Story Title: Wash Away Those Years
Chapter Title: Friend, or foe?
Pyro/Rogue (of course) but for a while, might be Bobby/Kitty/Rogue/Pyro love square
Part: 1/?
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Set during X-Men: The Last Stand, and loosely based off the video footage from X-Men: The Last Stand.
Disclaimer: I just own the idea.
Summary: Rogue runs into Pyro while seeking the cure. Some unexpected things arise from their encounter. Now, their both struggling to find themselves, and to find one another as they try to hold onto what used to be, and what could've been. But can they re-write the past and present all together and find something worthwhile?...

That was it. That was all Rogue could take. She had turned away as she saw Bobby and Kitty kissing beneath her window as they stood on the ice pond that Bobby had created for the two. What had Rogue done wrong? Why was this happening to her? She could hear Bobby and Kitty laughing as they came back inside. She heard them walk past her door, leading to Kitty's room.

Rogue had her suitcase packed as she walked towards the front door leading outside into the warm summer sunlight. She looked back once more... a last minute glance at the place she'd once belonged. She didn't bother taking one of the cars, she wanted to think for a while. She was too furious and angry at Bobby to talk to him before she left. This wasn't about him anyway. She arrived at the cure center; a place she'd wished existed for the longest time. A place she could finally get rid of her curse, a curse she would no longer be forced to bear. She got in line, crowding into the group of mutants frantically awaiting entrance into the building. She noticed a man beside her with blue skin, poorly hidden by long sleeves, a hat and wearing large sunglasses. She looked to her right as mutant protesters picketed, waving their signs in the air screaming 'We don't need a cure!' and she felt the shame wash over her. She looked through the crowd of picketers and saw an all too familiar face. She blinked a few times and squinted, not believing her own eyes. Was it really him? She looked away, glancing at the crowd in front of her to see how long the line was, then back towards him. 'Wait, where'd he go?' She wondered as she searched the crowd for him. There was no sign of him anywhere and she was surprised by the feeling of disappointment growing within her. He had looked so different; she had barely recognized him. Her gaze dropped to the cement as she swallowed nervously. He had always hated it when she talked about her power being a curse.

He would always try and make her smile when she was depressed about it. Just little things really, like making funny faces or betting how long he could keep throwing pieces of corn from his dinner plate at Cyclops's turned back before he'd notice. It was always silly and stupid, but it meant a lot to her... those little things. She'd lost her friend that day at Alkali Lake when he chose to leave... to leave her. She lost her train of thought as she heard one of the soldiers yell "Next!" towards the people in front of her. She moved up a few places in line.

"You're weaker than I thought." She heard an all too familiar voice shout out as he came up next to her. His voice had changed, it sounded deeper, bolder. She turned towards his voice and looked at him for the first time in over 3 years. He had changed so much. The blonde hair, combat boots, the wrist igniter, a black zip up jacket, even had a small ear piece on, which looked to be used for communication during combat. She wore one once in a danger room session for the X-men... they called it a com-link.

"John?" she questioned as her gaze traveled over him.

"Pyro," He corrected her. He wasn't a kid anymore. She knew he'd changed. Insisting that she call him Pyro? Who was he? Back at the institute, he'd rarely ever get called Pyro.

"What are you doing here…?" she asked.

"I guess Ice-fag couldn't handle it, could he?" Pyro countered with a smug grin on his face. Rogue gave him a fierce glare, taking in his words like a freshly sharpened knife to the back, crossing her arms in front of her.

"This has nothing to do with him. It's my choice, John," Rogue said, trying to control the urge to slap him for being so disrespectful. "It's what I want."

"Pyro," He corrected again, getting annoyed by her need to call him by his human name. Rogue looked at him as she too got annoyed while the crowd of picketers broke through their irritation filled silence.

"What's happened to you, John?" Rogue asked while looking at him with concern. The John she knew would never be this way with her. He had been transformed and molded into a careless, fearless Magneto drone.

Pyro laughed as he shook off her words. "Don't worry about it," his irritation growing every time she called him John, "I grew." He looked coldly into her eyes as if she were a stranger. Pyro worked so hard to bury that part of his life, a part that used to be good. He cursed at God for torturing him, not allowing him the happiness he had felt back then. From that, he held nothing but hate and rage inside.

Pyro let out a soft, sympathetic laugh. "You know, you're pathetic... Coming here," he said as he looked at her, "I always knew you were weak." He looked deep into her eyes with nothing but hate and intolerance.

"Who do you think you are?" Rogue asked, "I didn't come here to listen to your crap John, so whatever it is you want, do it but leave me out of it." Rogue buried all the good memories she'd had of him, his painful words twisting like a knife in her gut.

Rogue then continued before he could speak. "Do you think you're a saint? Who the hell are you to come here and judge people? Is your life so pitiful and low that you have to spend it trying to live and control other people's lives?" Rogue shook her head in frustration as she continued. "And you're calling me pathetic?" she looked into his eyes. One thing Pyro hadn't been prepared for was her boldness. He now saw that she wasn't the same person either; she had grown, gotten stronger and he respected that. Pyro laughed at her insults, easily shrugging off her words.

"Same old Rogue. You never did know how to shut your mouth." he spat back at her. Rogue glared at him but what she really wanted was to take off her glove and do the one good thing she now realized ever came of her power. And that was, to silence anyone that would get in her way with one single touch. Instead, she chose to berate him even further.

"Stop with your hypocritical bullshit, John! I've had enough of it." Rogue spat, her southern accept peaking through as it always did whenever she became angry.

"Ooh, someone's using big words," Pyro replied.

Rogue tore her eyes away from him and looked to the ground in defeat. This just wasn't how she envisioned seeing her old friend again.

"You must really want fuck-tard then huh?" Pyro said, he himself toning down a bit but still having an angry twinge to his voice. Rogue noticed it was the one, almost respectable thing he had said in the entire conversation.

"Listen, I--" Rogue said but was sadly interrupted when Pyro's ear piece clicked on. Pyro listened to the crackled voice as his leader asks, "Is it done my boy?"

"Negative," Pyro replied while hanging his head, "I've experienced some minor problems." Pyro looked up at Rogue who was looking back with concern and curiosity etched into her face. "Are you at the center?" Magneto asked.

"Affirmative," Pyro replied.

"It is in our best interest that you not be seen at the center or anywhere else for long. Get it done," Magneto said in a patient yet persistent voice.

"Roger," Pyro replied, turning off his ear piece in the process.

Pyro and Rogue looked at one another for a moment before they were interrupted by the soldier at the center's entrance yelling "Next!" to the person at the front of the line: that person being Rogue. Rogue looks to the soldier, then back at Pyro. He gazed into her eyes as he inhaled slightly."Go." he said to her with slight annoyance in his voice, pointing to the entrance doors with a tilt of his head. Rogue took one last look at him before she walked through the doors. Pyro watched as she walked away from him as the soldiers closed the doors behind her.

Rogue walked into the hallway with the assistance of the two soldiers, watching as they opened the lab doors to reveal a chair with arm straps bolted to it. As she felt the onset of nervousness, she reminded herself just how much she wanted this. She walked over and sat in the chair, one of the two soldiers informed her the assistant would be in shortly to give her the cure. The soldiers left the room, leaving Rogue to herself.. She couldn't help but think of John and all that was said moments ago. He'd always have this way about him that would just get underneath her skin and would make her so mad. He always knew just the right buttons to push.

A woman wearing a long white lab coat opened the door and walked into the room where Rogue was seated. The woman pulled out a needle, filling it with what Rogue assumes is the cure. Her thoughts wander back to her encounter with John. Did he think she was really doing this for Bobby? She herself didn't know. Was she? As the woman prepares to poke the skin of Rogue's arm, she thinks of that familiar sound. The one that used to drive here constantly crazy.

-Click- He looked at Rogue as she tried so hard to ignore his annoying habit while she concentrated on her assignment for class. -clack- She started to shuffle on her bed, as the irritation grew.

"Look, are you gonna sit there all day and do that?" Rogue irritably asked. He was in there for a purpose he was obviously failing at.

John evilly smirked at her while he sat on the bed that belonged to Rogue's roommate. "Maybe…" he said, knowing the sound was getting under her skin.

She once again tried to ignore him, as she went back to writing and researching on her laptop.

-Click- He stared at her, loving the way it was making her blood boil. -swoosh- he ignited the flame. -clack- he shut the Zippo lid.

Rogue looks up at him and finds his eyes quickly as they look back at her. "Aren't you supposed to be helping here..? We were both were assigned to this, so do your part." She irritably stated.

All John could do was laugh a little as he still stared at her. What does she take him for? He never does his school work.

-Click- the sound of the Zippo opening, echoed in Rogue's ears as it hit her very last nerve.

"Look, if you don't stop..!" she threatened, setting down her notebook, madder than a wet hen.

"Or what…?" John said, calling her bluff as he grinned.

"Or I'll just have to take it away from you." Rogue replied. All seriousness involved in her expression.

John simply smiled. "Be my guest Roguey," he mocked, still calling her bluff.

Rogue gets up from her bed and walks over towards him. "I'm serious,"she said while using everything she could as a last resort.

"Really? Cause I think someone's too big for their britches." he smirked, still calling her bluff. Rogue couldn't help but smile a little at his assumption

-Click- he looked at her; a smug grin appearing on his face. -Clack-

"I'm serious John... Last... warning," Rogue said for the last time, already knowing what his choice would be.

-Click- he did, obviously ignoring her threat. -Clack-

Rogue suddenly leapt onto him and desperately reached for his lighter to take it away. There was nothing but pure surprise on John's face as he tried his best to keep his lighter.

"Give it to me!" Rogue persistently said while on top of John as she couldn't help but giggle a little.

John chuckled as he felt defenseless. "Yeah, that's happening!" he replied while trying to fight back. Rogue shuffled above John as she tried to pry it from his fingers. John tried his dead level best to keep it in his hands, but slowly failed as she managed to pry it from his fingers and grab it.

She looked into John's eyes as she smiled, "you thought I was kidding weren't ya?"

"At first? Uh, y… yeah," he admitted while smiling. He then tried to take a cheap shot when she wasn't paying attention and grab it from her hand.

"Ah ah ah! As of the moment, this is not yours." she said as she got off of him and to her feet. John, from being beaten at his own game, goes back to a sitting position on the bed; looking at her like a lost puppy that had his bone taken away.

"Now, you'll get this back when you act like a good boy and do your work. Ya know, the one that helps me out too..?" She smiled at him, enjoying this little change of event.

John smiled and then shrugged as he looked away, then back at her. "You know, I could just wait until you sit down and steal it from you," he said as he grinned.

"Oh yeah?" Rogue smiled, and then proceeded to slide the lighter down her shirt and into her bra. "I doubt that." She then grinned.

The look on John's face was purely priceless. He didn't know rather to ponder on how hot that was or get angry as he was now forced to do the assignment. Rogue's grin never left her face, as she sat back down on the bed. John watched her, amazed that she had found his weakness and beaten him at his own game.

"Just so you know, I would have no problem retrieving that from you right now," he joked while grinning. Afterall, he knew he technically couldn't because of her untouchable skin.

"I know you would" her accent peaking through as she too grinned before looking back at her assignment.

The memory subsided as the woman in front of her, holding the needle asked "miss? You okay?"

Rogue turned her head back to the woman. "y…yeah, I'm fine." She assures.

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