years ago. I guess I just never uploaded it here!

The Doctor used the branch he'd found to trace the words in the sand as they watched the sun set behind the clouds.

"I've always heard it, but what's it mean?"

"It means hello," he supplied. He finished the last 'a' with a flourish and tossed the branch away. "Means goodbye, too. Means a lot of things, really." He sat down next to her. "It's the Aloha Spirit the Hawaiian people live by."

"Oh. That's nice," Rose decided. "Does it mean anything else?"

"It means love."

"Oh." Rose looked away, blushing. She glanced back at him and he smiled.