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(This is one of our weaker stories, so we're going to rewrite it.)

Abe knew. The problem was, he didn't know what exactly he knew.

At first, it hadn't even crossed his mind, but then the icthyo-sapien began to notice how John was avoiding him. Lengthy conversations slowly grew short and awkward until the agent stopped coming into the study altogether.

John'sbusy, he rationalized again and again. Hellboy's acting up, it's not his fault. But then the agent vanished from the hallways, and missions became cold and uncomfortable.

What's going on?

Abe was sitting in the study when footsteps pounded past the door. He looked up just in time to see John rushing past the study. "John? John!"

The fish-man thought that perhaps the agent was too far gone to hear him when John hesitantly poked his head into the study. "Yes, Abe?"

The icthyo-sapien gestured a chair. "It's been ages since we've been able to sit and talk. Won't you come in?"

Myers fidgeted where he stood, " Abe, I'd love to, but Manning has me running around like a maniac. Maybe some other time?"

It didn't take a psychic to see that John was lying. Abe sensed the agent's uneasiness and murmured, "Maybe."

There was a long pause as John stood half in and half out of the room before the room was flooded in red light. John awkwardly jerked his thumb out the door. "W-We should go."

"Croatian demon," Clay told the team was jostled back and forth in the back of the garbage truck, "It's nesting in an abandoned warehouse off the side of the road, and hasn't eaten for a while, so that sucker's gonna be pissed. We can't let it get into the city."

Abe, Liz, Hellboy and John clambered out of the truck and crept in through the loading bay. Blue immediately took to the higher ground, almost absently flipping through a book on Eastern European demons.

"Hey!" Hellboy knocked his gun against on the of the metal support beams. ''Come on out, ugly!"

A flurry of shadowy creatures barreled into Hellboy, sending him flying into a stack of empty crates. At the same time, the Croatian demon stepped from the shadows behind Liz and clamped a meaty hand on her shoulder, flinging her away and advancing on John. "What the fuck, Abe!" Hellboy hauled himself up, sending puffs of sawdust into the air, "There are dozens of these things!"

The icthyo-sapien consulted his book. "Ah. Apparently these demons are often accompanied by familiars—sometimes hundreds of them

Liz rolled her eyes. "Of course."

"If it's any consolation, they perish when the host does."

The demon lashed out at John and the agent jerked back. Hellboy spun on his heel and shot for its head, but the bullet barely skimmed its horns. Instead, the bullet shattered the lock on one of the warehouse doors.

The iron door creaked open, the moonlight illuminating the feral grin that spread over the demon's face.

A hundred simultaneous screams echoed off the walls of the warehouse as the demon and its familiars bolted for the door. John beat them to the door and fired a shot, but not before a swarm of familiars slammed the agent into the corner of the door. From his perch, Abe heard the younger man's skull bounce off the door frame. Hellboy crossed over to him quickly, helping to his feet as Liz ran after the demons. "No," John protested faintly, "What about the demons?"

The sudden smell of burnt flesh and accompanying blast of light surged through the open door. Hellboy smirked. "I'm pretty sure they ain't goin' anywhere."

Liz and Abe caught up to them as Hellboy lifted John into the truck. Blue climbed in after them, moving to John to check his injuries.

The agent shied away. "No, it's okay, Abe. I'm fine."

The other three looked at him like he was crazy. From the condition of his head, Abe thought, he just might be. "Okay?" Red asked. "Boy Scout, half yer head is missin' in the back!"

"No, you guys," John insisted, " I'm fine, really! Besides, we're almost home."

Abe frowned. "Do you doubt my medical capabilities, John?"

John shook his head again, bracing himself against the dizziness and the throbbing headache that accompanied it. "Of course not, Abe! It's just—I mean—"

His vision swam, and the world went black.

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