"Maybe you're not trying hard enough. Maybe I should cancel those release papers and have him stay a little while longer at Drancy … or should I transfer him to Auschwitz? I'm having a hard time deciding"

"Please Major Strasser just a little more time. Mr. Blaine is a cold man who keeps to himself. I've tried for weeks now to get information from him, but he's a bitter, self absorbed, broken American." Yvonne got onto her knees and grabbed Major Strasser's hand. With tears forming in her eyes she begged him for her brothers life "Anton is all I have left, please don't harm him please. I just need more time, I'll find a way to make that man trust me, but I need a little more time, please Major Strasser!"

The German Major threw off Yvonne's hands and walked over to get his hat and jacket. "I'm going over there now to get my transit papers back, you have one more week before your brother meets an unfortunate factory accident." Major Strasser turned and walked out of Yvonne's apartment.

She was lucky Sascha didn't walk her inside and offer himself a drink like he usually did. Yvonne had been communicating with Major Strasser through letters and telegrams since their first meeting in occupied France eight months ago.

"Well it says here that your brother is a spy for the Resistance, we had no choice but to put him in a concentration camp."

"But your wrong Major! Anton is harmless and weak. He has trouble breathing, his body cannot handle the stress that a spy must endure!"

"Perhaps you're right. I'll tell you what. You help me out with a few, oh we'll call them fact-finding missions, and I in turn will look over your brothers' case and see that we've made a mistake and release him. Do we have a deal?"

Yvonne had traveled from France, to Poland, Czechoslovakia, Italy, and now to Casablanca helping Major Strasser find information on men he deemed a threat to the Nazis Army. Richard Blaine was the last person she had to find incriminating information on before her brother could be released. She feared every day for his health and safety, but kept her faith. Yvonne would soon be reunited with him and they could either go to America or Portugal until it was safe to return to France.

Looking into the mirror she touched her face and began to sob. If anyone found out what she had been doing they would kill her as a traitor to her country. "I just want to go home," she said as she touched the sobbing woman staring back at her, the glass was cool under her fingertips. She let her fingers trail down to the mirrors edge while she continued to stare into the eyes of tragic woman before her. Yvonne picked up her hair brush and began to comb through her hair "If good looks and humor aren't enough to win you over, maybe a jealous heart is the key."