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Rating: PG

Kataang Week, Day Seven: Comatose

August 25, 2008

The quiet, cool night was well under way, a calm breeze flowing in from outside, making the curtains dance sensually. The night was picturesque, a clear navy blue sky with a landscape of twinkling stars; not to mention, Yue was smiling down on the world.

All was good, as was intended.

Avatar Aang, the youngest fully realized Avatar that had ended the hundred-year-long war, was currently tip-toeing over to the bed he shared with his wife of two years, Katara of the Southern Water Tribe. Knowing that she wouldn't be too happy with him coming to bed late again after meditating, he was relieved when she was lying there sound asleep. Before getting into bed, he stood there and admired her natural beauty, and the way that she seemed to glow ethereally in the moonlight.

Taking off the majority of his clothes, he slipped underneath the covers, sliding up beside her and taking her into his arms, his eyes shutting. There was nothing new about this ritual; he found it to be so comforting at times that he wouldn't be able to fall asleep without the soft whisper of her breathing and the steady beating of her–

His eyes snapped open, widening in panic as he heard her heartbeat for the first time up close in a while. Making sure that he wasn't just imagining things, hallucinating her erratic heartbeat as the result of an overly long and tiring day. No, he was hearing correctly, to his disbelief. Her heartbeat sounded all over the place, sometimes soft, sometimes fluttering, but still remaining constant, despite the stress.

With the ever-present need to make sure of her safety, he shook her gently, whispering her name. When she didn't respond, he felt his own heart jump up into his throat, only to sink back down when she opened her eyes, sleepily regarding him through her dream-like haze.

"What is it, Aang? Is there something wrong?" she asked, her voice thick with sleep. Her eyes slowly drooped downwards, her dream continuing to call to her, but when she was able to focus on the concern in his grey gaze, she pressured her senses to become more alert. "What is it?"

His hand remained on her shoulder. "Are you all right?"

"You woke me up to ask if I was all right?" she asked, attitude seeping through her tone, upset that he woke her for no reason at all. "Aang, come on, I was having a good–"

"I'm worried about your heartbeat," he interrupted, his eyes still trained on hers. "It's... it sounds all over the place to me, not how it normally has been since I've known you."

"What are you talking about? I feel fine," she said, frowning. "I've been feeling a little under the weather, but nothing to get all worked up about."

"You haven't been feeling well? Why didn't you tell me?" he questioned.

"I thought it was something bad that I ate that upset my stomach, but," she trailed off, "now that you think of it, I do recognize something different."

He waited with baited breath, already assuming the worst possible scenarios, wondering how he was going to survive without her, and if he was even going to be able to make it–

"What do you hear when you hear my heartbeat?" she asked slowly, hoping for him to calm down with the soothing sound of her voice. "Relax, Aang. Just tell me what you hear."

Taking a deep breath to steady his nerves, he lowered himself to her chest, belatedly smiling when an arm wrapped around him, holding him close. "I hear... I hear your heartbeat, the sound I know well. There's a fast heartbeat, another one, it seems... it's twittering kind of, like it's trying to keep up or separate into its own entity. It's soft, but it's all over the place–like maybe there are two."

"What do you think that is?" she asked softly, rubbing his back. Her suspicions had been confirmed, but she wanted him to figure out on his own. She wanted to see the look in his eyes when he found the real reason behind his worries.

"I... it sounds like a... oh..." He paused, not hovering but resting entirely against her bosom now. After about a minute of silence, he mumbled, "I'm an Airbender, how is oxygen not reaching my brain right now? Don't I have some sort of control over that?"

She chuckled softly, running a hand over his head. "One would think. Don't black out on me, now. The last thing I need is for you to slip into a coma or something over this. That can be Sokka's job when he finds out the good news."

Finally finding the strength to pull back a ways to look into his eyes, he smiled at her. "You're pregnant."

"You are a wise one, Mr. Avatar," she smiled, kissing his lips softly. Her smiled turned watery at the look of sheer adoration on his face, and she pulled him to her, hugging him tightly. Only then did she let out a choked sob, a sob of happiness, and he felt himself tear up as a chain reaction.

He held onto her for dear life, rocking her back and forth as he whispered sweet words of love into her ear, promising her the world, his devotion, anything that she may ever want. He still felt woozy, like he was floating on air or up in the clouds, the news of her pregnancy hitting him like one of Toph's specialties knocking him square in the chest.

They held each other close, the growing family, until dawn.

The quiet, cool night was lingering behind, eager to start fresh as a new day, a calm breeze flowing in from outside, making the curtains dance in celebration, it seemed. The sunrise was fit to be a painting, captured and remembered for all eternity, splashes of orange and yellow contributing to the lightening blue sky.

All was good, and that's how it would stay. Just as intended.