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The Only Thing I Can Do

"Agent Taisho, you might want to look at this."

A manila envelope dropped onto Sesshomaru's desk with a small thud. His eyes never left his computer screen.

"I just got back from Korea. Can it wait?"

"I think you'll find it important, Sesshomaru."

Sesshomaru's hands froze on the keyboard. He lifted his eyes from the screen to the man in the navy suit standing in front of his desk before dropping them to the brown square. His name was printed neatly right in the center. No address, no stamp, just "Sesshomaru Taisho".

Sesshomaru opened the envelope and slowly removed its contents. His eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched.

"Is this some kind of office joke?" Sesshomaru demanded as he glared at the envelope's contents.

"I wish it were, sir."

Sesshomaru jumped out of his chair, knocking it over, and began pacing the area behind his desk. His anger was evident in every move, every step.

"She still doesn't know, does she?"

"No. I didn't want her to get hurt."

The man looked at Sesshomaru's desktop as his screensaver came on, a slideshow of pictures of Sesshomaru and his beautiful girlfriend taken during a weekend trip to the beach, and then at the photo lying on Sesshomaru's desk.

"What are you going to do, Sesshomaru?"

Sesshomaru stopped pacing and his anger gave way to remorse. He turned and looked the man, his only true friend, in the eyes and then turned his attention back to his computer. A stunning picture of the girl, legs covered in sand and hair flying everywhere, faded off the screen to be replaced with another picture of her and Sesshomaru.

"The only thing I can do."

The man nodded and turned to leave.

"Miroku," Sesshomaru said, stopping Miroku just before he opened the door. Miroku didn't turn, but Sesshomaru knew he was listening. "Don't say anything. I want to do this myself."

Miroku nodded and walked out of the office. Sango was waiting for him.

"What was in the envelope?" She demanded, knowing that somehow, someway, its contents were going to affect her too.

"Sesshomaru's going to take care of it."

Miroku didn't even glance in her direction as he walked by. He couldn't, because he knew she'd have seen it in his eyes.

Kagome arrived home, totally exhausted, at five in the evening. She opened the apartment door and was surprised to hear movement coming from the master bedroom.

"Hello?" she called as she made her way to the room. "Sesshomaru?"

The movement continued with no response. Kagome preceded with caution. She had her cell phone out and ready to call 911 as she sneaked toward her room. She peeked into the room and let out a sigh.

"Sesshomaru, why didn't you answer me? And what are you doing?"

"What does it look like?" he snapped as he continued.

Kagome was taken aback by his tone, and she glanced around the room. A few boxes, that looked to be packed, were stacked against a bare wall, empty boxes lay near the closet, and there was a box on the bed that Sesshomaru was filling with contents from the dresser.

"What's going on?" she asked as she stepped closer to him, her arm reached out. "Are we moving?"

"No, you stupid girl!" Sesshomaru exclaimed as he threw yet more things into box. "We are not moving. You are!"

Kagome froze as he walked past her to get another box.

"W-what? I… I don't understand. Sesshomaru?"

She walked toward him and tried to grab his arm, but he shook her off.

"Don't touch me!" he sneered, still not looking at her.

"But… but why? Sesshomaru, please! Tell me what's wrong!"

"You are!" he roared as he spun on her. His heart broke when he saw her face, but his face showed only anger.

Tears were falling down her face, confusion and sorrow clouded her eyes, silent sobs shook her body, and Sesshomaru wanted nothing more than to take her in his arms and tell her he was sorry. He wanted to tell her everything would be okay, that he would, could, protect her from everything. He wanted to tell her the truth, but he couldn't. He had to be strong. He had to do this. For her sake.


"Don't say another word! Your voice gives me a headache!" he exclaimed.

"If you say anything, I might break," he thought

Kagome sniffled and brought her hands up to her heart. Tears streamed down her face.

"I've been stuck with you for two years, and it's been the worst two years of my life!" he yelled

"You're the reason I wake up each morning," he thought, silently willing her to understand, knowing that there's no way she ever could.

Kagome closed her eyes and shook her head, willing everything to go away.

"Did you seriously think I had fallen for you?" he mocked

"How could I not love you?" his heart cried out.

Kagome took a step back, eyes still closed, tears still falling.

"I can't even pretend around you anymore!" he shouted.

"I'm sorry. I have to pretend it's over," he thought.

Kagome looks in his eyes, silently begging him to stop, to take it all back.

"Why do you think I take all those out-of-town jobs?" he questioned.

"I wish I could tell you what I really do," he thought.

Sesshomaru saw Kagome's eyes go dead and wished he could've prevented this, but this was his only option. Anything less would only hurt her more in the long run.

"I'll send your junk," he kicked a box for emphasis, "to your mother's house."

Kagome stared at him, lip quivering, body shaking, and then she dashed out the door.

As soon as Sesshomaru heard the front door close behind her, he slid down the wall. Tears threatened to spill over as he clutched one of her sweaters.

"I'm so sorry, Kagome," he choked as he buried his face in her shirt. "I'm so sorry."

Sango glanced around to be sure Miroku wasn't there before opening the door. Sesshomaru left a few hours ago, so it was now time to find out what they were hiding.

The manila envelope was still on the desk. Whatever was in it must have really upset Sesshomaru for him to rush out of the office without putting it away. He even forgot to shut down his computer.

Sango closed the door behind her, leaving the room pitch black, and walked toward the desk. She just needed to grab the envelope, put it in her bag, and leave.

"Shit!" she cursed under her breath when her hip hit the desk. The computer screen came out of sleep, revealing a picture of Sesshomaru and Kagome both smiling at the camera, his arms wrapped securely around as he held her bridal style before transitioning into another picture. Sango smiled slightly at the memory of that day at the beach before refocusing.

She reached for the envelope but froze. Illuminated by the computer screen was a note.

'You should know better, Sesshomaru. We still have a score to settle.'

Sango moved the note to reveal the picture beneath and gasped.

There was a picture of Kagome walking through an apartment parking lot. She had shopping bags in her arms and wasn't the least bit aware that her picture was being taken. It was dated yesterday.